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Wow wasn't expecting that many answers! thanks. Gonna be ...

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Additional Details
sorry i meant 1-3 ...

How long would it take to walk 2.5 miles?
im kind of a slow walker but not too slow if you know what i mean

paul m
id say probably about 30-40 min none stop walking

I am Truly Blessed
at 4 mph 2.5 miles is 45 minutes

Matthew W
Probably 30 minutes or less at a slower pace.

P.S. Everyone above is very, very slow.

david h
just allow an hour and hope its a nice day so you can enjoy the walk

the average walking speed is 4mph

some walk faster and some slower thats why its an average!

so if your slow but not too slow then id say your the 4mph

that actually works out to 37.5 mins lol

so take an hour and enjoy

dels replies
40/45 minutes

it shouldn't take any longer than an hour. If you're walking at a reasonably brisk rate you should do 3 miles an hour. If you're doing it to lose weight you should be aiming for a good fast walk, at 4 miles an hour.

Scott M
depends on how long a stride u take

brian b
This question is about as easy to answer as "how long is a piece of string?"

It depends on the criteria that decide when a walk becomes a jog and at what speed you have to be moving for you to be officially declared to be walking...

a mile = 1.6 km or 1600m
ergo 3 miles = 4.8km or 4800m
you could walk quite comfortably at about 1.5 -2m per second
so at 1.5m p/s = 4800/90 = 53.33 mins
at 2m p/s = 4800/120 = 40 mins

So anywhere between 40mins to roughly one hour....
but then you might slow your pace as you went to maybe 1m p/s

so here's what I think

First mile = 1600/120 = 13.33 minutes
Second mile = 1600/90= 17.78 mins
Last mile = 1600/60 = 26.67

The total is 57.78 minutes........

Dale-Jaime M
thats the distance to my closet bus stop it takes me round 20 - 30 mins

hope this helps xx

done it last saturday night, pissed rotten, took 3.5 hours

... kıııгsтεn :)
at my walking speed it would take me 50 minutes

Kurt M
I just walked this at 50 min. Sorry if that's slow

i think maybe 45 mins it took me that long to walk 5kms :D and i walk slow too lol

That's how far I walk to school and it takes me 40 mins, and it sounds as if you walk at the same pace as me.

Well i walk at a reasonably fast pace and do just over 2 miles each day it takes me 35 -40 mins so i think the 2.5 at a slower leisure pace would be about 50 - 55 mins.

about 50 mins for u

Boston The Border Collie
About half an hour on the flat. Longer uphill or downhill.

depends on the width of ur foot, length of ur leg & attitude of ur mind

Jesus rocks my world
I would say about 30-50mn if you walk 3mph-5mph which is about average.
jogging would be about 25mn
running would be about 20mn

Probably about an hour on flat ground. A stroll is about 2 mph, a fast walk 4mph

A normal pace would be 40-50 minutes, unless you are "power walking."

I used to walk to work, it was 2.4 miles and I walk slow but not like a snail, I used to allow 1 hour 10 mins and I always had time for a coffee/sit down when I got to work before my shift started.
So I would say it take around 50 mins.

old know all
If you're fit and do it at a quick march, about 30 minutes.
If you dawdle and keep stopping to admire the view, about an hour.
If it's me, on the flat with a walking stick - about 90 minutes.

45 mins-1 hour

Robert W
3 miles per hour is good walking pace - but keeping that up may be difficult - so 1 hour should be closer.

No Longer Dizzy
It takes me 50 mins. I walk at a medium rate.

An average person will walk at around 3mph ... so 2.5 miles would take around 50 mins.

about 50 mins.

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