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Kelsey R
How much should a 11 year girl 5'4 weigh?

Melissa O
she should weigh about 90-95

Boo Radley
90 or 100 lbs

probably anywhere between 85-100lbs.

I Love Sirus!!
look up a heigh/weight scale on google and there

around 113-137 would be ideal :D

adore me
im 16....5'4 and 110.....and im healthy


Conor C
90-112 lbs.

*#* Sk8r Chick *#*
um.. 75 pounds? ya that sounds right. 75 pounds!

Well im 13.. and im 5'3, 5'2... and i weigh about like 101.. and it kinda depends.. is she slim/athletic... is she lazy and round? it kinda depends.

1st of all an eleven year old girl shouldnt b that tall. since im 13 and im 90 pounds then i guess an 11 year old should b like 60 or 70 pounds. my sister just turned 11 and she is 56 pounds but she is nowhere near that tall.

when i was 5'4 i weighed like 120-125

She's awfully young to be worrying about her weight.
Depends on Body Mass Index. Look it up.

Kristin S
115 or at least near that. im 12 and pretty light though.

Apple expert
i'm 10 i'm a boy and i weigh about 90 and 5 ft so i'd guess being specific about 100-110. but not being so specific 95-125.

A healthy weight for your height and age is between 86 and 127 pounds.


Remember: What height and weight other people are (people who are answering) have nothing to do with you, because they have different routines, different age, eat different, excersise different. The best is to check with your doctor, but this website is good. I use it all the time to make sure I'm not underweight.

Tas; / <3
Hi! Well im 5'3 and i weigh 106
and im under weight acording to my doctor
so i would say around 120 for you.

Wow your tall...

It dosen't matter how old you are it matters how tall you are!! You are 5'4..I'm 12 and 5'5..I weight 124..So I'm guessing about 110-140 is a pretti good range...I would like to be to at least 109..

A girl who is 5'4" should weigh anywhere from 100 lbs to 120 depending on bone structure. If she is 11 and 5'4" she is pretty tall. Make sure she is getting quite a bit of exercise, swimming is great for developing a beautiful body. It makes for elongated muscles and a beautiful back.

♥Jennifer Jeter
Well, I'm 5'2 and I weigh something in the 90's or about 100, highest, 106 lbs. But for you, you should be about 110 0r 115 if you are 5'4

youre tall :)

depends if u have been through pubrity yet. i am 15, and 110lbs, o and im 5'2". and im the average weight, so id say 120 for you.

Here you check your weight yourself with this BMI calculator.
Just enter your height and weight and it will tell you if your underweight, normal, or overweight.
Hope that helps =)


In my opinion the average weight for an 11 yr old girl should be from 60-110. But it also depends on what your height is. Tall girls should have more weight then the shorter ones. as 4 ur girl i think she should weigh about 110-120 also go to this site:


hope it helped

sexa swimma :)
100-115 lbs, unless u have big muscles from sports like me
Remember, muscle weighs more than fat :)

I ♥ David Archuleta!

It really depends on how much muscle she has. You can be 5'4 and 130 pounds, but still look slim. But, the average weight is around 110-120.


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