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How many pounds will i lose if i dont eat in 1 week?

Additional Details
iam 13 , i way 105, and my height is 4 10

kedrick g
just your life you can only go 7days without food i went 3 days you get so weak it's scary

your body will not survive without food for a week. it can only survive for three days without food or sleep. Please just drink alot of water and cut back on your servings

Miz Thang
whatever you lose you will gain right back. When you starve yourself your body goes into survival mode so the next time you eat something it will store everything. You'll end up behind. Eat healthy,drink water and exercise.

Jennifer Rose.
I've done this. I lost like 10 pounds, but ended up in the hospital. And when I started eating again, I gain the weight right back! I wouldn't recommend it.

Try looking into a few diets and find one that would work for you.

you'd properly gain weight because ur body would go in surviverel mode

Phil Conners
Look, "not eating" is NOT the answer. It will actually slow your metabolism. Cut out all sugars from your diet. Increase your level of activity. Do some weight lifting if you can. Eat more protein and vegitables and less carbs and sugars. You could lose as much as a pound a day. Oh, drink lots of water - stay hydrated. Some studies suggest that increasing your vitamin C intake will also help to burn fat. Good luck. Good question. "Powerhouse" aka: Phil.

you will not losing any pounds coz you will die if you didnt eaT for 5 days.....

no te preoccupes
none because you will just gain it back and more... my brother did this in prison and got sick and then weighted more the next month just eat in moderation and exercise a bit ... good luck

You wouldnt lose any weight, cuz you'd be dead. Just try and excersise

you will die.

- -night watcher
I was losing 5 lbs a week just drinking protein shakes every day (you can't live without protein) along with moderate exercise. I went from 358 lbs to about 321lbs in about six weeks.

u will lose ur life

♥due January 1st
It's very silly not to eat for a week, because you will lose weight too fast and it can be a cause for stretch marks and/or cellulite, and when you do start eating again then you will put all the weight straight back on again.

Maybe you can try a detox plan for a week, you will lose some weight and will cleanse your body at the same time... and don't forget to getadvice from your doctor first.

Pop Princess
To many. You should eat no matter what because if you don't then all of your hunger could build up at once until you can't take it anymore and then all at once you will eat alot. THe best thing to do is only eat healthy food such as sald and fruit for a whole week and exercise. Then you will loose alot of weight in a healthy way.

That is very bad for your heatlh i am in the same situation! i feel fat! so i go on to fitness magazine.com and it is great they have videos online there that help you work out and burn fat it works grate i have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks by doing this and i still have been eating wht i want just not so much like i used to just cut back! thats what i did i eat about half what i used to so its not that bad i hope this works for but please eat dont starve yourslef it is not good for you!


Jubb (runewar170)
Its not good to not eat for a week. If you want to loose weight, eat healthy, excercise, or get a trainer that will help you loose weight.

OMG!dont do it...its unhealthy

you will lose 10 lbs of muscle and gain 10 lbs of fat when you start to eat.

Any weigh you lose will come right back the minute you eat again.

You will actually GAIN weight!
You will bloat with excess fluids.

Judging from your avatar, your basal metabolism is probably around 1,500 a day, or about 10,500 a week. So, you should be able to lose up to 3 pounds in one week. However, you will probably lose some muscle mass along with fat mass, since your body will require an "easy" source of glucose. That's why it's not recommended that you eat nothing.

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