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^dRaMa ^qUeEN
Do skinny people get fat when they become older?
Do fat people become skinny when they get older?

As we age our metabolism goes down so we need to do things thatll increase it. Dont wait till the time comes. Eat right,jog,toning excercises. But will a fat person become skinny because their aging? No,itll be harder to lose.

it depends if they exercise lift weights etc because skinny people can get fat if they don't stay in shape but fat people can become skinny by excising and getting in shape.

Yes. They are prone to overeatiing and do not exercise as much. If they do not become fat, they do gain some weight.

steely dan
well i didnt im the same wieght i was in highschool

not all of them

some do it depends on alot of things.......some older people slow down how active they are but they don't slow down when it comes to the amount of food they consume.....

Darjeeling Snow
there is no reason to believe this is true ... either one of these situations.

People tend to be less active when they age, burning less calories and becoming heavier. Some heavy people, due to certain illnesses lose weight.... it's all about calories & activity regarless of age! Good luck & God bless. ~Nise

it depends. Thin people at any age obviously have very fast metabolism's. As you get older you have to watch what you eat though, because your metabolism does slow with aging. But your not 100% guaranteed to be fat when your older. Exercise and watching what you eat helps you stay thin.

Erika S
Age only has to do with weight gain or loss if the person isn't taking proper care of themselves. Thin people who take care of themselves, exercise, and eat right will not become fat just because they get older. And fat people RARELY get skinny without exercising and diet control.

Age, however, does cause your body to function differently and changes your metabolism, so as you age you need to pay attention to your body and its changing needs and adjust your exercise levels and food intake accordingly. A teenager may be able to pack away a Big Mac every day and not gain any weight, but a 30+ year old will probably see a big portion of that Big Mac sticking around on the hips, thighs, and belly!

As far that i'm concerned, it isn't always the case. Being thin or fat these days or later on depends on several factors including both heredity and the environment. It also depends on the emotional inside(usually stress decreases weight). Moreover, it depends on the way and type of food one eats. To me,i think one should eat healthy and all will be fine.

im not thin yet, i got cheated again

Matt H
I heard that if you manage your weight when your younger, as you grow (in height), you will become taller, and the "fat" will become more spred out amongst the body. Therefore you will become a little skinnier.

White Shooting Star of HK
Well, as people age, their metabolism will be lower so yes...............unless he is concious at what he is eating.

OOO! I know! I know!
Sometimes, but not usually. Most people do gain some weight as they get older and their metabolism slows down.

well yeah, that's what i usually observe when it comes to old guys for i think that metabolism lessens and that we wont be able to move much as we use to if were old

they do gain weight with age

maby if you eat a lot

There is no such rule but Eat nourishing food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables being part of it. Chew each morsel at least 32 times. This will activate signal to the brain as soon as u have had enough. Besides this change in eating style, take regular light exercises and brisk walks every day. U will be able to gain/shed all extra weight gracefully and in a reasonable time span.

many do, especially around their mid 30's to mid 40's

Sweety pie
That sounds a lil retarded...lol...well not all,depending on your genetics.

Yes, some people do get heavier when they get older.

Only if they loose their self discpline, start eating badly and stop exercising

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