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How long does it take you to walk five miles?
i have to walk 5 miles home from work tomorrow. i'm kind of dreading it. i'm bringing my ipod and maybe calling a couple friends on the way. how long does it take you to walk five miles? do you enjoy it?

Ava <3

Snatch Adams
45 minutes, any longer and your fat and nasty

The average person walks about a 12 minute mile. This means, if you walk average speed, it should take you about an hour. Of course, if you walk it the first day and have never walked 5 miles before, expect to be quite sore and much slower the next day. :)

p.s. drink plenty of water to help avoid cramping.

Chuck T
At an average speed of 7 mph about 45 min. 7 mph is the rate of speed for a forced march in the army. it will probably take you some what longer.

L Dawg
One hour and a half - two hours depending on the weather

Larry E
Give your self an hour and a half.

it will take about 50-60 minutes.....depends on how fast u walk....ull enjoy it if u have freinds along wid u.....chatter and share jokes along the way....nd u wont even knw tht uve reached ur destination

Nope, I've never walked five miles but I know I would enjoy it! Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robert r
A lifetime, if you are a centipede.

la femme de fantôme
I would say if you are speed walking, about 1 hour.

steve a
depends how fast you walk , if u ran 6 miles per hour the whole time it would take 50 mins and thats preety fast for that long of time i can only do that for 3 miles . so if ur walking at around 4.0 miles per hour id imagine an hour and a half or hour and 20 mins

Um... at least an hour... if you're walking fast.

Alyssa S
i can run five miles in 38 minutes. i dunno if that helps!

ɱᴙ. Ҫḁᶉᴛᶓr
Depends on how fast you run.

Little over an hour. I would bike.


at a steady 1mph (the human snail): approx. 5hrs.

at a steady 2mph (still the human snail): approx.2.5hrs.

at a steady 3mph: approx. 1hr, 40min.

at a steady 4mph: approx. 1hr hr, 15min.

at a steady 5mph: approx. 1hr.

So don't walk too slowly if you don't want to show-up at home 3hrs or more later. Also, as the ground beneath your feet rises up and down (it's not like a "bird's flight" and/or a map) it may be a longer walk than you think.

7mph: approx. 45 minutes.

van kedileri
an hour

avagoat runs a 5- minute mile... and for 5 miles in a row, thats insane... if you come back to review this question avagoat, YOU OUGHT TO BE AN OLYMPIAN.. SERIOUSLY!!!

anywho, the average non-superhuman can walk a mile between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on how fast. if you're going to be on your phone, make it closer to 20 per mile, and you get, 2 hours for 5 miles

why cant you take the bus lol? or are you trying to be fit? i would say it would take roughly 2 hours

wlaking is for noobs, i pwn newbs

i love going on long walks! don't dread it,
impossible means nothing.
don't regret it because in the end you will be thanking yourself.
it takes me 30 min to walk 3 miles but everyone walks at different paces.

When you run it takes 32 minutes. When you walk, it takes 1h and 10 minutes.

its not that bad at all....I walked further than that back and forth from home to work and work to home ....keep yourself busy and look at it as a really neat marathon for your body....

if its hot and you live in the desert than I understand..but if you are in good conditions thats cool...take advantage of it...your heart needs it.

and talk to yourself if you get bored...it helps me out with my stress....i talk to myself when i walk and it seems to make the time and walking a cinch.

i also play dont step on the cracks game in and out ...during the walking ....
whatever you do...DONT use heels...comfortable shoes...is needed.
good luck and be careful..

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