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How come its ok to call people too skinny but its not ok to call people fat??????
People say im too skinny all the tym and its really annoying as i eat what i want and stay the same weigh, but if i turn round to them and said that their fat its not ok and they n people say oh my god i cant belive you said that!! does any one else have the same problem?

Anarcho Capitalist
Fat people get really jealous of skinny people and they try to do and say nasty things to hurt your feelings. They know it's wrong. They just don't care. They don't even care about their own bodies, ou can't expect them to care about your feelings. Just ignore them; they're miserable.

Maybe they think they're paying you a complement since skinny is considered pretty in much of the world. It never bugged me to be called skinny.

One of my classmates is from Nepal and she told me that when she first came to the US she tried to pay a professor a compliment by telling him he's really fat and asking if his family is all fat like him.

I used to have that same problem when I was younger. I know, it can get really annoying. I'm also kind of short, so for awhile I couldn't fit into adult clothes even and had to shop in the kids section. It was kind of frustrating. Also, even if people say you're too skinny, don't worry about gaining weight (unless like your doctor tells you to or something), what most people don't realize is that too skinny people have a lot of the same problems/issues as overwieght people (hard to find clothes that fit right, getting teased/made fun of, etc...). However, there's more overwieght people than skinny people, so society is usually nicer to and more aware of them. Plus, sometimes when people sya things like that theyre just jealous, becase a lot of people want to lose weight and be skinnier, and not that many want to gain wieght.

They are obviously jealous!!!! Next time hun, they comment on your slimness, and they are a tad over weight, just say 'so, I guess we are BOTH physically challenged then!?

That may shut them up!


Because people haven't realised that just because they envy skinny people doesn't mean that skinny people are happy with the way they look contary to this apparent media rule of
thin = happy
you have little choice but to ignore them or when they complain about your use of the fat word just tell them to deal with it

yes! omg whenever I say, I think I'm a little overweight, everyone else says omg you are anorexic you don't eat enough here have some ice cream cake etc...... and I know I could never be anorexic, I barely fit into jeans the normal size for my height and age!

It's our society and Political correctness. The P.C. has become out of control.

justin c
u cant call a person fat the proper term is fluffy

Brutally Honest
Yes lol I hate it, that's why I'm trying to bulk up like crazy this summer.

being too skinny can be a compliment, being fat is an insult to their greed

beacause its better to be skinny annd no one wants to be called fat.

Easy to love
because America doesn't make fun of skinny people. America want Americans to believe the skinny is best. Fat people on the other hand, have you ever heard of a skinny person looked over for a promotion or turned down for a job all together? Think about it.

well to u question how come its ok to call people too skinny but its not ok to call people fat??????
im guessing the answer to this now is that society and media have been obsessing over being skinny and everybody wants to be skinny so by saying ur skinny is like a "compliment" while calling someone fat is like an "insult" and can make some peope feel horrible about them selves even if they look like they're close to bei anorexic.

i dont kno i gues its better to be skinny then fat

Blazin Gwen Way
i think someday it'll be ok to call someone fat. We just need to get over ourselves and call each other what we are. It's not that big of deal i don't know why people make it that way. One day calling someone fat will be acceptable as calling them skinny.

Lauren Ashley
I have the same problem. I can eat and eat but I stay super skinny. I am 5'5 and weigh 100 lbs. I hate how everyone is like skinny people are all anorexic, it is annoying. I know my metabolism is fast, but I would also like to gain like 10 lbs. Im glad someone else feels the same way I do.

Better tell them that you are not comfortable when they say you are skinny. I have this friend that got angry also when she was told she was skinny probably because has parasites in her tummy. May be you feel that same way too. Tell then afront.

are you kidding me i have that same problem. everyone always thinks i am way to skinny and always says.... oh your way to skinny. but yah being called skinny is rude to though. even though i would rather be skinny then fat. even though i think i am fat but everyone tells me i am NOT FAT.

lui rhys
its just people's mentality, i know you're annoyed when people tell you your skinny, but most of the time its considered a compliment to them. its more likely that they are jealous of the fact that YOU ARE skinny. afterall today's society sees thin as the "in" thing.

♥ яэγoЯ ♥
I don't get that but I know what you mean. Just tell them that next time someone says that to let them know that you find it annoying. I guess people just don't realise coz they assume being too skinny is better than being too fat.

I agree that it shouldn't be okay to say that. I will say though, that considering the amount of abuse that fat people go through, it's not surprising there's a little of the opposite happening. It's only life balancing itself.

being a fat *** is never good

Number one it is not OK for someone to tell someone else they are to skinny. Just as it is not OK to tell someone they are to fat. Both are an insult. Please people let us be just a little kinder to one another. It is not what a person looks like on the outside, but what is in the inside that counts.

sylvester m
Neither is acceptable. More people defend
heavier people because their weight may already be a direct result of low self-esteem.
Calling them fat will only make them eat more as eating is their primary means of consoling themselves.
A slim person being called skinny is a verbalization of envy. People wish they could be as thin as you are.
So, the next time a person tells you that you're skinny; simply smile and take it as a compliment.

It is annoying to have people always commenting on ur body. I have the same problem. I guess people would rather be super skinny than fat.

Brandon M
I have always been tall and skinny. I am not ashamed of being thin. It's just the way I am. I'm getting so tired of all the fatties constantly pointing it out to me. I get it! I'm skinny and you're fat! I get it! What's the point? Why are they so obsessed with food and people's weight? I do not talk about them when their backs are turned and they can still hear me. Why can't they just get a life and leave people like us alone?

i do.. my friends used to always say i was skinny and stuff and i'd eat so much junk food i didn't understand how i could stay skinny lol, i personally think it's rude to say someones skinny or fat... i mean shouldn't it not matter?

Joey's Girl
i dont care of someone calls me fat. I know that i am just hard for me to loose weight because i have thyroid problems and PCOS. but if someone calls u skinny call them fat. if it hurts their feelings tell them that them calling u skinny hurts urs they should stop.

really well there properly just jealous, im a guy and i like skinny girls, and i hate fat cows

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