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How tall should an average 15 year old girl be???
do i still have time to grow??
Additional Details
I'm 5'3'' and everybody's telling me i'm kinda short..

burning for you
you'd be lucky if you grew an inch more. usually girls stop growing one year after their first period

It depends... Have you started you started your period? If you have you won't grow any more. If you haven't you still have some time to grow. A 15 year old I'd think would be about 5'7. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!

I would say somewhere between 4'5" and 6'

that's usually when you're at your full height. I was 5'5" then and i'm still now at 21. So i'm pretty sure that what you're at now is what you're gonna be.

IM 12 AND IM 5'2!!

of course you still have time to grow, your body doens't stop growing until your 21 that's when your body is fully developted so just be patient...

i stopped growing when i was 14
average would be around 5' 6''

5"6 or somthing

About 2 inches tall..with high heels 3 inches.....5 something..

depends on where you live. i live in the ghetto of califonia and everyone is like 5 3 LOL. i went up north everyone was like 5 6.
and you still can grow until like 22 or something like that

around 5'2 to 5'6

This depends on what country you're in, on your parents genes, your lifestyle and the kind of goods you eat. :)
I stopped growing when I was twelve and have been 5ft3 since cause I had an early growth spurt.
It's different for everyone and some girls don't stop growing until their in their late teens - some earlier.
Your parents height should usually give you a reasonable indication of your 'possible' height' when your fully grown because the younger generation usually out grown their parents.
Unless your 15 and 4 feet tall I wouldn't be worrying too much.

Moonman E
no. you failed.

Jane S
the average one is 5'2"-5'8"

There's no average; everybody is different based on their surroundings and genetics.

Some people are fully grown by twelve or thirteen, others by nineteen or twenty.

I'm sure you're beautiful, and you'll learn to accept yourself however you are. Don't compare yourself to your friends; everyone has different body types and everyone's unique!

you could grow for another 3 years if thats the way your body wants to you could be anywhere from 5'2 to 6'1

j3$$3 M!113r
I'm fifteen and girls in my grade range from about 4' 11" to about 5' 10" im a guy and im like 5' 5" tall kinda short for a guy but there is shorter.

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
Probably 5'4" TO 5'5"

It depends on whether your growth plates have started to harden.....

i dont kno i am 14 and i am 5'71/2'' i am realy tall and still growing..my doctor predicted that by the time i am 20 i will be 6 foot!!!

The average height for a teenage girl is between 5'3 - 5'8 But it really has a lot to do with your genes.


the taller the skinnier

yeah your 16 you still have time to grow but the aver age height 4 your age is 5' 5"

Michelle J
These answers are ridiculous. The mean height for white American woman is 5' 4.6". The median height (that is where most people fall) is between 5'3" and 5'4". How on earth could the average 15 y/o be 5'5"? Don't compare yourself to averages, anyway. Look at your female relatives on both sides. You should come out somewhere between the tallest and shortest family members. I'm 5' 8 and 3/4". My mom is 5'9" and most of my aunts are around 5'5". At fifteen I was 5'7 1/2". One of my good friends is 5'. Her sisters are a bit taller and her husband's sister is 5'7" or 8". Her 18 y/o is 5'4" give or take and her 15 y/o is about 5'2" or so.

michael n
healthily? virtually any hight can be healthy. ideally? 4"10-5"5


and your body will slow down the rate it grows at this age but it will remain to grow

city girl
I was about 5'4

ummmm 5'3 to 5'5... of course.. you dont stop growing till your about 21

Kt mArAqA
I'd say about 12 feet.

Just joshing you 5'5.

avg at my school is 5'5

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