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How much is a 16 year old girl supposed to weigh? im 5'7?

From 110-120 is average for a teenage girl about that height.

Megan O
i would think. around 110 or somthing. maybe lower.

im 17 im also 5'7 and i weigh 116, im naturaly skinny though maybe your naturaly chubby. or fat. or yeah<3 =]

Annie M
At 120-125 lbs., you will look slender to your peers. When you get older, you can weigh a little bit more.

about 125. That would be a fairly slender person.
You are, however, quite tall. I would think it ok to be as much as 145 or so.

This is based on if you are done growing and developing. If you are still in the middle of puberty, you may be on the lighter side because as much as 15% of your body weight can be gained during this time.


i would say around 100-130

I <3 Christian V Siriano
I'm 5'8" and 115
and have a six pack at 16

when i was 16 i was 5 feet 11inches and i weighed 119 in pounds and that was correct in my physical check up sessions

it really depends, i would say 140, but if you weigh more than that its okay it all really depends on your body composition since muscle weighs more than body fat.

Dean C
Height SmallFrame MedFrame LargeFrame
5'7" 123-136 133-147 143-163

This is from a chart for women ages 25-59 years old. You still have some growing to do so you may need to make adjustments .

Severus Snape Is My Homeboy
I don't know what we're "supposed" to weigh, but I'm a 16 year old girl and also 5'7'' and I weigh 127. My dad always flips out when he sees me and asks if I have been eating, so I guess I might be a little too thin for my height, I don't know, but I'm happy with it. My good friend who's also 16 and 5'7'' weighs 140 though, and she looks great, but she's also very muscular which I definately am not. I guess it really just depends on how athletic you are because muscle weighs more than fat. Whatever you are, I hope you're happy with it. Cheers!


I would say between 135-140

5 star hotty
you are supposed to weigh 153 pounds.

Biffles T

Huong, the Hippie!
You could weigh however many pounds, that's okay. as long as you're healthy [=

don't worry it is not ur fault at all and if people insault you that is their problem ok.

Miss Sunshine
Between 130-140 is considered a healthy weight. It sounds like a lot..but truly it isn't.


Around 140 is the norm, I think.

130-145 lbs.

lauren m
140-150 ? depends how tall and skinny they are

about 130 pounds

Richard B
Calculate your BMI, however each person is different and why should we all be the same?

about 120-140

Living life.
i was 5'7'' at 16, and weighed around 125...
although i was very thin. so id say, little more than that.
everyone is different.

Girl 4 God
for your height and age i would say around 130-135.
Just be sure to eat healthy


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