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How much does a size 14 woman weigh?

probably anywhere between 120 and 150...depending on height and proportion.

A lot, no offense though.

To much

160 lbs?

If a size 0 weighs 0 and a size 2 weighs 90 then a size 14 should weigh . . . oh . . . about . . . 630#. What kind of dumb question is that? A size 14 woman of average height weighs just as much as wood as a woodchuck would chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. Did you know that an in shape size 14 woman would weigh more than an out of shape size 14 woman? How about that colon cleanse!

Jon X
It's more a matter of size than weight... Weigh yourself....

This is why they don't sell clothes by weight. How tall is the woman? 5 foot 5 inches? Maybe 160 lbs.
Probably chubby or strong.

I guess it depends whether you use the metric system or not... I use Kilograms... so for a size 14 (please note, that I am from Aus and our dress sizes are different) I would say between 70-80 kilograms... Depending if she is a real size 14 or not. Some fat chicks only pretend to be 14 when in actual fact they are 16.

Hope that answers your question ;)

So Cal Johnny
Slightly more than a size 13 woman, but a bit less than a size 15 woman.

depends on the person . If I wore a 14 at my height I would probably be around 160 (I'm 6')

I notice there are stones and lbs answers, a stone is l4 lbs.
The American size l4 is bigger than the English size for example in England I am 12 and in the States I am 10, but my weight is the same in both countries, i.e l35 lbs.
So I would say that a size l4 US is 150-60 lbs.
UK 14 could weigh 145 lbs.

♥ kaykaygrits ♥
i dont wear that size or even close to that but truthfully everyone is different because they may have big hips or big butt (no affense) NOT like the girl said 160 because i weigh 160 and wear size 7 but i have no butt

probably about 170-180
I'm guessing

20 stone.

id say about 160-167 lbs

As much as an elephant in one hand and a kitten in the other.

180 pounds, lol.

It's impossible to determine. Size is just measurement - she may be a size 14 because she has wide hips, or is very tall. She isn't necessarily fat. And if she's plump but muscular she will weigh more than a woman who's just fat, because muscle weighs more than fat.

Ciderman says---165 lbs ( U-K ) Size 14 is just right.

depends on her height.

Joy M
There's no standard, as it would often depend on body proportions, also a size 14 6-foot woman would weigh more than a woman who is 5-feet-tall.

160-180 lbs.

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