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Can salt make your face fat?
im 15 years old
i'm 5'3 and 105 pounds
my face is reallly chubby and you cant see my chin line or my cheekbones and i didnt know why but someone said it was becasue i eat so much salt
is this true?

Salt can make you bloated and retain water, but I doubt that's your problem. I think it's probably just some baby fat still and as you mature a bit more it will be less obvious.

Angelacia baybeeeeee
salt makes you retain water, so limiting salt intake could help you

Salt can make you bloated but if its only in your face, it might be genetics. Does anyone else in your family have a fat face?

Votre chance !
No, salt does not make anything to your cheeks or to your face. You should not listen to people who are given their opinion about your look. You have to be more confident.

***da gurl who rox***
Yes in fact I would not eat much because ti could infact make your face very fat! INDEEED!

Lakerra Fooks

baby fat you will out grow it so dont panic....If salt makes your face fat then my head should be bigger then the goodyear blimp...lol

Salt makes you retain water, therefore, you carry more water in your body, and it can give the appearance of "chub". If you're healthy, I wouldn't worry about it!

J Dub
Salt will swell your entire body

OOOh Yes Thats It Yes!!!!
Well I beleive that salt does retrain fluid in your body and that cause your face to irratate sometimes try cutting an the salt to see what happens.

There are actually a couple DIFFERENT questions here.

1. Generally people your age have what they call "baby fat" and it is especially prevalent around the face of teenagers. This is natural. At 105 pound you are definitely not fat.
2. Hormones generally help distribute fat differently in women, putting more volume in the hips and other places.
3. A high salt diet CAN cause you to retain water, and this will sometimes show up in temporary bloating or fullness to the skin, and it CAN affect the face, but generally it's retained on the torso.

Yea I'd DO HER
Try working out then your fat face will be proportional to the rest of your body

Tell Me About It!
no it will make it melt

yes, since salt makes u retain water. try and reduce ur intake of salt.

Too much salt is bad for you anyways. Don't let a bad salt habit continue, curb it now. Salt can make you retain water, but not that much. Sometimes people notice their fingers and feet get a bit puffy when they've had too much salt.

**You don't mention, did this just happen?? If that is the case, keep a close watch on it and maybe see a doctor if it's an allergic reaction to something!

It could just be your age - younger people carry more body fat an it shows in their face sometimes. Mine did, and everyone called me chipmunk cheeks, but I turned out just fine. It melted away and thinned out.

By the way, I have noticed people who have had chubbier cheeks, age better. Their faces look youthful, instead of thin and stark. There is a good side!

elise b
no i dont think so
but salt does have a ton of sodium
and if you eat too much its not good for you

Angel Wings
NO! salt will raise your cholesteral and will dehydrate!

how much salt do you eat a day? i cant imagine u would get a fat face from eating to much salt maybe its puppy fat or you might be big boned

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
salt can bloat you everywhere not just your face, but no I doubt you eat enough of it to do so!!

No, that's terrible rubbish I wonder what idiot told you that. It's fat which makes your face fat. Your genetic predisposition to store fat in certain areas won't help (eg some people tend to put weight on their hips, some on their bellies etc) but to lose fat from your face, you need to loose weight. Take more exercise and eat more healthily - start cutting down fats and sugar and eating more fruit and veg and wholegrain cereals like wholegrain bread, cereals and rice. Reasses your diet for the long run and become a healthy person rather than looking to short-term weigt-loss diets. You'll look better and live longer too. Best of luck.

81 Honda
Salt does make you retain water.

I dont think so, usually thats do to eating to much fatty foods but if you eat to much salt it could result in high blood pressure so try and cut back on the salt any ways and the junk food

I have heard if you don't get enough salt it will give you a double chin, but I have never seen any real proof of it!!!

Ginnivieve T
Salt aka Sodium is responsible for retaining water throughout your body. Water=Weight. It isn't a drastic amount of weight so you shouldn't worry. You don't nessicarily need to worry about your sodium intake for another 50 years or so. But women tend to retain more water areound their menstural cycle anyways. I say drink lots of water and try not to snack on high sodium foods like potatoe chips. Good Luck

~So much FUN~
Salt will make you retain water and look bloated so i believe that is your problem. If you are only 105 then its kind of hard to believe that you cant see you chin line. You should probably see a doctor about it Thyroids could be a problem. My friend has a problem and because of thyroids she has a "turkey" like neck.

Too much salt and make you retain water. Your tissues can get full of water - edema.

Ah Elise - salt is sodium.

salt does retain fluid in your system.

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