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Dana L
How do you tell someone in a nice way they are fat?

Fredrico P
"i dont mean to be rude but youre SO fat"

"Jeez mate, you're piling up the tonnage"

hey, let's go to the gym. hey, let do some excercise. Don't eat so much. Poke them in the belly and say, "Woo-hoo". when yuo go out to eat dinner, ask for salad only. give them a burple nurple. tell them straight up, "Yous a fat mofo"

Danny R
So, how long have you been anorexically challenged?

No one like to hear what they already know.......
Try talking about your own new healthy food diet, that helps loose some weight, and see if you get a response of interest. If that person is unwilling, there really is nothing you can do about.

Tom Baker
"You see, in the wild, it talks all sorts of animals to make the world tick. You've the lions, tigers... and the elephants Y'know what i'm sayin?"

It really depends on your relation to them and how close you are.
The best way might be to approach it from a health stand point.

There is no nice way. If a person is fat Im sure they know it and unless they directly ask for your opinion , I would keep my mouth shut.

well yu really cant but it depends how close yu are with them yu culd invite them to go to a gym with yu or go running or somethihng ?

‚ô• || Brown Eyed Girl || ‚ô•
That's kinda hard to do without hurting their feelings. If they're dressing inappropriately for their size, you can say something like, "I think this shirt (point to another one) will look better on you."

If that 'someone' is a friend, then you can give a light punch on their stomach, and say, "My, you are looking really prosperous these days !"
...Say it with a warm smile, while looking at your friend straight in the eye, and you'll get your message across, loud and clear.
Cheers !

Will you MOVE !!!... I cant see my 50 inch Plasma !!! ...


I think you broke my scales !!! ...

I agree with the last person. Chances are they now they are over weight, just because you guys dont talk about it doesnt mean they dont know it. Please dont hurt this persons feelings, I am sure they already have low selfesteem

you can't

why would you want to? why would someone elses figure (fat or thin) bother you so much to mention it?

I cant really think of a situation where that is necessary

You are a very shallow person if you are judging someone by their appears.
Looks fade, personelity stays!
work on yours a bit ok

You don't have the right to tell someone they are
fat..just like someone who cares about you doesn't have the
right to tell you that your ugly (not you persay)
It is rude !
The ONLY time I could see this is if you
have ring on their finger and in that case
you could say "honey I love you forever, and I want
forever to be as long I we can make it last. Let's get
healthy TOGETHER "
They already know their fat don't drill it in.
Work hard together !!!

There is no nice way to tell someone they are fat. That person doesn't need to know that because he/she already knows it...........

You dont..why would you?

Why would you think you need to tell them? It would be pretty obvious to the person to know if they are over weight.

You don't because you accept them for who they are. This is your own shallowness in yourself. People figure this out one way or another when they begin to love themselves. Acceptance of the "self" and the beautiful spirit which we come to know through loving ourselves in a healthy way will lead to a better way of caring for the body.

Look in yourself first before you judge another. Accept them for who they are, because You are not perfect either.

You don't - it is not your place. He/she are probably already acutely aware that they are overweight. Mind your own business - is everything in your life perfect?

kathlene m
why would you wanna tell somebody theyre fat?

Brian A
"You may be fat, but at least you aren't an a--hole like me"

It isn't polite to comment on a person's weight, regardless of what way you put it. Basically, you're asking how you can insult someone without being rude. There's no such thing.

Martin the baby
"why dont you do some sport" ? or just to talk about someone else.."whoa, look at him, that girl is fat" or just mention the fattiness when talking about someone else..it works..that person should realize "im kinda chubby as well'. another way is to point at the slim people (as its benefits)

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