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 How do you lose 450lb please help?

 Can you get fat if?
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 Is 600-900 calories a day healthy?
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How can i lose 20 pounds in like 10 days???
i am willing to do anything. i wnat to look godo for prom, and know starving yourself is wrong. so please help! i weight 175 and i'm 5'2, so i have extra baggage. so please help me!!! i will choose a best answer! please help1
Additional Details
wow. way to be rude leroy j. just wow, i am actually ging with my boyfriend who isn't a hippo. i have played soccer for about 9 years...competivley so a lot of the weight is muscle. i can lift about 400 pounds with my calfs alone. so before you be rude like that, how about you know the facts first. :D thanks.

and thanks everybody else!!!!!
i will choose best answer soon! :D

Hp M
Well run 5 miles every day.
Exercise 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening every day.Eat right, no junk food at all, drink lot of water.Well in 10 days if not 20 for sure you can loose 10-15 lbs.

Try this...It's called the Sacred heart medical diet you can lose 10-17 lbs in 7 days. It was designed for heart patients before they had surgery. It cleans out your kidneys makes you pee alot and you can even lose7lbs in the first 3 days. Go online and check it out. Sorry I don't have a link. Good luck.

You can lose up to 17 Ibs on the Cabbage diet and do cardio......but its only temporary

my b/f used to have to stay in a weight group for wrestling and sometimes he would be like 10-15 lbs off if they haden't had a meet in a while...so in order for him to be allowed to wrestle he had to make the weight.....so this is what he did in one day, you drink nothing but water and eat fruit & raw veggies only..wear a solor suit you can buy them at any real workout/sport store and he ran miles or walked laps, he would lose every lb in that day just for wrestling...however this is very unhealthy, but it does work...the solar suit lets you body get sooo hot that you literally have to pull the sleeves off your wrist and dump ou the sweat...its insane I watched him do it alot for over a year, but it worked in one day...if you have like 10...try it moderately through out the 10 days...
good luck and after prom just work out on a normal basis & eat healthy small portions 3 times a day, drink lots of water and get plenty of physical work outs !!!

if uu find out plz let me noe but i herd about beyonce diet of cayene pepper drinks for sme movie check it out

http://www.falconblanco.com/health/cleansing/lemoncleanse.htm try it

That's impossible, unless you starve yourself.

You can cut calories and drink only water, and start exercising, but I don't think you will get the results you're looking for in that short amount of time.

dragon m
Buy some cocaine & dont eat all day/all night..

u lose 50 lbs..

The Atkins diet is a good SHORT TERM option, just try to eat very little carbs and you can eat as much meat and protein as you want, this really does work (jennifer Aniston did it 1st) but it isn't wise long term. Good luck.

nothing beats jogging or running every morning to lose those unwanted fat...

♪LoveInHerEyes &FlowersInHerHair
the only way to lose 20 pounds in 10 days is to fast. that's truly the only way girl. i don't recommend it but if you must, even if you try it's pretty tough! run about 3 miles a day, for motivation just think of the results.
you wont lose 20 but you'll look better! drink greentea as well to boost your metabolism and rid the antioxidants from your body.

Zoe Dot
no, not without weight loss surgery, hon. you need more time than that - more like 2 months. i would suggest you dress nicely and you'll be fine.

ok.....its basically impossible unless you get lipo

if you go into "my answers" that i did, theres a question simliar to yours and i answered it..its a soup diet if you're willing to be active...you can look at it if you want

but it wont help you like youll want it to

youll only loose like 14 or 15 pounds

check it out

Constance B
It is not possible to lose 20 pounds in 10 days, without having some type of serious issue... I am a mother who has two teens and a daughter who will be getting married soon (adult). Buy a pretty dress, get your hair and nails done...and in five years time, none of this will matter anyway.

My husband is in the military and he does run 5 miles a day...and running like that makes you go down in inches, but makes you gain weight from muscle mass. His waist went from 38 to 34 and his BMI went down 5% his weight went from 192 to 198.

dats what i'm trying to do myself

It would be tremendously unhealthy to try to lose that much weight that quickly. Dr.s recommend 2-3 lbs/wk at most to remain healthy.
Even so, you need to make some significant lifestyle changes if you don't want health problems down the road.
First, examine your diet. Is it low fiber and high sugar? And high sugar doesn't mean only soft drinks/sweets. It also means high glycemic foods like white potatoes, white bread, white rice, corn and watermelon.
Also, exercise. If you don't, start. Begin with ten minutes of walking every day @ least 5 days/wk.
Good luck!

Serious Sally
heroin will slim you down in no time

I don't think it's possible!

You shouldn't starve yourself.
It's not healthy to lose that amount of wait in such a short space of time.

theres a diet that you can do. it goes like this:
you basically eat a color of fruit and veg each day. example:
on monday do green, like apple, cucumber, lettuce so on
on tuesday you eat red like tomato, strawberries so on
on wednesday yellow, like corn.
its extremely healthy, you wont be starving yourself,
and its also a detox. good luck girl! sure youl look gorgeous if you loose the weight or not.

Ben H
Sorry but even if you stopped eating for 10 straight days and did moderate exersize without dying (this is impossible) you still would have trouble reaching your goal.

You could probably lose 5 pounds in 10 days if you're smart about it.

20 lbs in 10 days is near impossible. You could drop maybe 10 lbs if you are VERY strict with your diet an exercise. Also I know some spas in the area here have a wrap that is suppose to temp reduce your size by a few dress sizes. I have personally never tried it but maybe it's worth a shot.

Can't, impossible. The MOST would be about 10 lbs. IF you don't eat, or eat little and exercise like a mad person...both not good for you and you will gain it back as soon as you eat normally again.

You want to lose 2lb DAY? Immpossible and extremely dangerous!

Heres the link for what lexiky suggested


lol u had to wait till the last 10 days. Forget it. Its impossible.

No matter what kind of method, losing weight can be very anti-productive in just 10 days. Its very important that your body gets the nutrients it needs, and that means calories. You need to know what your daily calorie intake is to maintain your current weight, and decrease the amount you intake by 500. If you decrease the amount 500 calories a day, you will lose a pound in one week. Its important to combine this with exercise. Do not trust 'miracle diets' or the fast way out, it is not good for you. You must understand that weight loss is a long and sometimes strenuous process that must be taken seriously over life, there is no healthy way for quick weight loss.

I'll give you a rough guideline but I can't answer this question with 100% accuracy because I don't know your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn during a normal day), the type of food you eat, how often you eat, how much sleep you get, etc.)

So let's look at some examples. If 1,700 calories a day keeps your weight the same and you reduce your caloric intake, you'll lose roughly 1 pound per week.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. 7 days per week x 500 calories per day equals 3,500 calories per week. So, if you added the running that burned 500 calories per day, this would be another pound lost per week.

Now, keep a couple of things in mind. 1,200 calories per day may be too low, which will cause your metabolism to slow down. This is how people who go on a diet end up gaining all the weight back.

In addition, if you are not doing any weight training, about half of that weight lost will be muscle, which will also slow down your metabolism, again causing weight rebound and putting you in a worse situation than before you lost the weight.

This is why I said roughly one pound per week up above. A pound of muscle is only 600 calories and since you'll be losing muscle and fat, you may lose more than a pound by burning 3,500 calories in a week.

In addition, your body shape won't change. You'll just be a smaller version of you, or what I call skinny fat.

You should add some weight training to your running plan, 2 to 3 times per week.

I would also reduce the amount of running you are doing, both in number of days you run, and how far you run each day. Consider only running that distance 2 or 3 days per week.

Consider performing high intensity interval training instead of the running on 2 other days per week.

In addition, keep track of your calories. You only want to lose 1 - 2 pounds per week (you may lose more in the beginning. And keep in mind that how you look is more important than the scale. If you lose 10 pounds of fat and add 10 pounds of muscle, you'll way the same as you do now but you'll look a thousand times better.

You'll also be smaller as a pound of muscle does not take up as much space as a pound of fat.

I hope this helps.

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