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keep guessing coffe gurl get of the question then....

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Does smoking cigarettes make you lose weight or gain?
Answer please.


It makes you lose weight, but if your trying to lose weight I wouldn't recomend that.. when you quit smoking you gain alot...

Smoking cigarettes should make you lose weight.

a) It will boost your metabolism, causing you to burn calories faster.

b) You probably won't be eating while you are smoking.

c) Since smoking kills your sense of taste, you won't be wanting to eat as much.

d) Walking outside for a smoke break will give you exercise.

They reduce apetite ,that's for sure. Although by smoking you may not necessarily lose weight ,quitting will definetely make you gain weight.

it is supposed to supress your appetite and cause you to lose weight. But, I found that during my 20 years of smoking that it did neither and I gained and lost weight based on what I was eating and what exercise i was doing.

i think it makes you gain weight.. just imagine all those nicotine and tar inside your lungs.. they pile up,covers and weighs your lungs down... but you will lose weight once your lungs collapse because of emphysema... when that happens you wouldn't have to worry whether it will add weight or not... because you'll be dead by then. so it's better not smoke at all...

smoking cigarettes make you even fatter

You lose more weight when smoking because you don't eat mindlessly as much but when you stop you tend to eat more and gain weight

I used to smoke and when I quit I gained a bunch of weight so dont pick it up you'll regret it.

I think that the below website will help you to find the right solution.

Alot of people lose weight when they gain cigarettes, but it doesn't have anything to do with the cigarettes, it's just because their hands and mouths are busy and they don't eat as much.

Lose. But that's because the body's falling sick but the mind thinks it's cooooool.

I lost a LOT of weight using this sites' help:
Try It


Hope This Info Helps

The Man in the Hat
Smoking tends to depress the appetite but it is a very unsafe 'weight loss method'!

In the long run, you will certainly lose weight ... either when your body dies a painful and early death and you rot in the grave or when you have a large tumour removed!

It's your choice!

neither...it just ruins your lungs!
Some people smoke instead of eating and that hurts your body as well

Women have used smoking for the longest time to suppress their appetites and speed up their metabolism. However starting smoking usually doesn't make you lose weight. That's why my mom started 30 years ago and it took her 10 years to quit. Usually, women continue to smoke so that they won't gain weight, but quitting smoking usually results in a small weight gain

From what I understand, smoking cigarettes will help keep your metabolism from gaining weight, as long as you eat sensibly and not overdo on sugar and other high glycemic foods. However, smoking will not help you lose weight, and you may gain if you quit. Smoking, due to the other side effects, cannot be recommended as a weight loss or gain program.

Brian A
Depends. If you get cancer the pounds will just melt away. If you only get emphysema then your reduced mobility will probably cause you to gain.

yes it does it makes people nervous and you're smoking instead of eating. you never heard of the model diet, a coke and cigarette? of course there is that nasty side effect; death.

Neither. it kills you

Adam S
If you're thinking about losing weight through smoking, I strongly suggest you don't do so.

Cigarette smoking kills, there are cooler ways to die. =)

Sure does . Not only that , it causes premature wrinkles , makes your fingers and the nails tobacco yellow , and causes , a stink in your hair clothes and breath . Yellows your teeth and oh , one more thing ., causes lung cancer , Now that's when you really will be skinny . Laying in bed , gasping for breath , hip bones , rib cage , collar bone, knees , ankles , and spine jutting out ... Now that's skinny !!!!

smoking makes one lose wheight, or at least not gain wheight as much as if one is a non-smoker. From my personal experience as a smoker and from what I've read on the topic, it's so because the cigarettes firstly: supress the appetite, and secondly, because the nicotine accelerates the metabolism. Not healthy? yeap, I agree...

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