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Does holding in your stomach for 10 seconds, very tightly, 8 to 10 times, help flatten your stomach?
Because of a neck condition, I cannot do regular sit-ups.

Ive read this before. As to it being true Im not sure.

Barry G
yes if you do this in heavy repetitions it could help with your abs

Jamie, FNP

beach bum
well than get a cruncher the ones on tv they work

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Any exercise that you do to tighten those tummy muscles should help firm them up. Keep at it. :o)

Try some useful weight loss tips and more on this to help you with it

scooby doo
Well, technically yes because constant contraction of the stomach muscles (abs) helps flatten the stomach and consequently reveal your abs. Holding your stomach tightly is a way of contracting your stomach muscles but cannot produce the tension needed on your stomach muscles to give you the flat stomach you want. So the best and the only dependable way is to do your crunches (not the old fashioned way but with equipment).

A model once told me that holding in your stomach regularly will flatten the stomach.
I was told consciously try to do it at all times; eventually it will become habit. It does train the muscles of the abdomen.

Creature of the Dark
If you hold your stomach in regularly, eventually you'll be able to strengthen those muscles and hold your stomach in all the time.

Thin Kaboudit
This will help exercise your stomach muscles and perhaps make them stronger, but ironically that may make your stomach bigger, not smaller...

Nope, sorry. Try doing pull-ups or some other type of exercise.

I'm not sure if it would help but it couldn't hurt.Any exercise is better than none ,so keep it up!

Yes, absolutely. It is an excelent exercise. Also recomended for lower back problems.

Keke Shawty♥
yeah in thoery world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... theory makes no sense right!!!

It doesn't hurt but it doesn't help a whole lot either. Well, it is better than doing nothing. If that is all you can do then do it.

black jack
No, try lying on your back with your legs stretched out. Now bring your knees up toward your waist, keep repeating but you don't have to put your your legs all of the way down. If this hurts your neck stop.

No, but if it makes you feel better tighten away!

It won't flatten your stomach since only fat loss can do that, but if you make it a habit of holding in your stomach whenever you're standing or walking, you'll develope stronger stomach muscles. Stronger stomach muscles will make your stomach look flatter and improves posture too. Remember, if you have a lot of belly fat, no amount of muscles will make it look flatter. Only weightloss will. I've been holding my stomach in for so long that it's automatic. I'm not even aware of it most of the time. I'm a female with a 6 pack and I don't do any situps. Unfortunately, 10 seconds is only a start. You need to learn to do it all the time.

No... In fact, thats really stupid.

Do cardio to lose the weight.

Yes, it can but only if you do other ab exercises as well.

For the exercise you mentioned:
Sit straight up in a chair, relax stomach muscles as you inhale, and then quickly exhale and draw your abs in...hold for a count of eight and repeat for two sets of ten.

Another exercises:
Sit up straight on the edge of a chair with your hands firmly gripped on the sides of the chair. Keeping your back as straight as you can, draw your knees up and inhale...hold for a few counts...exhale and drop your knees.

Hope this helps!!!!

i don't think so

I wouldn't think so!!


Man of Steel

If you do it often it should help.

It can help but you should do it more than just 8 to 10 times

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