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So Sophisticated!!
HELP I ate pinto beans and now have horrible gas, how can I get rid of this? Please don't laugh!!?

baking soda and water


I suggest one of the gas curing medicines. Have you tried Gas-X? If not you should try it.

Over the counter gas remedies are
Pepto Bismol

Mrs G.Gorman
i keep gas i use beano

Colorado Girl
Beans pack more protein than any other plant food, plus lots of fiber, B vitamins, zinc, complex carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron - with no cholesterol and very little fat.

Additionally,beans are good for weight control because they let your body use less insulin. A rise in insulin triggers hunger. A lunch full of beans helps prevent overeating later in the day.

Although you have alredy been given a lot of suggestions, I suggest other ways to avoid gas in the future. Take this situation as a lesson, not a misfortune:

1. Soak and rinse beans several times to remove gas-producing sugars and always change the water before cooking.

2. Adding garlic and ginger, dried or fresh, to a cooking pot of beans can reduce the beans' gas-producing properties.

3. Supermarket anti-gas products, in pill or powder such as Beano and BeSure, can help.

rub your stomach and let them gases out before you explode!

Gwen B
I love beans but they don't love me....you will have to wait it out...and don't eat anymore, the gas will be gone in a day or so. Sniff..sniff...whats that smell? hehehe sorry.
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIIIIIIiii'm sooooo sorry!!
ok, ok, listen, just lay on your back and put your knees up and let er rrrrrip.

~Dark3n angel~
BREATHEMINT!!!!!...and every good tastin gum

Beano and Gas-X

wait hold it...i wont la





Oh oop



oh ok..where were we?


moe h
just wait it will stop..

Go to a nearby store and see if they have gas relief medicine.or you can eat fruit.

Steven C
gas x or beanno

Take something like Pepto Bismal.



Also sold at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Longs


Elizabeth L
beano or gas-x

The Dark Side
Quick call Al Gore he needs all the " green" power he can get his filthy rich hypocritical hands on for his mansion .Or you could just go over to Rico's house and let 'er rip!!!!

fart as many times as possible and if anyone says anything just laugh...like this hahahahahahahahahaha and people will be so confused with your apparent lack of embarassment that the'll let it slide...you may spark a fart rally so be aware

You should probably fart.

lol, i get gas too when i eat beans but i don't care i eat them anyway but maybe try a little "beano" that's a gas relief and i think pepto is also for gas...theres plenty others you can find find at you local drugstore or grocery store, etc oh yeah HOT tea is a good home remedy, that's what i do i drink hot tea(any type that you like) it lets it all out of your body i mean your room might be a little stank (some good old febreeze air freshener helps) but at least your stomach will be at ease!!!

Gotta watch "Blazing Saddles". Not only will you be able to identify, you'll laugh the gas right out of you.

Paul P
Well, *I* would massage my belly if it was stomach gas, although about 1/2 can of soda would add enough gas to make me belch.

If the gas was already lower, I'd massage that area, and look out behind me.

There--I didn't laugh. You can, though, if you make any funny sounds while relieving your gas. Go ahead--I'll wait right here.

Horrible, as opposed to nice gas?. Sorry, I can't stop laughing.

donavon m

eat some celery. It helps. If possible, keep your dog on a leash next to you, you can always blame it on him, my husband does.

*trying not to laugh* take that over-the counter or natural herbal stuff that makes you "go" alot. should clean you out fast. so u can stop stinking up everything

ewwwwwwwww take a gax ex fast i smell it thru the screen and now iam starting to see a brown fog

It's better to fart and bear the shame,
Than hold it back and bear the pain.


Get out of your house!

GO the back yard and fart away
Not much you can do about it.

**Mom of 2 with best hubby**
gas x.

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