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megan b
How can i lose 45 pounds in 10 weeks?!?!?
im a 17 year old girl,im 5'4" and i weight 170 pounds. My prom is in 11 weeks and i want to lose 45 pounds before it. How can i do this??

ephedrine and salad and exercise and water

an intense workout and only eat salads, but make sure you are taking in alot of proteins. proteins get rid of belly fat. also only drink water nothing else not even juices.

Do you watch the biggest looser? They loose a bunch of weight in just weeks. Maybe go to the bookstore and pick up the diet plan and workout plan for them. I know that you have to work out a lot. Which working out is the best way to loose weight and keep it off

Sam D
motivation, calorie counting and excercise.

The body blueprint system is good.
30 min. of exercise a day.

You have to diet and work out REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD!!!!

White Rose
simple...dedication to eating right and exercising...

you eat healthy food.

smoke crack!

first of all, you can't. BUT, you can look great in 10 weeks time! first of all, you need some type of motivation thats always on your mind. go buy a dress thats a certain number of sizes too small. you have to think about it all day. in the morning, you have to eat breakfast but eat fruit instead of cereal or a bagel. eat a banana or orange, oatmeal is good too. try to do some cardio exercise in the morning, even if its 10 minutes worth. don't snack until lunch, but drink a few glasses of water. at lunch, eat vegetables and fruit and a little meat. carrots, grapes, turkey sandwhich(wheat bread is best), and more water. don't snack until dinner. before dinner, work out for a good 30-60 minutes. that way while eating dinner, you won't feel tempted to eat more because you already did the hard work. do weight lifting exercises on Mon, Wed, Fri for example. do cardio everyday possible. do abdominal exercises on Tues, Thurs, Sat.
Also, tell people you are trying to lose weight, that way they can help you and cheer you along, and keep you on track. if you have any more questions or need support, let me know!

well, try the low carb diet.
trust me, it is the only diet that really works!
you can eat eggs, bacon, salads, chicken, tuna, vegetables, coffee, ham...
it is a really good diet and it works.
Also drink a lot of water, like 4 of those 0.9 FL OZ a day.
and exercise often...
I dont know if you will lose like 45 pounds in 11 weeks, but if you try it, who knows right!?!?
good luck honey!

Anastasia M
45 is really unatainable in 11 weeks. you would be hurting your body immensely 11 lbs really is the ideal. but if you worked hard it could be 22. 2 lbs a week try these strategies from ftness magazine

-25% of your diet should be protein!--chicken, beef, cottage cheese, almonds, eggs, and LIGHT yogurt!
-ban sugary coffees (starbucks :)) band white bread stick to whole grain or whole wheat....and cheese
-EAT BREAKFAST! AT LEAST 300 CALS trust me you will eat less druing the day!--kashi go lean cereal, egg sandwich, yogurt
-snack on HEALTHY foods during the day--air popped pop corn, veggies, apples
-EAT FIBER--it makes you stay fuller for longer...FIBER ONE BARS KICK ***!
-portion control. less is always more...u can indulge say with a cookie but only one please
-add cardiovascular and strength training to burn calories!
-stay free of bloat by drinking ALOT OF WATER, no sodium and refined carbs (white bread, pasta ect.)
-get enough sleep!

The Rice Diet. It is really supposed to be a lifestyle - but you lose crazy weight and most of it is water at first(which still shows in inches) but after about 2-3 weeks you start losing fat. If you stick to in permanently,or even for about 2 months or so,it will be hard to go back too eating unhealthily or eating a lot of salt.

Good luck, and do try to get healthy.


seriously, just eat less and run your *** off every day.

Don't relay so much on pills. They should be the least of it because they have the least to offer.
Work out by alternating different types of aerobic exercises and weight lifting.
Do the aerobics daily for 12-15 minutes, and the weight lifting divided by body section.
Remember to give each section a 2-days rest.
Spend your energy on these activites gradually. Get to know your body first before you get into it heavily
Get to work.

Wow what a great goal to aim for....its gonna take a lot of sweatin and exercisin, and youll have to change your eating habits......go hard ok? cut out the fats, the sugars and the white breads, eat fruits, berries, nuts, raisins, grapefruits, onions, tomatoes, pineapples, watermelons, skinless chicken, and tuna in olive oil or spring water, try vegetable juicing you may get diareah for a few days buit its just the body ridding itself of all the toxins and junk. Drink lots of water, and no sodas ok?

Mark S
You can't start running and eating right. You will loose half it it.

Mark Macey --Choosinlife
Well How about 1-2-3 is that easy? 10 weeks 70 days! Hmmm I lost 70 lbs in 60 days! But not using a diet. Actually yesterday was 1 year using my program and I have lost 175lbs! Feel amazing and full of life and all along the way I can't remember feeling so good. As well no loose skin. I lost 31 lbs in 30 days 70 lbs in 60 days and 94 lbs in 90 days. I also got to 113 days and lost 114 lbs and quit counting. I will say that making a commitment to changing your life is important. Your lucky your young and years and years haven't added up into disaster like me I was over 400 lbs at 50 yrs.
So make sure, if you want this change, it is for long term health and not a quick fix! excersise and a new understanding of nutrition is important. mind body and soul all go together so be ready to transform your future. yes I got results and they maybe different for everyone but I do know that this can work for everyone even if your young. My plan is about releasing impurities from your body and then adding an incredible nutritional plan to help balance your body. regular sensible meals and renewed energy.

Mark Macey

Rebecca ♫♪
This means about five pounds a week.. which is a lot. I don't think that's very healthy at all.. don't go on any crash / fad diets. Drinking more water and eating more fruits and veggies is a must.

Johnny S.
That's to much to fast. Try losing 25 lbs in that time. The best way is to lose about 2 and a half per week. That is 10lbs per month. And that is totally doable.

Eat about 1500 calories per day and burn as many as possible. There are 3500 calories per pound. Cut the snacks and cola drinks. Cut milk as well. And excersize a couple of hours per day. Every little bit counts.

CT Sox Fan
go on bigest loser...or Made

cookie monster
ummm ... well I'm a vegan ( i don't eat anything that comes from an animal which means no meat , dairy ,or eggs)
drink green tea three cups a day,
drink TONS of water ( 6-10) cups a day)
stay away from anything fried
no junk food
no sweets
walk for about 30 mins
eat veggies and fruits
you should loose weight but I don't know if u will loose that much in that amount of time

You can't. It's not realistic. You can maybe lose 20-25 if you work really hard at it. Try Weight Watchers and a good exercise program. 20 or 25 is better than nothing so shoot for that. But 45 is unrealistic in 10 weeks.

Munya Says: GFOD
it's doable, but you have to work and NOT cheat!
eat 6 small meals a day, consisting of 2 veggies or 2 fruits (or a fruit and veggie) and a protein...that's 6 times a day. A TON of water, NO SODA (okay, you can have 1 diet soda a day) NO fruit juice, only real fruit NOT in a cup, either....NOTHING "WHITE"---no white flour, no white rice, no white bread, nothing NOTHING white!
Try to walk 15-30 min a day around the block. You will probably lose more than 45 pounds.

Brooke L
REMEMBER, this is the extreme, it is not something easy at all, i am just showing you what you would have to do to lose an amount near what you are considering.

my mother is a personal trainer and this is the simple regime she gave me, which made me lose twenty pounds. go onto a glidex or bike at a local gym, work out hard for about 30-40minutes. you want to start doing pushups,situps, squats, and calf raises. muscle work outs will make you lose weight faster because muscle takes more energy.

follow this pattern every three days.
pushups: 3 sets of 8
situps: 3 sets of 10
squats (and remember to take time on these going up and down) : 3 sets of 10
calf raises: 3 sets of 10

between each set, take a twenty second break.

if you really want to lose 45 pound, you will have to work out five times a week with the regime i've given. you will have to watch your diet too. dont eat less, eat healthy. avoid desert, pop, chips, and anything high in saturated fat.

this is very possible, and you should try it by starting off working out three times a week (but watch your body! if you hurt, its normal, but dont push yourself too hard.), this way you will lose an amount, but not as much as you are thinking of. :)

i hope i help and i hope you enjoy your prom :)

You really cannot expect to do this in a healthy way, and if you did manage it, the weight would not stay off. Try to work toward losing 2 lbs a week. You could still lose 20 lbs in that time. Twenty pounds would still make a big difference, you might be surprised. Just try watching what you eat (eating more healthy food and less portions) and adding a little bit more of physical activity to your day and it will work for you. Don't give up and good luck!

ya cant

Caroline S
I'm sorry but you can't.

I am really glad you decided on this way to go but its not easy. I encourage you to give it a try though. Here is the big plan. If you get a friend to join you it would be even better but its highly unlikely any friend would be serious about it like you would in your own heart.

Get up really early in the morning like an hour earlier everyday and go for a brisk walk. Make a new decision EVERYDAY about why you are doing this. Come home and have 1 boiled egg with 1 slice of toast in the morning. Half cup of tea with a twist of lemon no sugar or just a sprinkle.

3 hours later have a small, serving sized meal with protein like a slice of cheese with a slice of apple and half cup of yogurt. A serving size is not big like 1 slice of bread is a full serving. have a look at serving sizes herehttp://www.nhlbisupport.com/chd1/Tipsheets/sevenways.htm
and here is how much you need to eat everyday

Now you will have to set up a meal plan of the things you like to eat. Eat 2 different food categories preferably vegetables and protein that you enjoy every 3 hours in serving sized portions. If you are still hungry after your serving sized snack drink some water and tell yourself only 3 more hours to go before you have a planned veggie snack of some kind.

Keep your chin up you can do this. Leave the sugars behind and have lots of grain, vegetables, beans, fish in your new diet plan.

You would also need a daily dose of inspiration in your mail!

Hang in there! I know people have advised you that your goal is unrealistic but its not their goal, its yours and only you can try for it and usually its reaching for that goal that would give you some kind of personal accomplishment that you won't be able to deny. When you realize your accomplishment it would give you so much encouragement.

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