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 Im 14, 5'7, and 155-160 lbs. wat can i do to lose weight?
i dont have any exercize machines, i cant really run because its not a very safe neighborhood, and its really cold out side. i feel really bad about my self. plzz tell me wat i can do.


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How many pounds will i lose a week if i only eat 600 cals a day?
dont say how unhealthy this is, i dont rlly care
Additional Details
basically i will only eat one small snack and the dinner my mom prepares, and im not obese i weigh like 130 and am 5'4, but still am fat

Kira K
for every 5000 cals you burn it is 1 pound lost. If you burn 2500 a day and eat 600 that leaves 2100 a day. You should lose about 2 and a half pounds if my math is right.

I have done that before plus excersize and i lost 30 lbs in 2 months. but after awhile your body gets used to it. then you need less and less calories and more excersize. so i wouldn't start that low start at 8-900 then keep cutting back. And it's not that unhealthy take plenty of vitamins and drinks loads of water. I was even being seen by my doctor and he said i was fine.

if u add exercise then probably 3

but thats not really healthy like you say (but u dont care)...u could probably try drinking greent tea too in the morning because it just takes your appetite away

good luck

truth talker!
What are you already? 80-85 pounds? What happens is your body when it realizes its starving to death starts shutting down. Your functioning organs will stop working untill you die. You should get help for your illness. (cuz I care & U should 2!)

a pound a day.
if it was that easy.


You may lose quite a bit..well if you are already thin it will take much longer as its easier to lose weight when you are heavier rather than thinner- as weight plateau's when you get near your healthy weight and tries to stay there. Go ahead and do it...but your never going to be able to maintain 600 calories everyday forever. As soon as the diet even starts to slip...the weight comes piling back on, leading to yo-yo dieting.

take at least 1000 to 1200 cal. a day.you should not lose more then 1lb. per week. you can not count calories.do not take fried and non veg. no junk and caned food. lot of water eat fruits and vegetables and fresh lime in water help you.

go on long walk and join a gim if possible

Um, I know you don't want anyone to say how horrible that is, but may I mention the fact that you could DIE?!?!?!

do u know that ur metabolism will slow down so much that once you eat 1000 cals instead of 600 your weight will bounce back? i see you know its unhealthy for you.. but just letting you know that u cant eat that little forever and once u start eating normal amounts of food youll gain even more weight. but u will lose 1 to 2 pounds a day if u only eat 600 cals a day. be careful!

The Guy Who's Right
If you don't eat enough your body goes into starvation mode and saves everything you eat, making it much harder to lose weight. You have to eat to lose.

needs answers
LoL ... Your not fat!!!! That is your Idle wight for your Height .I wish I was back down to that size ,lol

FYI:: You could loose a lot more weight if you work out and eat healthy-- eating 600 calories a day will make you loose weight but once you start eating normal again you will just put is back on.
**If you have a healthy bar for breakfast- a handful of almonds or nuts sometime before lunch- a salad with healthy dressing for lunch- a fruit before supper- and then eat a healthy balanced meal for supper. If you put a workout in there then you could (if you are heavy to begin with) loose up to 10lbs, possibly more. If you have a healthy weight already then you could loose up to 5lbs.

Carla C
probably quite a lot, depends on how much u exercise and things like that. id say a few pounds a week.

about 5 to 7 , depends on how overweight you are,
what do you plan on eating? can you post those details please.
i'm eating 1000 a day, losing 5 per week, but all healthy calories.

No pounds.
If you do lose any, you'll gain it back as soon as you start eating normally again. Even worse, you'll have wrecked your metabolism, and you will gain weight easier.
The goal in losing weight is to speed up your metabolism, not slow it down.
Food isn't the problem, your obviously terrible eating habbits are.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

This can kill you, at worst. At best, drive you to ketoacidosis.

probably not much, because your body will think you're starving and save everything you eat. if you do want to do it, then make sure you exercise enough to burn the 600 cals. you eat so your body won't store it. You would probably lose anywhere from 3-6 lbs.

prob only like 5

600 cals isnt really all that limiting
its not as bad as it sounds

it depends on how much weight you have to lose too
if you're really fat you could lose way more
and if you're already skinny you might only lose like 2 pounds

none if you don't excersize, and you'll need to eat more so you can burn fat

Oh god dnt do that ul wreck ure motabalism, when u start to starve ureself your body goes into starvation mode and u might not loose weight as quickly as ud like, start off on 1200

Hannah A
it depends on how many calories you normally take in and how much exercise you do. you have to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound. do the math.

If you don't really care then why bother asking the question...do it and I'll send dead roses to your funeral

Alex B
none--your body will go into starvation mode, so anything yo eat will get stored as fat and it will use muscle as energy...meaning, you'll be fat, but weigh less because your body will be eating muscle.

what you want to do is to start by eating 500 calories less than you are now, and then start doing to cardio

Simply eating less calories is usually not a good way to lose weight.

holy criminy...Im not gonna tell you how unhealthy that is, coz you said not to...but I will say that at that low amount your body will go into starvation mode and actually may gain weight instead. This is because the body thinks youre starving it and hangs on to every last little bit it can get. Now, as for your question...depending on your current weight...in the first week you could lose about 5 pounds. No gaurantees after that.

none... you'll lose water weight which will return... and your body will think it's starving and you'll lose nothing...

Shawnna M
I will be honest with you..

4 year ago I ate only 700 calories a day and worked out 2 hours a day.
I lost an amazing 25 pounds in a month.

That was the good part, the bad?

I gained the weight back and then some, I gained back 30 pounds when I started eating again. If you do it right the first time it will stay off if you keep a healthy life style.

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