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Does decaf coffee stunt your growth?
Will decaf coffee stunt your growth?

no trust mee

No, but I had a teacher who drank at least three cups of coffee a day and she told me that her dentist said it wasn't very good for teeth.

No not that i know of!!!!!!

Well decaf has no caffiene, which is responsible for stunt growth (or so they speculate) so I would think not. It's still not a healthy habit to get into though.

Not at all Im living proof. I have been drinking espresro and coffie both decaf and regualr and im 6'3. So no there is no way its a myth

no, and the only reason that caff would is due to excessive consumption during the growth stages.

I don't know...but decaf coffee is usually worse than regular coffee. it takes chemicals to make regular coffee decaf... regular coffee is at least natural.

I know a really fat person who drinks decaf. So if it stunts your growth, it obviously does not stunt growth in the outward direction.

Angelo C
Coffee whether regular or decaf does not stunt children's growth. It is an urban legend that was spread to dissuage kids from drinking coffee because the advers effects on the nervous system. Too many jitters with coffee.

i dont know about that, but coffee has three stimulants in it and taking out caffeine still leaves two stimulants (theobromine and theophylline) which could lead you to use nutrients to expend the energy that the coffee produces instead of using them for growing

idk from what I heard yeah I am not sure though

Ok so if it does stunt your growth then I guess I should be thankful. I am over 6ft tall and I have been drinking my grandma's decaf coffee since I was in the second grade. true story. I am now over 30

There could be a link with individual metabolism. Requires proper medical confirmation, though.

they way they used to do it maybe but they dont use the toxic chemicals they used to so it is fine now

It's an old wives tale that any coffee will stunt your growth.

Akul Mehta
Hehe good joke. No but seriously it is just not possible that coffee whether decaf or normal will stunt growth. It's just a myth without substantial evidence to support it. I would say though that it is important to see from where the coffee comes. If it is not authentic, you won't like it.

The problem with decaf is that a studies revealed that the coffees are not as caffeine free as they claim they are. As for stunting your growth, that is one thing that has not been proven. I have seen some pretty tall people that have drank it all their lives.

here is the link about the caffeine study saying that the decaf has some caffeine.


I know, I know!!!!
absolutely not

♥ Jess ♥ I dream, I wish, I love
all coffee stunts your growth and stains your teeth!!!!

[i <3 u]
I believe so, but you should just research it at http://www.wikipedia.com/

tiny t
no u do what you wont tot do cant no one stop u

Yahzmin (US)
Well, actually, there is no hard evidence that COFFEE itself (or the caffeine in it) will stunt your growth, but since it is the caffeine that is suspect, decaf should not have any affect.


i don't think so, and i really, REALLY hope that i am right


no it doesn't stunt your growth and decaf is better for you as it doesn't make you hyper

No, even though others may tell you such, there is no scientific proof that backs those claims. But it will stunt your ability to stay awake.

Decaf is a scam. IT has only 3% less caffine than regular coffee. I know this because I grind my stupid teeth at night, and my Doctor found that COFFEE was contributing to it. Thats when I found out that DeCaff has LOTS OF CAFF. Caffine is a drug like morphine and Dexidrine and all the other "ines", will have negitive effects on your body. As far as "STUNTING" I do not think this is true, never been proven. But coffee is SPEED and don't let anyone kid you different.

Tony M
Did you see Wizard of Oz? Lollipops do.

A Man
Good try, shorty.

Such claim was never supported by any scientific research, and many experts believe that is a myth.

Current research reveals coffee is a safe beverage, if drank in moderation. It is actually more healthful than it is harmful.

Evidence in medical research shows that coffee (caffeine) has a lot of health benefits - from managing asthma and controlling attacks when medication is unavailable to stopping headache to boosting mood to lowering the risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease and colon cancer.

Excedrin even contains up to 120 milligrams of caffeine, which is about the same caffeine content in a cup of coffee.

Further, decaf coffee has the same antioxidant benefits as regular coffee. Recommended amount is one cup a day. And since caffeine raises blood pressure, decaf is the better alternative.

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