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Doesn't cocaine make u lose weight?
im not a user, nor will i ever be. lol i believe in hugs not drugs. its just i kinda think that one of my friends uses and im just wondering if thats one of the signs or whatever.
Additional Details
sometimes she does get really moody, or like little things i do can make her really mad

yeah it does...eewww, and it makes you ugly too..talk to your friend

yes you do lose weight if you do it enough there are many bad side effects from that stuff

Debbie M
Meth and cocaine can cause weight loss, and brain loss and heart problems, and tooth decay, and a life full of problem along with a addiction that isn't easy to stop. Stick with your hugs, and get help soon for your friend..before its to late.

Mr. Fancy Pants
Only reason is because it boost your metabolism

yeah it does, you crash and you're deprived of food 'cause it'll make you throw up or you're too zoned out to care.

It makes you lose weight and fast!!

Hell Yeah it'll make U lose weight, seen it happen to alot of people...

Smoke GOOD Pot!!!!!

yes it does. my husband is a recovering addict(you are always recovering) and he lost a lot of weight, he had terrible mood swings and he just wasn't the same person. he came very close to death. I don't mean to get all deep and morbid on you, however if you really care for this person and you suspect drug abuse try to get them some help.

Yes... It does.

I really don't know what to tell you because I don't think your friend will come off it willingly.

All I can say to you is to talk to your friend and tell them that you're worried about them and their health and safety.

You should call a hotline that is made just for that and you don't have to give any names, adresses, numbers, or anything. They will tell you exactly what to do.

Good luck! :)

Makes you lose weight, money, friends, job, have bad skin, and gives you time in the Slam!
Just Say No

Yes and Yes

not only lose your weight but also lose your mind.

Andrew S
It may contribute to a higher metabolism, but that doesn't mean the coke is a 'diet drug'. Coke doesn't attack your body the way some other drugs do, it's a short jolt like speed.

Now, looking like Kate Moss? Yeah, that's more like Meth than coke.

it can, but it can have the opposite effect as well

yes, it can make u loose weight when u become addicted. but dont do it, because it is highly addictive and u can o.d. and die

Yes it does and its not a good weight lose you just dont eat and you dont even think about eating when you are hopped up. Its very sad because it can make some really pretty good looking people ugly. I know because I watched it happen to a friend and her kids are the ones that paid the biggest price.

yeah i think it does make you lose weight.

Cocaine suppresses the appetite, so the user may eat less as a consequence of not feeling hungry. Another sign is irritated nostrils and sinuses. If you think your friend is using cocaine, try to get her to talk to a counsellor or other responsible adult. Obviously it's very dangerous.

Significant weight loss can be a result of cocaine use.

it curbs appetite and in turn you lose weight

Yes it does. Sometimes models use it so they can get disgustingly thin. You know how Flava Flave is so scrawny? Its because he was a big user of cocaine.

Yes. Not a very good way to lose weight but in most cases it causes major weight loss.

if you are a good friend go to her and express how you are feeling

♥Shortstuff ♥
Yes, it's a sign. I had an assistant manager at my last job who was on cocaine & lost a lot of weight. He failed a random drug test & was fired.

It can make u not eat while ur on it but then when u come off, you'll be all hungry. some people gain weight on coke. if she's losin lots of weight it may be crank (meth, crystal) o anorexia. it's good that ur concerned for your friend. talk to her.

yes it can because it makes you where you dont want to eat, so the only thing you can do to tell if your friend is on it, whan you are with them and you think they maybe high, look them in the eyes and if the puplis are very small then too, there attituted if their attitude changes. you should know something is wrong.

yeah. your so intrested in the drugs that you dont have a need or desire to eat when you have the drugs. idk about munchies tho.

ti-83 plus!
yea, weight is one. but, the you can because of:

*nose drip
*irrational behavior
unclear thought

***"Some users of cocaine report feelings of restlessness, irritability, and anxiety. A tolerance to the "high" may develop—many addicts report that they seek but fail to achieve as much pleasure as they did from their first exposure. Some users will increase their doses to intensify and prolong the euphoric effects"***

Not really. They have personality changes...like getting irritable, paranoid, going to the bathroom a lot, sniffling.

yes, because it makes you stay up for long periods of time and you dont eat much.

As with most other habit-forming drugs, frequent use of cocaine causes the user to focus mainly on the high received from that drug, and other needs take a lower priority (sometimes much lower). In this case, a cocaine user might be more concerned with the high from the cocaine that he or she uses it to "replace" most of his or her food intake. Even basic personal hygiene, such as bathing and brushing one's teeth, might be lower on their list of priorities because in their minds: "They gotta have that high!"

As with other things in life, misinformation can really prove detrimental. It's sad to see the way some people fall into traps like this, with very minimal chances of getting out.

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