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Does smoking weed make you lose weight?
just wondering cuz a lot of my friends r drugies and skinny...they never workout or anything of that nature and well me im in lykee every sport imaginable and cant lose weight...just curious does weed work??
Additional Details
well thx so much for all your answers u have totally taken that option out of my head :))

ummm... DRUGS R BAD!!!!!!!!!

people who smoke pot get what's called the munchies so they tend to eat what's known as "empty calories" and nothing else. someone active like yourself who probably eats well and exercises, you more than likely have more muscle mass which is heavier than fat. i wouldnt take up smoking pot to lose weight.

Yes sometimes, if you're not a munchie muncher....

Jess D
no, it makes you quite hungry actaually.

no, you get the munchies and it makes you want to eat more.

munchies. makes u gain. seen scary movie 2? lol

Little Tyme
NOOOOOOO it does not make you skinny, as a matter of fact one of the side effects is that it causes you to be hungry. So you eat a lot and then sit on the couch...not a combo to make you skinny. They prolly just have fast metabolismis. Dont start doing drugs to lose weight, take some diet pills or something legal.

Hannah A
Sometimes depends on ur genes and stuff. But plzzzz dont try drugs!!!!

Just the opposite you get the munchies and get fat and lazy.

nahh.. alot of stoners i know are kinda on tha heavy side..

Silly gurl!
It makes you unhealthy. lol

I've always heard it increases your appetite, so not the best weight loss drug. IF you have problem skin already - it can cause SEVERE break outs.

Not if you get the munchies!

Weed often intensifies the appetite.

I am not condoning drug use and would NEVER advise anybody to use illegal drugs as a way to lose weight- just don't do it!- but amphetamines are a far greater appetite suppressor and used to be used in diet pills. However, you never know what is in the drugs you buy and it is just not worth the risk.

NO. They are young. Wait until they are a little older and their metabolism kicks in. Keep working out and playing sports. It will payoff for you in every way in the long run.

manx girl Isle of Man.
I doubt it, everybody I have ever seen use it always gets the munchies and devours loads of chocolate and sweets after!

The only thing that will make you lose is brain cells!

Just go on a diet, safer, healthier and much easier

gain, meth, that makes you lose weight

They could be into harder drugs (i hope not) and those would make them thin or they have fast matabolisms, genetics or they aren't healthy


OPC (formally known as rick j)
there not just smoking weed there doing coke and meth and crank weed dosen't make you gain or loose weight

No it gets u hunggry with are called the munchies

It's different for everyone. Sometimes it speeds up for metabolism, sometimes it doesn't. If you are resorting to smoking weed because you are too lazy to go run or do some crunches, you are a fool, and fail at life.

People think that stoners would be fat because they get the munchies. I have been around potheads most of my life, they might get the munchies every now and then, but when they aren't smoking, they don't really eat. Weed is actually an appetite suppressant.

Carol B
you gain weight if anything

No, you'll getmunchies and eat a ton. Have you ever seena fat stoner? The big fat smoke all day stoners. They are usually older tahn your friends becasuse all your friends have young metabolisms. Anyways back to the fat stoner, that will be you. It is in your genes, eating healthy is the key, not wasting your life.

Best Martial Artist Ever
Most people I knew that smoked weed were usually a couple pounds overweight.

It wholly depends on the person. For example, many people I know who are like you described skinny people, yet consistent marijuana users, find the drug's sedative effects (what makes them not get off the couch) actually discourage them from eating. So if they are stoned all day, they eat less, etc... Some of them however, are just naturally skinny. Lastly, they may in fact be using cocaine in addition to marijuana, in which case the cocaine is what is causing any weight loss.

On the other side of the coin is the many people who gain wieght from their marijuana use. This is because of the ability of the drug to increase appetite ("the munchies"), and their tendency to eat high fat high calorie foods because of this. I would venture to say that these people far outnumber those that lose weight because of weed.

For the record, many people who recreationally use marijuana would cringe at your use of the term "druggie". For those that only use marijuana, and responsibly, this term is fairly offensive. I doubt your friends would like to be called this. just FYI

Anthony G
Weed makes you hungry...you eat then sit there stoned. Then you smoke some more and eat some more...
I am going to have to say that your friends are doing more than pot...a lot more serious stuff.
Meth more likely.
Time to find some new friends.

John H
I went to school with a fat guy that smokes weed everyday

so no..

some people are just blessed with good genes and fast metabolism

"Captain Obvious"
Forget the weed,go for the crack...(Sarcasm)What kind of question is this?

No it makes you gain weight because you get the munchies

zaKks mom
no...not weed...now if they are doing other drugs then yes...or if they are addicted to weed then yes....but generally no weed doesnt make you lose weight....crack does!

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