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How much weight will i lose if i don't eat anything for 30 days?

Too much. I suggest you do not do it!

Nice one
Not enough to make it worth it or the weight you will gain on top of it when you start eating again! If you feel the need to lose a lot I have seen people switch breakfast to 1 or 2 yogurts. Then they drink V8 & a Slim Fast or Ensure for lunch, then they have dinner early in the evening around 5pm & have something lite like a salad with different things each day. You should still try to nail the food groups. One day you could put grilled chicken on the salad, one day you could have fruit. Mix it up. It worked for them & they didn't gain it all back when they were finished dieting. Some days they would have cottage cheese for lunch too. Your body still needs nutrients. You will not be able to function if you cut them all out. Good luck with your goal. Hope you can reach it but in a safe way.

ur entire body weight. u'll die, hon. ur body cant last that long without nutrients and slowly each part of your body will slowly and painfully die off until there's nothing left of you but a pile of bones.

how bout going for a run?

you will loose alot and will become anorexic if not very close to being anorexic. you really shoudnt do that i did it but still ate a little bit and i did turn anorexic and its very difficult to start eating again because the food will stop tasting of anything and you might even be sick after eating a little bit and you will get skinny but when you start eating again you will just put more weight on so theirs no point doing that you should do a sensible diet.

you will get to skinny and you will even get bonnie what doesnt look good at all

you are better off eating salads or anything that doesnt contain fats or sugar then to eat nothing at all..All you will do is feel like crap and maybe even faint...you will lose more doing that then nothing due to nothing cant burn fat..

more inches and muscle mass

not good

very unhealthy

first of all that is really unhealthy and you should like the way you look. if not then go on a healthy diet that can help you lose weight.

Spud Pendelton
Are you serious??? Well I don't know but let me know how that works out for you.....you planning on doing anything for those 30 days???? You'd prolly be to weak to do anything....crazy if you ask me

your metabolism just slows down...and plus if u do lose anything ur gonna gain it right back...when u do start eating again...ur gonna eat like u never ate before..sOOo dont do it...just watch wat u eat i guess...

read this darling....


God Bless.

Probably a lot, but you'll make yourself so sick it won't be worth it. Healthy eating and exorcise should help you loose 2-3 pounds per week for a maintained weigh loss program.

John S
Most likely all of it.

You might just die...if that's what you're going for...

Not a good idea!!! just exersize and dont eat as much! But dont starve yourself you'll spend most of the time you have to work out in the e.r.!

it's not cool to do.please be safe.

you would most probably end up in hospital

Haley M
What are you talking about going Anorexic beecause if you are don't!

you will die

This is definitely not the way to go if you are trying to lose weight. Your body will not respond the way you are hoping. We need food to nourish our brains, and by starving ourselves we starve our brain. If you eat several small meals a day you may have better results.

You cant survive if you dont eat for 30 days. You would die!

Youssef al Attar
Most surelly all..
Bcoz you'll die b4 30 days.

what is wrong with you...seriosuly...go to a doctor... eww

You will die! Eat something. that is actually an Eating disorder. Be careful!

you'd die you dumb ***.

are you going to eat something or else your will die

ms ladi to over bossy
youll lose a lot more than your weight. if you do that you will lose your life.

A lot and then a whole lot more when they are cremating your corpse. You would die.

I really think skinny girls are disgusting anyway.

Curves are good!

you will fit nicely in your coffin..... that where you will be

probably nothing, since when you stop eating, your body goes into what they call 'starvation mode' and tries to store up as much fat as possible, thus keeping in every ounce of carbs and sugars you have.

or, you might die

ur probabli die b4 u kno

Umm probaly a lot since you'd be so close to dead cuz of all the malnutrition you'd have. It is scientifically proven that without water, you will last for 20 days, and without food you will last 40 days. Please, if you are considering going on the starvation diet DO NOT DO IT. I have tried it once before. It is so not good for you. Plus, the burning in your stomach, and the dizziness are enough to make you give up on it right away. I only lasted a week. I lost 14 pounds. It was TERRIBLE. Dont do it.

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