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Does making yourself throw up after you eat, to lose weight, bad for you?

Megan M
its bad yes,but honestly i do for a quick fix.as long as you dont do it everyday for months. but i do it when i need to lose 5 pds or so to get back in my pants. be careful and brush your teeth when your done.

yes, you skinny mo'fuka

'PK Nelson
dont you think so?
i mean think about it.
im hungry now.

It's not considered bulimia unless you hardcore eat alot then throw it up. If you're eating a regular meal and throwing up, it's not bulimia.

Yes! It's called being bulimic.

sammy h
yh bbe it is, it rots your teeth from your stomach acid and all your bodies nutrients that it needs is being chucked back up.If your thinking of doing this as means to lose weight then DONT it is a very stupid and naive thing to do...well unless you would like to die of being malnuriced....and f.y.i being Nicole Richie like is not a good look---any guy will tell you that they would much rather prefer to grab onto some meat than a bone!!!

Yes! Its extremely bad for you.
Aside from the obvious reasons why you will also end up with throat problems aswel as those to do with food.
Because your losing all the nutrients in food you can end up with complications such as your hair starting to fall out, bad breath, sensitive stained teeth, discoloured skin ect aswel as alot of internal problems and you'l put the weight back on as soon as you start (which is the same with all diets)
If you lose too much weight (which even if you tell yourself "i'll do it for a while and then stop" most people do still become addicted) you can end up with osteoperosis (very weak bones) and infertility. If worst comes to worse you could also die which is a pretty high price to pay to be thin.
I know your probably thinking"well i was only going to do it for a little bit and i'll make sure i dont become to thin and ill" but i promise you, losing weight this way is so addictive. Please dont go down that road, i cant bear to see another person go through these severe image problems as i have. Honestly, please dont go down that road its not fun, glamourous or satisfying
Please read up on the side effects on bullimea online and don't do it no matter how desperate you are! Be careful when losing weight. 1-2 lbs a week is recommended and you wont put the weight back on. Eating a balanced diet and exercise is the way to do it! Make sure your BMI doesnt go too low x

Yes, it is. You don't benefit from the food therefore you get weaker. The throwing up ruins the enamel on your teeth. There is no replacing it. You might get thinner but you are hurting a lot of things within you along with it. You are hurting your family very deeply because you are destroying yourself.
If you really need to loose weight; do it the right way. Do it the healthy way. Get help if necessary. There's more than one way to do a thing.

Karla S
Duh! lol

The acid in the food will break away your esophagus!

it is called Bulimia and it is extremely bad for you. Check out this website for more information:


pay particular notice to complications.

EXTREMELY bad for you...

and you have already absorbed all the bad stuff from the food by then anyway... so it's completely pointless.

It will ruin your teeth, it will eat away at your esophagus, it will REMOVE you from any transplant lists that you may end up on due to such activity (because they believe you will just destroy the new organ the same way)... the list goes on.

It's called bulimia, it's an eating disorder, and it's very dangerous.

No because when you do that after a while you throw up after every meal because your body thinks that's what it's supposed to do. Then you're body starts burning your fat which at first you lose weight but after you stop throwing up your body starts storing your fat because your body thinks your going to throw it up but when you don't you start gaining weight. Also that would make you bulimec & that very unhealthy. I'm not saying you want to make yourself throw up but please don't it's unhealthy.

duh that being bulimic
ur stomach has acid that will deteriorate ur esophagus u could die

Yes, it can kill you in the long run. It causes your teeth to rot first and you have terrible breath. After that you can get a stroke and die or end up a vegetable like Terri Schiavo did. Or you can tear your esophogus or stomach lining and bleed out internally. Or you can end up having to have a bag to hold your poop the rest of your life. If you want to lose weight, then don't eat bad foods to start with. If you already did it, then if you feel you must, just skip your next meal. Not a great plan either, but at least it won't kill you or make your teeth fall out of your head.

Throwing up after you eat is NOT A GOOD WAY TO DIET. when you do that you are starving your body of nutrients. you can loose weght by eating foods that are healthy for you.

Doing that can cause ,
Beliemia, anorexia, and other diet problems.

If i were you i wouldnt think of that just find out how much calories you should take in and record on how much of Cal. you eat , and take Vitamins if you want, when i wasnt i was diagnosed with ( IDA) Iron Defincinsy Anemia.

Which means i lacked Iron, A Vitamin.

Yes thats called bulimia, and it usually doesnt help you to lose weight - its just in your head. But when you throw up after you eat you dont retain the nutrients needed for your body to function properly, i.e. your bodies metabolic processes slow down and prevent you from losing weight and producing the hormones that allow you to function properly.

YES!!! Instead of doing this, change eating habits. Choose vegetables, whole grains and some fruits to satisfy hunger. Also, lean meat, poultry or fish. Regurgitation can harm your stomach and esophagus.

When you throw up, the acids in your stomach affect your esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth and stomach) and your throat. This causes ulcers (holes), bleeding, and infection. People have died from bulimia (the condition of throwing up after eating all the time) because their esophagus was so worn out it just broke apart.

Besides the fact that you will not get the food and nutrition you need to live.

If you want to get a better body:
- eat healthy, nutritious foods
- avoid sugary or fatty foods
- exercise 3 to 5 times a week
- drink at least 64 ounces of water every day (eight glasses of 8 ounces each)

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! It breaks down and tears the lining of your esophagus (throat) and makes it harder to digest food when you eat.

Dr. Raven
Very much so.


It's very unhealthy, not to mention the acid from your stomach that you throw up burns your throat & ruins the protection on your teeth.

Yes, it can kill you, rot out your teeth and ruin your esophogus... don't even go there.

uh.....yes I think that throwing up your food after u eat it...would be bad for your health...I think that is called bulimic!

♥Animal and Cat / Kitten Lover♥
This is bad, because your stomach gets waeker and weaker by doing this, until it is helpless. And this also hurts your throat.

dont even go there

Yes it is bad for you. It can destroy your teeth, gums, throat, etc. It is unhealthy physically and mentally and can lead to severe stomach and digestive problems.
Lose weight in a healthy manner, through eating right and exercising.

yes because together with the food you are throwing up any nutrients that the food contains which your body needs to function

plushy_bear JPA
Absolutely! It's called bulimia and it destroys the enamel in your teeth, the lining of your esophogus, as well as your chemical and electrolyte balances.

Karen Carpenter (of the Carpenters) was bulimic. It weakened her heart so badly, she eventually died.


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