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Kay W
Do you get less hungry a few days after fasting?
i'm beginning to fast friday and i would like to know if during school hours next monday (i have this week off) if my stomach is going to growl during class?


Yes your metabolic rate begins to slow down so it takes longer to digest food and you get less hungry....

Randall D
It's not for religious reasons, and i know it.... dont even lie about that. After about 3 days of no food you're body goes into shock and begins to use up all of your resourses... you wont even be able to think in class because the sodium imbalance in your body wont let your brain chemistry work properly.

Do yourself a favor, and dont fast. It's terrible for your body and mind. No religion would ask you to do something like this.

What religion is this?! You will probally pass out and everyone will know why because they will hear your stomach growling. I'd be embarrassed if I were you.

I dont fast I eat like 5000 calories a day. cause im chill like that. I only weigh 150 though. : ( I wanna get up to 170-180 cause im a 6 ft. tall guy.

1 Truth Only.com
Yes. This is very true.
The stomach shrinks and you will begin to become full faster.
Our bodies adapt very well. Hope this helps.
Hope your prayers are answered.
In Jesus' Name

Anthony O
You get kinda hungry the first three days and you get less hungry afterwards, but if you start a day or two before Monday, your stomach might not growl. however, if you start on Monday...no guarantee your stomach wouldn't growl.

cOoL cHiCk
yes ull get used to it ur body adopts and wont be as hungry as the begining of ur fasting

Jerry Lee
Yes, I expect you will get less hungry after a day or two. Also expect your stomach will not growl in class, especially if there is no good-smelling food there.

Krista W
I am a kid and I decided to skip breakfast every morning and would not eat anything until 1 in the afternoon which is my lunch period and I woke up at 6 after a couple days I was not hungry at all but then in the afternoon I would pig out and gain more weight.


yes, your stomach will growl. eat crushed ice--it will help

when i was fasting a few months ago, i experienced little hunger the more i went. i also read on different websites about fasting that for most people, around day 3 or so is when you start to lose the feeling of being hungry. but im sure it is different for everyone.

J frum NH
Yes your stomach shrinks hunger pains go away and after a while you get really stupid....

Yes, the third day u will not feel hungry at all

i dont fast anymore because i did for 2 weeks once and my hunger went away completely and my weight got really low and i ended up in the hospital.

No lectures! Yes! as some one here said it will shrink and your tummy will complain. Drink plenty of water juice and milk. Stay away from soda and energy drinks during this time it will only make things harder. Make sure you take any and all meds and vitamins as well. When you do start eating again eat very simple thing no spices, soups, jello, and other soft easy to digest. Do this for a few meal maybe a day so your tummy gets used to food again. stay away from alot of exercise during this time. Conserve energy.Good Luck...

Yes, after a few days you start to feel hunger pangs less and less.

you feel weak, and therefore not much like eating

Just Tryin' 2 B Me!
Yes because your stomach will start to shrink because there's less food in it!!

Jennifer W
When I fast it seems that as time goes on I feel less hungry. Also if for a religious reason its makes the hunger more tolerable.

land of the free
my guess is it will growl.

Tony Lam
i doubt it.
cause our body were made for survival which means periods of time with out food are anticipated. at least thats what i heard from the discovery channel.

i personally get very faint and i get dizzy and nauseous

mybe u didnt eat anything

i get so starving during fasting, its very hard for me, but thats becuz if i'm not doing anything else, im basically eaating

I was just in the same bind! I'm actually Catholic and fasted for holy week. It's tough, but definetly worth the sacrifice.
Just make sure that you've eaten plenty of vitamins ahead of time, keep some advil nearby for headaches, and drink PLENTY of water. Fasting will shrink your stomach, so be careful when you start to go full throttle with food again!
Good luck.

Hope that helps!

yes your stomach actually shrinks.

That Girls Not Right InThe Brain
after fasting you don't feel anything and feel numb and feel like your about to puke after every mouthfull of food.

Oops, I did it again...........
Drink lots of water.

Oh it will be growling. The first and second days will be the hardest. Then it will get easier. Then your body gives up that you're going to give it any food. If it's not for religious reasons or weight loss, then why do it?

Alice C.
I feel so sorry for you dear, not because of the fasting, but they way people are responding to your simple question. You specifically asked if your stomach was going to growl, and some people (I am not going to mention names) are going around scrutinizing your religion, I mean what world do we live in?

Well sweetie, the truth is, when you fast (don't eat anything for a long period of time) your body goes into starvation mode, and begins storing all your fat because it thinks it is starving, this may cause you to feel a little full, but during the first few days you will have an angry stomach. So in a nutshell, during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of your fasting, you will feel hungry and your stomach will growl, but after a while your stomach will adapt and you will start getting used to it. Good luck :-)

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