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 What is the perfect exercise to reduce the belly?

How Much Does It Look Like I weight?? (Picture)?
I am 5'6''
How can I lose weight on my legs, and thighs? I have lost 10 pounds and it all came from my chest, literally. If I keep going will I finally lost from my legs?
Additional Details

The Skin & Bone Diet.
You look like you weigh 150-165 pounds.

To lose weight on your legs and thighs, you should jump rope. It burns 23 calories per minute. It has lighter impact on your knees than jogging, works all of your body parts, AND burns 3 times more calories than jogging or riding your bike (at 10 mph.)

Also, drink 8 glasses of water a day. It burns 30% more calories. That's a significant amount.

It's SO obvious that the girl is OVER 150. She doesn't have a lot of muscle. And her thighs are touching. And her hips are just OUT THERE. There is no way on God's green earth that she is UNDER 150 pounds. But hey, she asked for my opinion, and I'm just being honest. So no need for the thumbs down. THIS is why SO many people choose to STAY fat! Other people tell them "You look skinny! You don't need to lose ANY weight!." WTF??? It's just because we're used to seeing fat people everyday. (no offense to anyone.)

LOL and whoever said 110-120...OH GOD PLEASE HELP THEM. I'm 119 and SHE looks bigger than me! And I don't look like some scrawny stick.

And you can't say "You don't need to lose weight to her." QUIT LYING TO HER. When the thighs touch a TOO much, THEN you KNOW you gotta lose some weight.

And when I USED to weigh 135 pounds, I STILL looked skinner than her! So most of you guys are wrong. I can deffinetly tell who the fattys are over here...

AND DON'T MISTAKE CURVES FOR ROLLS. MOST people on here thinks "rolls" are "curves."
And I hope the asker doesn't find this offensive.

And even though her waist is slim, you can still see the excess fat on the belly area. And she has fat on her knees. And she is a pear shape, meaning she has more lower body fat than upper body fat. And I'm like that too. And FYI, I DO have hips, and a nice butt.

And if you look at that pic and say "she doesn't need to lose weight." You must be blind cuz SERIOUSLY. Go to ANY doctor, and he's gonna tell you that she DOES need to lose weight.

Get over it. You KNOW she needs to lose weight. I'm not saying a DRAMATIC amount. Just about 15 pounds. Geez, so many gluttons. But ya, her arms are toned.


Born 2sHOp

You look like around 145lbs.
Not fat, not skinny.
Keep the good work!

140lbs. You cannot target specific areas for weight loss. Just keep dieting and smaller thighs will come with time.

fear the spear
156.3 lbs

Id say you look like you are 150 (but im really bad at judging weight)
Work out you legs with msucle exercises to turn fat into muscle and make you look toned.

Hussien Ahmad
u look about 110 pounds

if u wanna lose wieght from yur leg start doing legs exercises

OK, power walking up hills and moderate jogging will do wonders for your legs! Pilates is great too.

I'm the same height and I KNOW you can't weigh more than 130. That's what I weigh now and I'm trying to lose 10 more pounds because my tummy is STILL not flat like I want it. Yours looks good though! 125??

Be sure and tell us because I'm pretty sure I'm right =)

*EDIT* That Haters girl is a MO-RON.....LOL. She needs to get over herself already. And she obviously has NO knowledge whatsoever about fitness, body composition, or what normal healthy women look like. Most likely neurotic and/or just plain ol' ignorant. And perhaps a tad jealous??

i would say u weigh 135 maybe, 140
no more than that
n u dont need to lose weight

I think about 135 lbs

Meg M

145, ur upper body looks toned.
im having the same problem w/ weight loss too but eventually u'll lose it from ur thighs...ur just pear shaped

Id say 138lbs. You need a bathing suit that is higher cut on thighs. The top does not do you justice. You need a top with some padding that fits like a bra. You are by no means fat. Good luck on losing more like you want to. Do alot of walking to help tone the legs. Losing from the chest is normal with girls. Dont worry

uhm 120? maybe? i really dunno
you look fine to me though, i really dont see what the problem is...but if you're going for legs maybe walking?

you look like you weigh between 135 and 150.
to lose weight on your thighs, do cardio (running, speed walking, etc...) and squats and lunges. those will tone the muscles and make you look leaner.
stretch, too. do yoga. it's relaxing and burns calories. plus, it makes your muscles leaner, which gives you a slimmer line.
you can lose the weight!
good luck!
ps- don't forget, though, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!!!
you don't want to be a stick. i hope...

you dont look fat ... dont get sicky skinny now!

Brandy W
Legs are hard to lose weight from....you have to exercise to tone and shape your legs......try running and doing squats and lunges...

BTW, you look around 130 to 140...

i am the same height and I weigh 126...your body is similar to mine before I started running ( i weighed 132)....my legs have changed drastically without losing much weight.

About 135lb? I think you have a nice figure.

yeah i know i've lost 40 pounds i think most of it was my chest but yes eventually it'll be from your legs. but you dont look bad. but that bathing suit is definetly not flattering hun. 'specially the bottoms. i'd say you weigh.... 140 ish

Angela. =]
ide say about 130 or 140

stand flat footed, arms across your chest, and move your heals up and put all your weight on your toes, that will work your calf muscles. try doing squats, that will work your thigh muscles.

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