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 Best breakfast suggestions when dieting?

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what u ...

 If im 5ft 4 and weigh 100?
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 How can One make themselves fat?

 I asked this question before and I did not get any useful answers?
Is it a good idea to eat Protein bars to get protein?
If so, what is the best one on the market?...

 12 year old lose weight?
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 Am i fat? do i need to lose weight?
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 I lost 10 pounds today what did you lose?
really i did i just drank alot of water! and ran up and down steps!!!!
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lose hair?? LMAO...

How much should a 26 year old woman , who is 5"8 weigh?
I know all about BMI calcualtions.. I am just interested in your opinion. Thanks!!
Additional Details
I have a medium body frame


i dont know.. and i dont care... you shouldnt either...

around 140 pounds u shouldnt care i am short which is worse than being fat!...lol

140 or less


Sher Sher <3
I'm 13 and 5'8" and i weigh abou 100 pounds
but ur 26 and you should weigh like 130 its not to much but its not little

Hi I am 28 years old ,same height as u and I weigh in at 135 lbs makes me a size 10, I dont know if that is an ideal weight but I fell good . Jenna

google search the body mass index and go to the site put in ur info and BAM

Everyone is different, i suggest finding a reliable body mass index and it will tell you if your weight is healthy.

I dont know anything about BMI. My guess is between 200 and 250 pounds. I imagine I am wrong. Many women seem to be strongly concerned with how much they weigh and how much they should lose or gain. This is a double edged sword. It can be dangerous if it becomes the only thing she thinks about all day. My best guess is somewhere between 200 and 250 pounds. I would recommend seeing a medical specialist for exact numbers.

edgar r
around 125 to 140. you dont want to be to skinny, just dont stay out of shape.

You don't say what your bone or muscle structure is.
There's a chart at: http://www.healthchecksystems.com/heightweightchart.htm
that also helps you detimine your frame size.

It looks like somewhere between 130 and 160 to be healthy.

I'm 5'4 but muscular with a med large frame. I labored my whole life to be 120 lbs (what every lil' woman should be) and discovered after having my BMI calculated that I was UNDER weight at 130 Lbs. That was a happy day!


Hyper Pillsbury Doughboy!
about 135lbs

I agree with Maria - if you are comfortable with your appearance, weight doesn't matter. Muscle weighs more that fat... depends on bone size as well. Exercise and eat right healthy for the truest results. Inches will make the difference in appearance, not weight. I am not considered by most as "fat" however, I do have love handles, etc... When I exercise regularly, l am able to shrink the handles but not lose much weight. I'm 5' 6"ish and 150 (46 yrs old) Med bone - My sister is 5' 5" and 115ish or less - she won't say (39 yrs old) sm boned - I think she looks great, almost too thin in her face and legs. There are several factors to take into consideration when you ask how much one should weigh - safe health is of the utmost importance.

Liddy is Lost
I don't go by weight, but by body fat percentage. A good place to be would be 18%-28% body fat.

HTH : )

17 same height about 135 but im 145(fatty)

140 to 150 lbs

135-150 (your nearly my height 5'9 I'm suppose to weight between 150-165 which is a little heavy if you ask me)....when I was 14 & 5'8, I weighed in at 145 lbs and I could have stood to lose about 10. And I have big bones also....my wrist is 7 and 3/4 inches around....that's how you tell if you have big bones (not fat) lol.

Faith Hill is your height and she's 121 per the some website I read. I was thinking that if I could get down to at least 130, that I might look pretty decent....

Anyway Faith looks great, then again she probably has a small frame. I depends on your frame.

150 puunds

122-164 pounds.

My opinion is about 130 pounds, because I prefer being on the lower weight range

Maybe 130-140? Not sure, because people carry weight differently depending on bone structure. I try not to weigh myself, only doctor does it. If I can zip my jeans, alls good, ya know! If they get tight, time to cut down.

Probably about 438 LBs.
I don't know and you shouldn't care so much. The question you should ask yourself is if you feel good and are you healthy.

The Weasel
How about this - What weight are you comfortable at? Who cares what others have to say.

Without even checking your BMI Id say 130/135 sounds good.

The Chesire Cat
depends on her build and body type..

there is no standard answer..

it varies from person to person..

any medical professional will tell you the same and can help you calculate to get your answer..

100 pounds for the first 5 feet of height. measure your wrist.
Multiply that measurement by the number of inches over 5 feet. If your wrist measures 5 inches then you should be
100 + 5 X 8 =140, more or less.

Too broad a range. I personally don't have an opinion on what a person should weigh. If you don't look overweight, then you're not overweight.

That's a hard question to answer... Everyone is built differently... There is a wide range for someone your height, it just depends on your bone structure and muscle.

Depends on what planet she's on. Gravity differs between worlds.

omgg for the ppl who said 120
thats crazy
more like 135-140

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