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Does your finger size change if you loss weight?
Obviously if you lost loads it would but how about a stone or two would that make a difference has anybody had a experience of their wedding ring no longer fitting?
Additional Details
Thanks for your feedback maybe this affects people different because I have a ring that still fits from 9 years ago when I was nearly 2 stone lighter strange ;) Hope if I loss the weight it's OK too for when I get wedding ring.

Yes. Even a little weight shows quickly in a small appendage like a finger.

♥♥ §åråh ♥♥
yeah probally

Yep, it's happened to me. Just from losing my baby weight after I had our first daughter. I went down two ring sizes.

Yes, it changes.

Yes, it would change. A stone or two is a great deal of weight to lose. I lost one stone and my ring was loose.

Deborah L
Yes your finger size does change. Also if you have problems with water weight and swelling your finger size changes.

how u doin ? ;0)
yes i often found that it does but i suppose some might not wear all different :0)

Hi yes it does, when I lost 4 stone my ring size went down 3 sizes - but worth paying the money to get them changed as feel a lot better after the weight loss.


it can do. my engagement ring started to slip around my finger, most annoying when typing or in cold weather when fingers seem to shrink.

And make sure you establish a daily regiment of Speed-Dating and Thumb Wrestling...you don't want to forget about your poor...huh...thumbs...

And yes, again...I had the same problem of my wedding ring no longer fitting...

Because after emasculating me, my ex-wife cut off all my fingers, as well, so only SHE could be able to reach my wallet...


yes when i lose weight my weeding ring gets really loose to the point of falling off i need to now get it resized


Yes it makes a difference.

Chuck T

yes... i have re/sized many a ring , due to this ...2 months latter (some cases) re/sizing it back up....

Yes I've lost about 25 pounds and now my wedding ring is not fitting well at all!!

Yeah sure it would. I put on a couple of stone and what used to be a thumb ring, now sits on my ring finger...

yes I lost my wedding ring that way - very hard convincing her in doors that it was simply cold weather !!

Yes if you LOSE weight your ring size can change.

I don't think so, im always on a diet, my weight is up and down and my wedding ring stays the same!


Depends. I have skinny fingers since I was 120 pounds. I gain alot of weight. My fingers are the same. People say my skinny fingers do not match my body weight.

♥R A M♥
It does.

It will vary from person to person as fat deposits are dictated by genetics.

I gain fat on my fingers and hands as my weight increases and I have to swap my rings around.

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Many Thanks


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