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Sha Mu Fa LA Ka
How do you get fatter when you dont eat?

kaitlin.< 3
Your body saves up any food you have left and it stores it inside your body and it doesn't get rid of it until you eat again.

not enough calories for the body to burn

In the beginning, your metabolism will slow down and it will stop burning up fat. Since you're depriving your body of food, it will switch into survival mode and it will make your fat last as long as possible. The best way to go about losing weight is diet (eating 4 to 5 small meals a day in order to speed up your metabolism and keep it working constantly) and exercise (and not the binge exercising, but daily, paced exercising that is healthy).

Well ... i think what you mean is, that you DO eat, but you try to starve yourself between times. The body tries to conserve fat stores when its being starved, so when it gets its next meal, it holds onto as much fat and nutrients as possible. Either that, or youve found a miraculous way to survive without food, which Im quite sure would have been of some benefit to holocaust victims, those in famine ravaged countries, and the like.
The best way to lose weight is by excericing and eating a well balanced, sensibly portioned diet.

When you don't eat, your body will save up all the food that you've had and store it, thinking that you're sick.

If you dont eat your body might think its "starving" and then the next time you do eat something it's gonna store it as fat.

fred g
I do not think that is possible right?

Well, your body stores food that you have previously eaten. Your metabolism slows because there's nothing to feed to it. Then, once you start eating again, it confuses your body and your metabolism and you're even more screwed and get fatter haha. So not eating is a bad idea, because it may work for a while, but then stops immediately when you decide to eat anything.

your metabolism goes down and since your metabolism controls your wight it makes your wight go up. Eat healthy and exercise

your body goes into starvation mode and does not want to give up any body fat. it is a really bad habit and a vicious cycle. eat small healthy choiced meals.

your body begins to store what you do eat it is kind of reverse of what is expected to happen

Amanda J
What do you mean? Like the children in those commericials? Their stomachs are full of gas from malnutrition not fat.

Also, you can gain more weight if you starve yourself because your body goes into survival mode and begins to store everything as fat. (like bears when they hybernate: their bodies store blubber so they body can feed off its own fat source while they're hibernating)

You should never starve yourself to lose weight. Exercise 3 times a week and eat healthy, and you'll lose weight.

Lauren V
Well, I'm assuming you have to eat SOMETHING, and if not you should seek medical attention. But when you eat very little, your metabolism slows down causing anything you eat to turn into stored fat to give you energy. If you are trying to lose weight, it is best ro eat 5-6 small meals a day (eating every 2 to 3 hours) which would increase your metabolism. You should eat a well balanced diet..this a long with the propery amount of exercise (atleast 30 mins. of cardio a day with weights if you please which may cause you to gain weight when eating a lot of protein and increasing muscle mass) you will not only be more healthy, but lose or gain weight.

yelloh =)
u get fatter because ur body builds up the fat and tries to keep u alive and tries to keep ur heart pumping but mostly what gets bigger is ur stomach when u dont eat.

Think of your metabolism as a fireplace. If you keep piling wood(food) on, the fire will blaze hot and burn high. You stir the fire around(exercise), it burns even hotter.

Now stop adding wood(food) to that fire. The fire begins to burn lower and lower. Until you have nothing but a few coals.

Now put a single log on those dying coals. What happens.....NADA(weight gain).

To keep a fire burning steady---you have to consistently feed it.

To sum all this up---you must EAT to lose weight. No less than 5-6 small meals a day.

When you cease to eat your body will begin to shut down and tyr not to use any stored fat or sugar you have if you are skinny this can cause massive problems. The body will react differently by storing other things as well.

you don't. It just slows down your metabolism a little. but it will slow down with weight loss anyways. You will lose if you aren't eating. People say that so you don't starve yourself

When you don't eat or have a reduction in caloric intake, your body goes into a survival mode. It takes whatever it gets and stores it and shuts down other primary functions resulting in lethargy, diminished mental capacity, etc...so when you do eat something instead of burning it on homeostasis, it gets stored.

When you don't eat, your body thinks it's starving and requires fewer calories. Do something to kick in your metabolism like running or walking and start eating 3 balances meals a day, and healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables. Don't eat fast food or junk food. Drink a lot of water, no sugared drinks and drink 1 percent milk.

Alive with the Glory of Love
your body goes into starvation mode and converts all of what you did eat into fat to store it. DONT SKIP BREAKFAST!

talayia p
gaining weight from not eating comes from a low metabolism.you already have fat. so without exercise or food the fat is just lying there.

Your metabolism becomes warped and your body keeps any and all calories it gets due to the lack of nutrition.

Your metabolism slows down, so that when you DO shove something down your throat, your body doesn't know how to process it quick enough, thus turning it into fat!

You don't, you have to learn to eat the right things. Get the Atkins Book and read about low carbs. I did the Atkins Diet and lost 70 lbs so I know it works. Good Luck

Sydney C
You don't. But if you do eat anything your body (which is in shock) stores all the fat from that food because it thinks it's starving and may not get more food.

When your body starts to starve it's self it will store fat to protect it, but it will eventually and quickly start using the fat to survive

Jennifer Lynn
Your body is deprived of nutrients and proteins so it stores your fat longer than it would generally if you are eating. It would take a while before you would start to see any change in your weight. Your body wants to store your fat so it can use the energy from your fat to maintain homeostasis within your body.

If you don't eat breakfast your metabolism slows down.

Robert M
Your metabolism slows down if you do not eat, and if you do not exercise it will slowly build up.

I call it the squirrel syndrome. Your body will slow down so much and hold on to whatever fat you got because it fears not being fed again for a long long time. So eat, darling, it's good for you.

When you don't eat your body begins to break down your muscle mass in order to supply nutrients. That muscle mass turns into fat. Not eating should not be an option, always eat!

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