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i know its stupid but....
ugh idkkk
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DAMN YOU KFC !! Every bloody time =/

oh welll..... any advice?
should i have fruit?
bicarbonated soda?


How do you lose your desire for sweets?
Hahaha. I swear those cookies call to me. I love healthy food too, but those junk food delicacies are amazing.

Good!!! a visit to the nearest hospital where there are amputees from sugar excess and out of control will be a sight when cookies will stop calling and the other side from the great beyond will be visible more. ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha. specially, when you see the instruments from which they cut legs and hands and usually begin with a finger, and if sugar goes beyond, the very thought WILL make you shiver, sorry, for the discouragement, but this is it!!! I have seen legs being cut off, but medical help has its limits, fine how about a insulin needle(s) (s) (s) 365 x 7, no? excuse me, how about total loss of eyesight?????????? Hello cookie, still calling my friend??? ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.

Nduka N
Give up sweets for lent.

i think you either have a sweet tooth, or you dont!
i love healthy food too, but my sewwt tooth comes and goes. it's here at the moment, I've just had a small bar of chocolate!

have you tried the health bars? my child has "organix" fruit and seed bars, they are so sewwt but with no sugar!

alos, sugar free cakes are great! I have a lovelt raisin and banana recipe if you want it! It's light, fluffy and reallt sweet!

Just stay away from them as much as possible, don't tempt yourself too much you may just be making matters worse by craving them.

u can try eatin healthy foods and wen u see a sweet jus get somethin healthy just ignore them

I don't think you can completely eliminate sugar cravings. You can only learn to control them

That's it, I was waiting for that, you're talking about "PAST ME" i could do nothing, NO WAY TO STOP, UNLESS ONE WAY,,,,, LOVE..... when i started looking at myself after i found a partner in university, I was SO FAT, I automatically lost the dersire to eat ALOT,,,,, "AS WE SAY: ASK SOMEONE WHO TRIED AND DON'T ASK A DOCTOR!!!!"

Ok, "COSTY" blew it. fructose and sucrose are man made sugars. So is dextrose and maltose. Anything listed with "ose" (with the exception of glucose) is man made and shouldn't be consumed. Glucose is what the body breaks down our food into to be utilized by the body. And he is correct the over dose side of sugar is stored as fat...
You might be surprised to learn that the food companys' are making processed foods, ie cookies to be ADDICTIVE.
The white refined sugar on the grocery shelf....not a natural product at all, it's bleached. Splenda,,,? also a chlorinated product. It shouldn't be put in your body.
Look at it this way....Let's say all the vitamin/minerals in the body build you up like the great pillars of Atlantis....ok?
When you consume "sugar" its like the tidal wave that came in and wiped it all out and turned it into "ruins". When you eat natural fruit the body utilizes this because it is natural. I'm talking about all the FAKE stuff people are putting in their bodies. Well there's so much more to learn, happy investigating.
Those cookies,,,they ARE calling to you because they have been "constructed" to do just that. Are you mad, yet?
Go to a health food store and look for some alternatives. Talk to them and they can probably show you a couple of books on the subject too. Especially about what the food companies are "making for us".

Its Me
Snack defense http://www.HerbUrHealth.net

ali a
im armed with cookies!!!!!!!

The jen
I know the feeling,no matter how much fruit and veg i eat,i have a serious craving for something yummy.I usually just go for it,have a bar of choc or that cream bun,if it makes me feel good and im in a better mood to everyone around me then everyone wins.Remember a healthy mind is a healthy body,and the new look is the curvy body,happy days.

Any sort of craving is an effort to locate something that is missing in the diet and provide it for the body.

If someones diet is lacking in a certain vitamin or mineral then the body will start to crave it. As most people are uneducated in what they should be eating they will eat what they 'think' is what they want.

A sweet tooth is a craving for sugars. Sugars are the body's source of energy -- much of what we eat is broken down into the base sugars (fructose, sucrose, glucose, etc.) so the body can utilise them. The sugars are converted into fat when there is an oversupply and converted back as needed.

The body also uses other things for energy. Like, carbohydrates -- both simple and complex -- and vitamins and water, among other stuff.

So when you find yourself craving sugar more than you feel you should or more than is healthy, you may want to look to a vitamin supplement to augment the missing ingredient as an immediate handling. Then determine what is actually missing. Do you need more vegetables or water or carbohydrates or fruit? Add more of one to you diet and you will know immediately if that is the one as your cravings will cease. Remember it for later reference.


Well girlfriend, you just have to teach yourself to "Just Say No!" That sweet tooth isn't just going to go away. You have to train youself to turn away, say no thank you and use a replacement like fruit, salad - which can also be enjoyable without the extra calories.

On another note, you can change your name and don't tell the sweets. Then probably they wont call you no more. :)

mohan rao kotari k
divert ur mind after sometime u get the result.

I find keeping on a low GI diet plan really works for me to keep the sugar cravings at bay. Also Celery is really good for a sweet tooth as it eliminates the need fir sugar. You can eat it raw daily or juice it with other things like apple or whatever, that also helps.
I must admit no matter how good i am i still need my chocolate every so often.

caught in the rain
Slowly wean yourself off. I always crave something sweet after dinner, so I allow myself one chocolate cookie or something. Eat fruit or yogurt before you get your daily sugar craving and that should curb it completely.

james B
Avoid them, they only make you crave more...The desire will fade after 8 minutes. Also try brushing your teeth whenever you crave sweets.

Eat more sweet fruits like strawberries and peaches and stuff. It worked for me.

Why would a person want to lose the desire for sweets, women, men or things that bring pleasure. Moderation is the solution.

Most people over indulge, thus the problem. Instead of one, they put 5 in their pockets or purse, 2 in their mouth, then feel guilty when they get caught.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Try eatting a variety of apples!
Eat one after lunch and dinner.
they are a natural digestive enzime.
I find that if I have fruit, grapes= natures little sugar cubes
on hand I go for them.

don't buy the cookies, and if you do, buy the small pack and only eat them out of the home.

Also allow yourself cookies only when you have eatten a meal, had your apple and with a glass of milk.

don't sit in front of the tv eatting them w/o paying attention.
eat them in silence with your eyes closed.
enjoy every bite!

honestly, if you don't have sweets after about 10 days, eatting apples, oranges, pears, bananas, grapes, melons, etc.
you don't crave your sweets.

oh-- no sugar sodas either!

good luck

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