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How long does it take you to walk two miles?
I just want an estimate because I'm going to a friend's house and I want to know what time I should leave the house. Just regular walking (not speed walking).

I walk 12 miles sweetttt

about 45 minutes

Chaos Theory
half an hour or so. Less if you run

Linda B
A mile takes about 20 minutes at a "normal" pace. Because it is a long walk ,I think you should give your self 45 minutes to an hour so you can enjoy the scenery.

Different for each person it is according to how fast you are walking and how long your stride is. For me it is about 25- 30 minutes.

about 30 min? ride a bike instead. it goes MUCH faster.

It really depends on how fast you are walking and where you have to walk - whether you have a path or not...

but the average person walks about 3 miles per hour i believe so .... maybe about half an hour - 40 mins!!!

or u can always ride your bike! and you go an average of 18 miles per hour! so - quicker!

25 mins though my school is 2 1/2 miles away so i guse i walk it faster

Dive Into A Holy River
it takes me 45 minutes on a treadmill at 4 mph...so if its regular walking...i would say a bit longer than what everyone else is saying, (25-30 minutes. ) almost like an hour. 4 mph is very brisk walking...so if its regular walking, yeah like an hour.


It would take me about 40 minutes.

about 30-40 minutes depends on pace and speed

Pretty 'n Pink
between 25-40 Minutes

It takes the average person 15 min to walk one mile, so your looking at 30 min, but if you power walk or even sprint, you can do it in like 20 min

Depends on each individuals speed and pace.....everyone is different I know for me it would take about 35-40 minutes!

About half hour or faster... its nothing really

about 15 minutes but it depends on how fast ur walking

With regular walking speed, the average human walks one mile in 15 minutes.

Jon H
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I always do a 2 mile brisk walk and it takes exactly 28minutes, then stretching after that = 30minutes. I know the exact time length of this cuz i watch the exercise dvd to do this brisk marching walk..

Since ur doin a regular walk it could be about 40minutes or more?

It takes me fourty minutes on a treadmill. Maybe you'll do better because you'll be outside

about 25 mins

Well an average person runs a mile within 7 minuets so I say 20 min. Just to be on the safe side.

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