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How come Chinese people are usually slim when their food is so fattening?

Master Tong
Because all the fat is burned up from doing a lot of homework and studying. Why do you think Chinese people always get A's on every subject?

Ñ♥ØÄPixie Queen~*
Very good question, ive wondered that myself, sorry i cant help.

Because contrary to popular belief Chinese people dont eat the same stuff as they dish up in chinese takeways, thats just for our benefit

OH, forget this silly question I am fat Chinese man. there like you they are fat they slim and have other type too.

i couldn't find right avatar who have belly and nice one so i choose this avatar who look slim (whew other avatar who have belly don't even look so good).

I think it's the amount they eat of it !

chris x
They don't eat much, and all the veggies they get is not that fattening.

Jen G
Chinese food in china is much different to chinese food in the western world. They probably dont add as many colours, preservatives, fake flavours, sugars, oils etc to their food.
Portions also are smaller, think about when you cook at home, do you cook as much as you buy from the chinese?
Note: Chinese is the least fattening of all take aways. Indian food is much worse, as is pizza, McD's etc. And at least you eat veg with chinese food!

Thats becuase they dont eat our chinese food, it is nothing like authentic chinese. In our chinese restaurants you will usually see the staff just eating rice. That say's something about what they are serving us!

Authentic Chinese food really isn't that fattening. Restaurants usually add lotsa oil and MSG to make it taste better.
I have also heard that Chinese people have a different body type, so even if they eat a lot, they remain slimmer compared to non-Chinese eating that same large amount of food. From what I know, there is even a different BMI standard for Asians due to this.

arveen paria arasuk
because most of their food are stem not fried

in china they do a lot of walking and ride bikes for transportation and the chinese food we eat in america is not real chinese food they dont serve that type of food over in china

Orientals eat rice four times a day.

i suppose they don't est much junk food. Look at the French, they eat certainly more than the British but they have 4 set mels a day and eat little junk. British eat all the time t anytime and a lot of take way. junk food food are sold everywhere even at the chemist!!!

When I was there I noticed they didn't really eat bread, and they eat very little dairy too.

Also, the food over there is a bit different to the Chinese food over here, I think some of it, not all, must be slightly modified for western taste.

But I disagree about portion size, they tucked away some amount of food when I was there, I couldn't believe it

It's in their genes to be thin. There is a Chinese girl in my family...She eats anything and eats like a horse...NOT an INCH does she EVER put on.

Liddy is Lost
Because their slimness is generally as a result of them being small framed, not necessarily because they don't have much body fat.

In fact, even overweight and obese Asian people may sometimes appear to be very thin because of their small builds. They had to lower the BMI criteria for Asians from 25 to 23, because they found that Asians were suffering from obesity related diseases at much lower BMI's than caucasians were.

HTH : )

They dont eat the food they give us, they eat alot of rice and use less oil in there food which leads to them having a healthier physicque! We basicly eat a rubbish version of what we call chinese food, even tho it is yummy lol

It's because they eat less trans fatty foods.
Also, I think they're more active than most races. Most of them are into manual labor.

Catherine B
Traditional Chinese food is not fattening. Because the Chinese cater to English tastebuds they make fattening food. Traditional Chinese food usually consists of mostly vegetables, rice and seafood.

If you are referring to Chinese food like in the restaurants, most asians do not eat that stuff on the regular. Most of my Asian friends in the US eat very clean like, white rice, brown rice, tofu, vegetables, some eat meat but it's not prepared the way it is in most American
" Chinese food" restaurants. Most chinese food restaurants in america prepare the food in a way that it is what they think would be appealing to american tastebuds. Like you might go to a chinese buffet and see fried chicken nuggets, french fries, fried chicken wings, the sweet and sour sauce might be really sweet with lots of sugar or corn syrup. They'll have white rice or fried rice, rarelly will they have plain brown rice( brown rice is healthier). They may have vegetables but it is usally smothered in some kind of sauce or gravy. If you ever went to an authentic Asian restaurant, the food is usually not as fattening and there may be smaller portions, rarely is it a buffet, or junky like chinese takeout. The veggies and seafood may be steamed, which is healthier.
Takeout relies on sugar and fats to flavor the food, where as authentic traditional homemade food relies more on herbs, spices, roots, peppers etc for flavor. Not emty calories. That's why people say chinese food can make them hungry after 1 hour. Because it was empty calories to begin with. At authentic restaurants you will be full and it will hold you.
Plus a lot of americans eat take out like4X/ week at least. Over in China many people still eat a lot of homemade meals which is healthier and keeps them slim, but Over in China, increasingly, people are getting fat because they are starting to adopt the american diet. they are also getting higher rates of heart disease and diabetes from adopting american diet and lifestyle.

Chinese food made in America or other western countries is quite differently than it is in the motherland.
Here it is loaded with oil and often fried. The sizes are out of control. Who needs a pint of ANYTHING at one sitting? Plus in China there's all of that manual labor and 'Communism' to keep them skinny.

Come to think of it, I've never actually seen Chinese people eating in a Chinese restaurant.........

My wife is a Chinese doctor and she says it's not the fat but the absence or the low amount of carbohydrates.

We always have lots of vegetables, soup and meat (but not fried) and actually not much noddles. Bread and potatoes are not usually part of Chinese cuisine, and she contributes it mainly to this composition.

Their food is not fattening. You are referring to Americanized Chinese food. If you leave the egg rolls, wontons, & deep fried everything else (shrimp/chicken) out of the menu, it's all healthy vegetables & meat, usually steamed.

Am Chinese. Compare you we may be slim. Just different figure as we always don't think we are slim. We do try to lose weight too.

They dont eat the crap that they serve us.....you ever go into the chinese food spot and see them...they're usually eating a bowl of noodles with vegetable..white rice etc..They are never eating pork fried rice, crab rangoon , or teriyaki sticks

Halo 07
First, I'm a Chinese living in Malaysia. Before I answer this question, let me stress that most Chinese, the countries they live in, are not 3rd world countries. So, it's not that we don't have food to eat. Why we're slim or fit even if we eat so much is because our every meal is balanced. If there's meat there'll be vegetables. We exercise all the time. It hot here so I guess that burns the fat. Last but not least, we drink tea, which helps drain the oil inside our body.

Hope it helps!

I don't think they eat much red meat. And I think their overall diet is much, much less "processed" than ours. And I don't think they have a McDonald's on every corner.

Roberto B
First let's clarify:
What are fattening foods?
About 10 to 15 years ago the US surgeon general recommended to Americans to eat low fat products, because the statistics showed that Americans were getting seriously overweight in average.
Statistics show that the population followed his advice, as well as the food producers, however the percentage of obesity in the population grew instead of decrease!!
More recent investigations show that the real culprits in American diet are the simple carbohydrates, NOT the FAT. E.g. donuts, cakes, cookies, candy, pasta, pizza, SODA, SODA, SODA.....
No surprise the Chinese are not fat is there?
Notice that instead of SODA they drink herbal tea, and instead of desserts they usually have some small amount of fruit.

Portion sizes. Learn it, love it.

I am a chinese. Chinese originally is used to be very skinny. But there were 2 types of body shape. Very skinny-skinny and perfect-a little fat. Depends on fattening food such as roasted chicken and ducks, it doesnt really affect chinese that much on being fat. Some poor farmers have no chance to eat meat, so they eat what they had planted. Thats why you can see most of chinese people are skinny. Another reason is because its from the chinese family genetics. Hope it helps.

Good question!

Well, their food in China is made differently from here. They don't have nearly so much meat in any of their meals, in fact their staple diet is rice. Since rice is so filling, they don't need to eat as much.

I suspect that they also don't fry their food in 10 tons of oil as they do in Western countries.

Also, the Chinese are more physically active than the rest of us. Although they have a lot of technology, plenty of them choose to cycle places rather than take a car, probably due to the large population and the congestion that would result!

Yeah, I have a friend from Korea who came to live over here for a year (I know it's not China but a lot of their food is similar, or so she said) and she put on an incredible amount of weight whilst she was over here, despite eating what we would class as "really healthy".

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