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Does cereal actually make you fat??.. There is not much fat content in "Capt. Crunch" and " Pops"

Fat content isn't what'll make you fat - calorie content is.
1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories

I can't imagine that cereal being fattening...it probably just has a lot of sugar(carbs), and other than that it's probably filled mostly with air. No need to worry, you'd have to eat tons of that stuff to get fat I suppose.

true, but cereal usually contains a lot of carbohydrates(sugars), that can turn into fat

choose cereals with no sugar or reduced sugar

Not if You're eating a healthy balanced diet and getting regular exercise.

Yes they can make you very fat, especially if you overeat. Remember that they contain sugar and you also add milk to the cereal, which has lots of fat also....KECK

Na. It's the ton of sugar you'll wind up dumping in there Saturday morning watching cartoons.

It isn't just fat that makes you fat. It is also SUGAR! And most "kiddie" cereals, like the ones you mentioned, are loaded with sugar. Try a sugar free cereal like special K or cornflakes and add some splenda.

You are young & probably they will not hurt you but they are very high in sugar. A healthy cereal would be lower in the suger & high in fiber, like mini wheats, cherrios. The concern about childhood diabetes is linked to the high sugar contents in these products.

The problem with most foods has more to do with the nutrition to calorie ratio than with the content. Foods that are high in fat or sugar as opposed to the nutritional value tend to cause weight gain. Most children's cereals are high in sugar and other simple carbs and thus meet this criteria. A whole grain,low sugar cereal is a better choice.

Love cereal and ate it while losing weight as long as it fit within my calorie count. However, they are addictive for me so sometimes I do without. Keep in mind the following when losing weight:

Diets and changing your eating to healthy food choices can work but because we know so little about ourselves and our relationship with food, it makes it difficult to win the battle. A lot of us have problems with dieting because we have a problem called "emotional eating" we eat to comfort ourselves during difficult, stressful, sad, etc times in our lives.

You may experience all those emotions during dieting as we continuously get on the scale hoping to see a big difference in numbers after dieting only for a day or two. Also what is stressful when dieting is that we try to lose a large number of weight in such a short period of time which in most cases is unreasonable.

This all brings about stress, discomfort and sadness. When we feel this way, we turn to our best friend for help and support which for many of us is food. The diet is now broken and we feel that we can't stick to diets. We then try fad diet after fad diet hoping to lose the original 20 pounds and now we may have as much as 30 pounds to lose because we continue to put on weight as we continue to break these fad diets by binging before starting our next diet.

Please learn about your relationship with food before your next diet so that you may achieve your goals. To help a little, keep in mind the following:

You already know how to lose weight. You know that if you eat less and exercise more eventually you’ll see the pounds come off. What’s getting in your way? Why do you usually regain the weight you lost? The answer to all these questions is the same “Emotional Eating.” Simply defined, emotional eating means you eat to satisfy emotional hunger; it means you use food for comfort or as a way to cope with life; and it means you eat for reasons other than what your body needs. Whenever you reach for a boredom-breaking snack despite your commitment, or whenever you eat to quell anxiety, that’s emotional eating. Whenever you binge after a fight, or double up on portions because your day turned sour, that’s emotional eating. Whenever you feel that sharp craving for your favorite food, that’s emotional eating. When we eat during these times while on a diet, we believe the diet doesn’t work or that we lack self control and then look for the quickest way to lose weight (fasting/diet pills, ect) after eating all we can since we already messed the diet day up. Read the information below but remember that emotional eating plays a big part in why we don’t continue dieting and why we regain lost weight and why we binge today and start a new diet tomorrow. Best of Luck.

P.S. After learning about my relationship with food, I was able to drop my weight from 263 pounds down to 151 pounds which is a 112 pound weight lost.

It's loaded with sugar and your body turns sugar into fat. Perhaps Cheerios??

have oatmeal instead

It depends which milk you're using

Not terribly. I would suggest using 2% milk, rice dream or soy milk. Those cereals are loaded w/sugar and carbs, which will turn to fat if it is not being used by the body.

I don't eat cereal. I'm losing weight. I wonder if there's a corelation?

But there is a lot of sugar in them and sugar has a lot of calories, therefore you can put on weight if you don't do something to burn them off.

cereal can make you fat as a pig. infact wheat and rice and corn is used to fatten hogs.

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
It's all the carbs that processed grains have that makes you fat.


The 13th Sign
Nope. Eat all you want, you won't even have to worry much.

if you eat like 5 boxes a day

No I dont think so. Only if it has lots of sugar and you eat it all the time.

Timothy W
It's not the fat per se in breakfast cereal that's the culprit - it's the tons of refined sugar.

The sugar represents an enormous caloric intake, which in our typical sedentary lifestyles isn't metabolized by physical activity - and is then stored as fat.

This is also true of typical soft drinks, as well as white bread, pasta, white rice - any kind of simple carb that is quickly converted by the body to sugar, and if not metabolized by activity, then gets stored by the body as inventory - fat tissue.

Best to you.

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