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Dems won!!!!
Do you think fat people know they're fat?

If you think you're fat..... YOU'RE FAT!!!!

I think they do but they either don't care anymore or they just do not have the drive to do something about it!!!!!

Some do.

Some dont.

yes, they know and i am one of them
and you know what, they fill bed not because they are not beautiful but we have health problems too, because of overweight
but its easy to make a joke about somebody else and not to see what is your own problem and you are one of them

I'd sure hope so!

I am fat and I know it

Some do but most don't
Others just don't care.

Great question. I think most of them do, but then there are the ones who think that their bodies rock the world. These are the ones that mystify me--

Do you know how tall you are? Of course they do. This is an ignorant question. Do you know your are ignorant? thanks for the points.

im fat and i know it. Some people know it, they just don't care.

Marine Girlfriend <3
whats up with ur obsession with fat people?

Yes, thats why dieting magasines sell so well, along with dieting pills, exercise equiptment and all that other stuff people think will help them.

It's not like all these people think they are skinny.

do idiots know they are idiots? 78% of americans say they are smarter then the average american. hmmm

Yes, we know we're fat! As if people like you would let us forget, even if we could!

um well my cousin is "overwieight", shes probably ohh 16 now and pushing 250. Id say about 2 months ago she came up to me and my friend christie and asked us if she looks like J.lo, we laughed and she was clearly not joking. She says all the time that we wear the same size clothes when in all reality i wear size 5, and im not being mean but i know that doesnt fit her. I dont know if shes just in denial or she really thinks shes skinny. i weigh 128, and i think im fat, most people tell me im not but its my own personal opinion so maybe thats just hers.

catlike curiosity
I don't know, I sure think some of them are in a great state of denial!

why not?

old school
Yes, just like you know you are an idiot for asking this question.

I can not believe the superficiality of some people. I'm 24 and 105 lbs and I never treat people differently for their weight. EVER. As a matter of fact, my very best friend is 210 lbs. Get over yourself, do you think people WANT to be fat? Have a little compassion.

Ms. Kitty to the rescue!
Of course! Although I think a lot of them are in denial over it.

They know and they have to deal with it the best way they can with out anyone screaming at they that they are fat.

Sure they do but they don't dwell on it. If you've noticed,most over weight people are the happiest people of all.


First of all, I totally disagree with labeling someone as "fat"... or even "skinny" for that matter. One never knows the situation of another as to why they may be overweight. Secondly, I don't consider it my business as to why a person looks the way they do (either heavy, or thin). I've met many an overweight person that is totally and completely confident in the way they look and in who they are. On the other hand, I know several women that are too thin, and are constantly trying to gain weight. One label is just as cutting as the other depending on the situation of the individual. Basically, it comes down to the fact that while outside packaging is always nice, it's really just decoration. The real person is on the inside.

I believe so.

princess angel 2207
what is your problem, i know iam overweight and i don't care. i don't diet and don't care what people say. i feel happy and beautiful the way i am.

I'm always shocked when I see myself in photos. I'm always fatter in photos than I think I am in real life. So, it's not such a ridiculous question.

Sure. They know it everytime they pick up a magazine, go to the movies, or watch TV.

Rosie Young
I know I'm fat.
Do you know you're stupid?

I mean, what an INSULTING question.
Most of your questions are juvenile, I guess that's the reason. You're probably 13 and you can't help it.

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