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I mean a UK 6/8 by the way....

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thanks for your answers

xxx ...

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The Girl Behind The Camera
How do I motivate myself to exercise daily?

I lost 13 pounds by just doing 50 sit ups a day which takes only like 5 minutes and I worked my way up.

It takes alot of will power maybe try just dieting and then so you lose some weight that way you will keep wanting to lose it and will do more to lose and theat way you might start to exercise. Or you could join a gym and do some classes there that way you have to go.

zu2 mango
well think of the reasons why and that will probably help you.

I have given this answer so many times that I usually don't anymore but will make an exception for your question...

Read a book by Bill Phillips called Body For Life and check out his website bodyforlife.com. There are 2 other books as well that you should get if you decide you like the program, Eating For Life and one called The Success Journal.

This is a highly motivational program and the best selling point for me was that it is a three month plan. That was a huge motivational factor for me because 90 days is nothing really in the entire scope of ones life. I thought to myself I'm just going to muddle through these 90 days and if it's the worst experience I have ever had then I can just go back to the way I used to be. He provides much more inspiration in his book and I highly recommend it to you. If you go for it it will change your life. Good luck in whatever you decide :)

find a fun sport and join a team soon ull be looking forward to it!

Peace Loving
just think of its benificial effects and never get lazy.whatever is in ur mind just do it

You think of all the benefits vs the negatives and when you see all of the positive aspects of it. You will enjoy exercising. Also, use a ipod in order to entertain yourself.

Start off with baby steps then work up you're way gradually.

If you succeed with small goals it will encourage you to do bigger ones!

look at your body naked in front of the mirror and if you don't want to inflate like a monster then you have to start exercising. It's tough in the first few months but your body will get the hang of it and soon you'll find yourself like you want to run everyday.

Andrew P
Well Why not do things which you enjoy as much as possible like sports. If you had soccer or basketball a few nights a week then you could just fill in the other day with things that aren't as great.

Also if you are going to run, I would do it before school that way life doesn't get in the way of your working out. Ie friends and things of that nature.

anyways gl

Jaime J
loud music!

Ashley P
you know the best thing to do is find a pic of someone or something that you hate or dislike, hang it to where you can see it everday. Listening to music while working out helps alot, it stimulates the muscles and helps you relax more. Get some up beat good music and when your working out make sure you can see the pic you hung on the wall.

Set goals for your self, cut out a picture of some one you look up to and glue it on your mirror, seeing it every day might push you not to miss your work outs.

think of what you could be like after you do it

Think of how good you will look when you get to your goal.

and think of how bad/unhealthy you might turn out if you dont work out.

They seem to always use the second tactic in those weight loss reality shows. eg. they will show them a picture of how they will look like with 20+ pounds.

First 2-3 times you have to literarily kick yourself out of the house and make yourself do it. And then, if you excersize long enough each time, you will really feel sort of "natural high". I never cared about the explanation of it, but excersize do cause this feeling. Then it becomes really easy :) Just make sure your alternate excercize pattern a bit each time, so that you don't get bored.

I listened to this great thing called Get The Edge by Anthony Robbins one night.

I ended up going for a run at 4 in the morning. It was really actually quite weird.

I freaking HATE working out. But what I enjoy is going for a bike ride, a hike etc. I also take a martial arts class. I get great exercise but I dont think of it as going outside to exnercise.

One other tip would be to find one or two other people and you promise each other to meet at a certain time to run or whatever. Then you cant flake as easily because someone else is counting on you.

Good luck

here are a few tips, go with a freind obvs.
Pre-pack your gym bag. Getting your stuff ready the night before will make you more likely to use it. It's that simple, so you've got no excuses.
Blackmail yourself: Take a picture of your shirtless self holding a sign with your email address on it.
Email it to a friend saying: "If I don't send you a new picture that shows serious improvement in 12 weeks, post this photo on myspace.com"
Make a workout playlist: Studies found men who do their workout to music do so for longer and at a higher intensity than men who exercise in silence.

Mr. Taco
The same way you motivate yourself to do anything. You want something. Perhaps it is good health or a nicer body. In order to attain that, you have to take action. In this case, exercise is the way to attain good health and a nicer body. So you just do it, just like you would take medicine to get well or save money to buy a new iPod. You want something. You do what it takes to get it. Treat exercise the same way.

‚ô•100%‚ô• ‚ô•Chivas‚ô• ([G.A.R.U.])
Dont try to do it, like everything at a time,
Why you dont walk for like 10- 15 min. every 2 days, and then every day or every 2 days for like 20-30 !!

Find out what you love about it. Don't roll out of bed and think "Man, I've gotta work out today." You need to find something you love about it. Get an ipod to bring with you. If you love your neighborhood, then listen to it as you run through your neighborhood. Look at it as a chance to get fresh air and to do what you love to do while making you look even prettier than you already are!

Good luck.

Keep pictures of fit people on your mirror, everytime you look into the mirror you will see it and it's an instant reminder.

Amusing...But pointless!
You don't, you just do it.

Some Beach
The best way for me personally is to have a workout partner with the same fitness goals and maintain the same schedule. Makes it feel more like a team effort. :-)

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