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 I have not eaten for week? . Is that good? How quickly will I lose weight?

Can you lose weight from eating ramen noodles?
They're less than 300 calories a meal so could you lose weight from them? I'm talking about those maruchan brand ones.
Additional Details
I don't like oatmeal. It reminds me of eating vomit.

hbk 1121
what i tell you ye you can man

Yes, I did it and I lost 40 pounds.

Racist Answer Man
Yeah, but to get the real effect you have to learn to eat them dry.

Well, they do have a lot of carbs. I was just eating them at night and I actually gained a little of weight. I think they are pretty healthy.. but just eat them before 7pm. Good Luck

no they are fatening

But they are loaded with fat.

You can- but its not healthy. your body needs protien from real meat and you cant find any real vitamins in ramen like you would veggies--however if you count your calories and make sure you work off those calories-you can lose weight eating anything.

The girl next door
noooooooo dont eat Ramen noodles they will make it worse.
the way I lost weight was I ate corn all day and cut back on sodas. and just have smoothies. I hate excercising so this was the only way it worked. I ate corn 3 times a day but I dont know if it was healthy but oh well I lost the weight thats what counts.

ya but not evry day

These noodles are perniciously wrong for a diet.

Are you able to cook?

If not so learn to eat an apple first thing in the morning and then have some protein.

As in boil a couple of eggs and make yourself a tuna salad the night before and then eat it with some toast.

Rotate your intake but concentrate on eating at least 3 or 4 different veggies and nuts per day.

This is a very simplistic answer; you need to make yourself clever and learn as much as you can from the web.

Good luck,

I believe the fat content of noodles is very high. you are better off eating them once in a while but eat more soup & veggie to lose healthy fat

The best way to lose weight is not to eat anything.
The Karen Carpenter diet...
I guarantee and stand behind this method 100%.

ramen noodles may have low calories(even though 300 isnt low) but they are FULL of sodium, which is salt and that much is pretty bad for you

They are full of carbs, though, but I eat them more than anthing else, and I don't weigh but 98 pounds, Ive always weighed around 100. They certainly don't help me gain any weight, though. Maybe if ya exercise too, it may."

not that i know of.
they make it harder for u to poop though, for a fact.
if you could lose weight with it i wouldnt recommend it because ramen noodles arent super healthy.

north h
There are very bad for you..

Yes but if you eat them everyday it can be unhealthy

Probably not. They are full of carbs, have no nutritional value and probably have your daily value of sodium - if not more - in one pack. They are probably for eating occasionally.

I guess you probably could lose weight, but you will not be healthy, so what is the point.

Jillian A
No. They are relatively high in fat, considering they have only 300 calories, which means a large percentage of those calories is in fat. Secondly, they are wickedly high in sodium, which makes you retain water, which equals more weight. Plus, they have almost no nutrients in them, which would make your body think its starving and go into preservation mode..thus lowering your metabolism in the long run. You'd be better off drinking a glass of v-8 juice for each meal for 5 days if you want a quick weight loss jump start, that isnt too unhealthy.

Remember, that diets only work if you stay on them forever...which is why the only true way to lose weight and to keep it off for good is to change your entire lifestyle, and exercise more. Lots of fad diets, like atkins for instance, can help you drop weight very fast, but the minute you go off of them, you start gaining it back right away, and usually more than what you started with.

The fact that they are low in calories is good but they are insanely high in sodium which makes your body retain water so will actually end up causing you to gain weight. If you want to eat them then you can just don't add all the flavor because that's where all the sodium is.

Riley M
It depends how many you eat, and what else you eat during the day.
By the way...those things are horrible for you...soo HIGH in sodium and chemicals. Try oatmeal : )

yeah yeppp yeah
yes you can but i wouldnt do it its to unhealthy and it can hurt you cause you arent geting the nutrition your body needs in order to work. So i sugeest dont do it. Try another diet that gives your body enough nutrition

the answer to your prayers ; ]
if thats the only thing u eat. but no wayy too much sodium and fat. def not good for u

Rachael C
They are really, really, REALLY high in sodium! You may retain water and get kind of puffy. Plus they have minimal nutritional value.

There are much healthier ways to lose a few pounds!

They may be low in calories but, they have 1,200 mgs of sodium in each serving. That's a lot of salt to have your body digest. If you are young and can metabolize it, then yes. You can lose weight if that is all you ate during the course of the day. However, just ramen noodles is not enough nutrition for your body. You'll need to supplement some vegetables and fruits.

No you will probably gain water weight from all the sodium in them. They are very unhealthy.

if you only eat them , think how mutch money you will save

Probably not; they have so much fat and sodium in them. If you're on a tight budget, buy fruit, vegetables & peanut butter.

Lisa E
God no! They're 300 calories a SERVING but the block is TWO AND A HALF SERVINGS! Those things are nothing but fat, salt and carbs. Read the whole package. I do eat them sometimes, but those are really like...ANTI-diet food.

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