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 OMG am I anorexic??
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Additional Details
Thank you soo much! I ...

Do you have to pay to go to the ymca and work out? or use the facilities in general?

Additional Details
could you give me a price rundown. i went to my local ymca website and didn't find a price chart.

Yes, that is unless you know the secret had signals. It's something like:

Y - M - C... and that's all I know...

Yes, the rates vary by city. There's an annual or monthly payment option.


Witchy Woman

greg l
i think ya got pay

I believe you have to sign up to be a member and usually they have single or family rates. Sometimes it can be part of your benefit package from work and may get a discount.

Of course.

Nothing is for free, of course you have to pay

Yes you have to pay like any club, they have more activities than a regular club does, including a pool facility with your membership. A daily fee is also available.

Yes , but the amount is minimal .

Where I live its like $7.50 each time you go..

You have to pay at the
You have to pay at the

Yes -- you can join as a "community" member which means you can participate in certain programs like childcare or preschool, or take some classes, but these will be at a higher rate than the regular membership. A full member has access to all that the YMCA offers. It's not cheap, though.

Yes 2 $ a day

MiK3 =D
yeah i think so

parental unit
yes, but they are alot less than a regular fitness club

Tiffany F.
u can get a pass like thing. after that, u can do wutever u please.

swim.. anythin

Unless you have a pass to go with a friend, you have to pay for a membership. Its worth it though because there is soooo much you can do at the Y.

you usually have to pay 5 bucks or something like that to use the facilities and work out. getting a membership is a lot more useful.

Yes, you can pay at each visit or buy a year round pass.

35 and loving it!
Christian Association doesn't mean free. Yep and get your check book out you would be surprised on the amount for the limited hours.

yes, you have to pay a monthly amount. at the entrance you have to show your card everytime.

find your closest YMCA by zipcode here, take the phone and call to find out the fees


bradley L
Yes, or atleast at any Y I have been to. they are cheaper than many health clubs, though, and often, if you fall into the right income and/or family bracket you can get a deal. I recommend the Y.

the ymca is pricey

joy ride
Yes you do...they have a daily fee or a membership you can purchase...it varies by location!!!

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