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Loving the life~
How can i weigh 90 lbs?
im 13, 5'4 and i weigh 116.. i want to weigh 90. and please i dont wanna hear thats not healthy cause i hear it too much..

so yea can u give me some ideas on how i can loose 90 lbs.

Additional Details
yea... i meant how can i get to 90 lbs if i weigh 116 LMAO

It's easy. Rip out your bones and I guarantee you will be well under 90lbs. Or if you don't want to do that...lose a limb. I hear it's in these days.

stop eating.

First of all your last sentence does not make sense "so yea can u give me some ideas on how i can loose 90 lbs." Second of all I think that you are extremely skinny, so honestly you do not need to loose weight.

do u want to die!!!
have u ever seen somebody
that weigh 90lb & is 5'4
nobody will think ur pretty
just that ur about to die

If you go to: http://www.active.com/fitness/calculators/weight.htm?KNC-Google_Test&campaign=tools&adgroup=idealweight&HBX_OU=50#

it says for your height you should weigh 120lbs. That is why so many people tell you that it is not healthy. 90lbs for your height is way too skinny and will make you look anorexic. But, if your insisting on being that weight no one can stop you. so here is a website to go to to help you find a way to loose weight. But again I do not recomend it.


You are just fine like you are. No need to ruin your self for a fad.

i wanna weigh 90 lbs too, but im 5 '2' im 104 and already really skinny try maybe to get to 100, 90lbs would just lookreally bad on you, just eat less calories and excersise more, watch what you eat and eat mor fresh fruit and no junk, eat small amounts and in moderation. or join a sports team

somebody has a eating disorder..
honey i was the exact same as you and now im
5' 8" 123 lbs.. your to young to worry about **** like this... eat what you can cause once your in your 20's then start worrying cause all hell breaks lose!

Lady Sardonyx
I can't. you will never weight 90lbs. or even close to that. you are going through a growth spurt, and guess what...you may not stay at your current height, or even weight. don't look to weigh under 100 lbs, because it's just not healthy.

you may not like my answer, but it's true.

Ok so since you dont want to hear what I want to tell you I will say this:

What LOOKS good is when a girl is really lean with muscle definition. Since muscle weighs MORE than fat a girl with a KILLER body WILL weigh more than that.

Also if you insist on dieting do it right. Eat health foods and eat 5 small meals a day and cut out sugar (you WILL loose weight doing this). If you do it the wrong way ( just not eating enough) you will be dizzy, headaches, hair loss, no energy, and have a really low immune system.

Best of Luck!

Well, i don't see why you wanna loose weight seen how your ONLY 13 and you are still growing, but in you case, i would suggest eating more healthy, i don't mean, don't eat at all, just eat more healthy (Whole wheat, organic foods), loose the junk, it wont do you any good when your older. I wouldn't suggest working out, you should start working out at 16, because at your age, excessive working out can put strain on your heart. But sports like soccer and such that girls your age do is healthy for you.

Laura W
Hey hun, you don't want to lose 90lbs. You want to weigh 90lbs right?

It's not about weighing the right amount, it's about being healthy. Eat healthier, be more active, and you will lose weight!
However... if you are already being healthy and active you might just weigh 116lbs... you have lots of muscle and skin and bones that you can't really get rid of, no matter how much you 'diet'. Your weight is fine!

so u want to lose 90 pounds lmao thats hillarious but anyhow imma say it very unhealthy and unattractive

You are probably the weight you are actually supposed to be. I am 16, 5'1 and weigh 102 pounds. I am supposedly a healthy person. ; )

If you are just wanting to lose weight because you think that guys might like you more, that is not a true fact. Most guys I know have problems with a girl being super skinny.

And don't lose weight just to be like someone else. Be your own person. You will respect yourself so much more in the long run. : )

i will not say that is unhealthy i will say that statistically you are already 4lbs under weight statistics are 100lbs per 5ft and 5lbs per inch after think about it

Monique S
ur gonna hear it is not healthy because it isn't. at 5'4 your weight should be at least 110. I hope no one gives you any ideas because it is just plain unhealthy to try to lose more weight. Especially at your age. When you lose to much weight your body reacts badly. It will stunt puberty, breast growth, curves from developing, which could be permanent. you can also start growing hair all over your body. It is your bodies way of trying to keep warm despite the loss of fat.
Please, stay healthy and eat healthy. Maturity stunted is not a pretty sight.

become an anoretic. you sound like you're on the way to becoming one. that is--if you want to become like me... collapse, get hospitalized, lose more than half of your hair, crack your front tooth with the slightest contact. and watch people spread rumors about you that you are on coke. its not pleasant.


i was anorexic since 12. when i was hospitalized as a junior i became classified as EDNOS. im a senior right now. anorexia has ruined my life. im not going to college. mind you i had great grades...until all i focused on was my weight. you can't stop. i've lost most if not all of my school friends. unless they are specialists people usually are not supportive when you're an anoretic because they just don't understand.

at 14 i was at death's door. i was 5'3 and 73 pounds. by the way im 18 right now and i have arthritis.


because malley she doesn't know that she will die if she loses that much weight. And i know you don't want to hear it but it's really not healthy a very close friend died because she was obsessed with being 90lbs and don't you mean you want to lose 26lbs

Why would anyone give a young 13 year old girl who shouldnt even be on here adive to loose weight when she is already SKINNY ENOUGH! Sorry sweet heart live your life and love your body is all i am going to say.
God Bless
=) Kasey

La Cocolita
Your fine the way you are, if you want to stay in shape do that. But I think your will look sick if your 90 pounds!!!!!

maybe you hear it's unhealthy for a reason! I'm a nutrition and dietetics major and losing weight that you need is very unhealthy and can be very damaging to your body and all around health. The best way to feel and look more fit and healthy is to work out regularly and eat a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, lean meat, and whole grains! For some support and diet tips that help you stay on track, try doing a free health plan at self.com

Crazed dogs?
13 year old worrying about her weight? Thats just sad. Go play in your sandbox and be a kid because before you know it your gonna have way more important things to worry about.

plz just eat healthy, work out daily and plz plz plz dnt begin throwing up and ur fine the way u r

How about hearing that it's not attractive? Have you heard that? Cuz it's not cute.

thats not healthy your supposed to weigh 120 any way

90 Is way too skinny, honey. Stick to being healthy, instead! :)

want to die? it is not healthy you are fine the way you are

you hear it too much because you are not listening, it's not healthy to be under 100lbs. do not do it.

I know you don't want to hear this, but that is a VERY unhealthy weight for your height. I am only 5'2" and 116 pounds is a healthy weight for me, so it is almost too low for you as it is. If you want ideas about getting a healthy weight and lifestyle, talk to a nutritionist about what you should/shouldn't be eating. DO NOT just try to lose weight to 90 pounds. You will end up in the hospital.

It's not healthy...get some help girl...5'4 and 90lbs is in ethiopia and darfur...Why would you wanna be like that?

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