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How much should a 12 year old girl weigh?
How much should a 12 year old almost 13 year old girl who is 5 ft 1in weigh?

monkey jones
10 pounds.

Soulja B
80-90 is a very good average on basics!!!

I'm with Stupid.
For every inch over 5 feet, you should add 5 pounds to 100. Example, you are 5ft 1in, you should weigh 105, 5ft 2in- 110 and so on.

i wud say 6-7 stone?

Symbolic User
i would say like 100 pounds?

Lindsay Jane
It depends on Height and bone mass,muscle weight can be controlled,I would say on average between 6 to 71/2 stone !

well im the samew i weigh 90-95 probley about 93... but it depends if she has muscle and yea...

my cousin is a year younger and she weighs like 105 but doesnt look it

and my friends is a lil taller than me and weighs 100 so any where from 90-100 is probley averge for herwhen i was 12 i weighed about 85-90 so yea

i say 90-110 lbs

My daughter is 13 and is 5'5" tall. She weighs 120. She is curvy and not fat at all. In fact she may be a little thin to some. Most girls weight varies, as long as she is active and eating healthy, her weight is just a number...If you are truly concerned have her see a doctor. They can tell you a more educated answer. Good luck!!

sex pistols fan
100 to 130

Laura Lovegood
it really depends on the size of your frame and your heritage/race/genetics.

98lb-118lb for your age/height.

That is 7st - 8st 6lbs.

♥✏Emily❈✿ loves the joker!
you should weigh anywhere from 100 to 120 pounds. it could be more depending on ur bone frame and how much muscle you have.

I think probably between 110 and 120.

I have almost the same stats as you, but i am 5'3. i think u should weigh between 100 and 110, but u really need to feel comfortable with who you are and not have to be conscious of ur weight.

I don't know. About 114lbs.

6 to 7.7 stone sounds about right, but if you weight a bit more it doesn't matter because you are growing.

my sister is 12 she weighs 110 i think she looks ok....

Joe N
about 100-120 pounds...

if you weigh 80-90 then ur under weight

good luck =)

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the genetics of your family. Some people are slim (Example: 5' 6" female is usually around a good weight of 110 - 118 lbs., at age 12. However, it is approximately 12 years of age in many cases where children go into puberty so often children can either be on the thin side or be over-weight. Not to worry. After children go through the puberty stage they usually level out. If your parents or even a relative in the family is very thin or very heavy in weight, tiny boned or big boned then you can expect future children to inherite these traits.

If in doubt about any child being too thin or over-weight it is best to consult with your doctor.

It depends on her body style. If she is thin limbed and frail a 100lbs, but I knew a girl who played tennis with beautiful legs and small waisted who weighed 130lbs.. She looked GREAT at 130 and 5ft 1. Don't worry just eat healthy.

According to whom? The weight charts they used to refer to in my youth have been proven invalid in many cases. It goes by your body type, bone structure, muscle mass vs. fatty deposits, etc. The weight you should be will differ, sometimes drastically, from what another 5'1" near teen ought to weigh in at. Look at the fat/muscled mass ratio. If there is a disproportionate amount of fatty tissue to lean mass, then there is trouble for said youth in their future, left unchecked. At that age, though, bodies go through major changes, at various times for individuals, and these factors are important when deciding whether there is a weight issue or not at present. No large belly, fat necks, thunder thighs, or the like, and you're good, even with an inch or so extra, especially at a young age such as nearly 13. Hope I was somewhat helpful.

Depends, what race is she? Is her family small or big (genes)?

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