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How long does it take to walk 4 miles?
For someone of average fitness?

less than it does to walk 5

I don't know.....It takes me about 35 minutes to run four miles...so probably twice that...

around minutes


If you walk at four miles an hour, it will take an hour! If you walk at sixteen miles an hour, it will take fifteen minutes and possibly a trip to the hospital to re-grease yer knee joints!

Four-five miles an hour is fairly medium-fast walking pace.

When I walk at a steady pace my average walking speed is 3.5 miles an hour so for me it would take little over an hour. It all depened on speed you walk at and whether its up or down hill lots of roads to cross and type of terrain ie would probably take longer walking across fields than it would across concrete.

it takes roughly 20 minutes to walk one mile at a brisk but relaxing pace. unless you are speed walking in which case it might take 15 minutes or less. so 1 hour 20 minutes.

an hour, give or take.

IT all depends on how fast you will be walking....
An old man will walk it in say two to three hours....
These ladies that you get early in the morning that walks as if some thing is chasing them will do it in less than an hour,,,say 45 minutes.

Roberto B
Someone with average fitness should be able to walk 4 miles in about 48 min or less.

when just an average walk, maybe about an hour.

Just over an hour a average pace I would say (average pace being 3.5 mph)

It really depends on you, but for most people of average fitness, it takes about a hour to an hour and a half, depending on how fast you are.

but it really takes 1 hour and 15 minutes walking normally :-)

but if you stop for a ice cream, it might take a little longer

An hour - average walking pace is 4mph.

About 1 hour

probably about an hour. it takes me about 15 minutes to walk one mile. do the math

Probably one hour at an average pace.

Roughly an hour

Daniel L
Just over an hour, but it depends upon how quickly you walk. Figure the average person walks about 3 miles per hour over a long distance.

about 1hour and 15 mins

it depends on the speed that you walk at

Usually 20mins for each mile you walk but it depends how fast you walk cause i walk a mile in 15-17mins cause im a fast walker so i would say close to 1 hour and 30mins..hope it helps you and plz best answer me if it does

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