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How long should you starve yourself for before eating something so you dont die?
just wondering
how long as any of you starved yourself for
Additional Details

samantha j
blatant attention seeking - grow up and go eat a burger

Until you're so hungry you pass out, I guess.

Chiara s
ermmmmmmmm i dunno i fink 30mins i want 2 kno aswell i fink im dumb................

Pompeygirl : )
yer i dont think you should starve yourself, but other people here saying its dangerous and that, but plenty of people go on fasts for their religion.

not meaning to be rude but you need help. you're always asking about size zero and stuff. if you're trying to starve yourself to get to that size you're being very silly. you're putting your health and mental state at risk.

i think you better watch "Schlinder's List" then you would know what starving meant!

PS. Why would you want to have an "eight year old boy's body for?" I just don't understand. Celebrate being a woman and having curves =)

ALSO, if this doesn't scare you then I don't know what will.. but if you get really skinny you could jepordize your health so much you may not even be able to have a baby one day!!!!

Anon omus
you cannot starve yourself.

You should NEVER starve yourself but the body can survive without any food for four or five days but less for fluids.

Honey, you shouldn't be starving your self anyways. It causes very serious problems, such as shut down of vital organs. If you want to become a size zero, I'd advise against it. Woman, or girls, who are a size zero most likely have a hard time gaining weight. I would suggest you seek someones professional advise about your problem. I really don't understand why you'd want to be that skinny. Woman are born to have curves, they are made to have hips and breasts.

I truly hope you don't continue with this starvation. It's a horrible thing to do to your self. Be happy with yourself!

I donot starve my self. You are to eat about 1 month before your body need food but water the body needs that all the time.

Cala M
wow you are really desperate to be a size zero huh?

Dr Wot
Less than 6 hours.

I'm not joking. About six hours after you last ate, your body starts to dismantle (not burn) muscle tissue in order to economise on energy, because it has no idea when some food will next be available.

If you repeatedly trigger this emergency reaction, you can seriously (and permanently) damage your body's ability to function, especially in terms of repairing damage and regulating its chemistry.

Anorexics usually die from heart problems caused by an imbalance of the 'electrolyte' minerals that are needed to keep a normal cardiac rhythm. They also die with a low bodyweight, BUT a high proportion of fat on their body. (If you reduce your bodyfat, your muscles start to show (the more fat you lose, the more detailed is your view of the muscles, & of their individual parts). When you can see bones instead ('all skin and bone') this is because the muscles have become 'wasted'. They are still there, or you wouldn't be able to move, but you can't see their detail because of the fatty layer in the skin. Having very thin muscles means that they can't use up much fuel, so the fat isn't removed.)

This is why many anorexics insist they are still fat (they can still 'pinch an inch'), when their doctor insists that they are extremely underweight (skeletal).

The human body evolved in (and is best suited to) an environment where food was constantly available, but in tiny amounts. We are designed to eat berries, nuts, grass seeds (not the plump grains of wheat we have bred by farming), mushrooms, fruit, leaves, bark and roots, using a 'grazing' technique. Your digestive system works best with a small or moderate amount of food being constantly taken in, rather than huge meals at long intervals.

Many diseases are linked to the prevalence of bad dietary habits in western society. Not only do we eat too much 'purified' (ie processed) fats & sugars, but we also allow too little time for preparing and eating it.

One method for enjoying your food more (and getting more nutrition from it), is to chew everything very thoroughly. This mimics what we needed to do when all the food was raw (eaten straight from the plant) instead of being mixed and cooked as it mostly is now.

Food is not the enemy (although diet advice telling us to avoid 'calories' (ie energy) makes it seem as if it is). Your food gives you the energy to keep yourself healthy (activity is necessary for health, just like a nutrient). The more enjoyable your food is, the better your health can be. If you eat it carefully and well, (and little & often) you will be getting enough fuel to activate the muscles which keep you alive

BOUDICA !!!! (*) (*) (*)
about a month but why on earth would you want to starve yourself ??????????//

Light Shadow
my dear, u dont have to starve yourself to get into that size. i was that size for a long time. Now i am size 10 and i still look good.

back then when i was in size zero, i eat breakfast and dinner. But i worked out a lot, so i stayed fit and slim. i do eat carbohydrates like noodels and rice. most of the time i had green apples or caesar salad. i drank 3 litres of water daily. Your body fats needs plenty of water to burn fats by the way.
I never starved myself. Avoid cheesy food and carbo if u can. Do not consume junk food such as potato chips. raisins are good. Actually it goes like this, the amount u eat will determine how big your stomach is. If u eat once a day but u eat 2 huge plates of food, this will not help u lose weight. Eat tiny amount but frequently. Time your food intake and try to take food at the same time everyday. If your food intake is so irregular, your stomach will get confused, you will either ended up with gastric or your stomach will reject food altogether (bulimic).

Gastric is not a joke. I had gastric because back then, i was so slim and my food intake was too irregular, heck sometimes i forgot to eat coz i never felt hungry. Gastric pain was too excrutiating...love your body.

So dont starve okay.

you need professianel help, and even a size zero wouldnt improve your looks,

You need to stop now.

Go get some help please.

I think without water you can only last about 3 days. With water only, I think I was told about 23-30 days.


depends on how big you are. Averge is 18 days for food and drink but why would you want to anyhow??????/

can i just say if u r doing this to lose weight it is a very bad idea, by starving urself this means that any time u do eat ur body will just store it as fat because it is not sure when it will get food again

to lose weight the best thing to do is follow a calorie controlled diet .. a normal woman should eat 2000 calories but to lose weight you should eat about 1300 split as follows

breakfast 200
lunch 300
dinner 400
and 4 snacks across the day of 100 each

it is best to eat small things often than to go long periods without eating

also have a look at this to calc your ideal weight

i managed 1 week, i was very ill though so didnt notice that i wasnt eating, however i came out with a meningitis type rash and fever,

You should never starve yourself.
If you are doing it to lose weight, please be aware that you are slowing down your body's metabolism. Whenever you "eat so you don't die", your body will immediately convert the calories to fat because it knows it's starving.
Please go see a doctor or nutritionist.

if you absolutely had to starve yourself you would only be able to starve for about 4 weeks but i would not recommend it!!

I might have pins in my head but I'm not stupid, starving ones self can do irreversible damage to the body so I'd advise against it!

I dont think you should even be thinking about this.

Starvation does a great deal of damage to the body. It is permanent damage. Starvation is NEVER a good idea, for any reason. Our bodies need nutrition to thrive and to survive.

~suki~ ♥
Honey, you shouldn't even be thinking of starving yourself - let alone actually doing it! You will just make yourself very ill. As you haven't mentioned why it is you would want to do this it's difficult to advise you. But the way your question is worded leads me to assume you want to lose weight. And starvation is definitely NOT the way to go about it. Just cut out the junk and eat plenty of fruit & veg, fish, wholegrain cereals, bread, pastas & rice. In other words, a well-balanced nutritional diet combined with plenty of excercise.
Good luck and take care of yourself ...

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