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Can eating Brown rice make a person fat?
Why do people say thats its healthier if it contains mor carbs, and fat?

I wipe my own @$$
...Oo, good question. You probably shouldn't eat brown rice all the time (or white rice for that matter). But..brown rice is supposed to be better, maybe because it has more vitamins and minerals?? You pose a very good question!!

brown rice is healthier because it contains the good kind of fat-- whereas white rice has trans fat

its not healthier there just liars and people that are jelous of how fabulous they dont believe them eat vitamins and proteins more their much healthier and you dont gain alot of weight

I heard that rice in general whether it's white or brown makes a person fat.. IT may be good bu who knows what pounds you'll gain in the long run

Sturm und Drang
Because it contains complex carbs, which doesn't cause your blood sugar to spike and therefore will give your body a constant amount of energy for a longer period of time. It also has decent amounts of fiber, which also helps with keeping your blood sugar level; fiber also keeps you regular as far as pooping in concerned.

People do need fat, just not lots and lots of fat. The key is to eat saturated and trans fats sparingly and try to get most of your fat for the day from mono and poly unsaturated fats. Brown rice does not much fat and most of it is from mono and poly unsaturated fats.

Nutritional info for one cup of cooked brown rice can be found at the USDA's website:

Getting Fed Up
First off, eating too much of anything can put on the pounds. Brown rice, whole wheat, whole oats, etc. have almost all of their nutrients intact. This means that the germs (like wheat germ), oils, minerals and vitamins are still in the grain, where as the processed grains (white flower) have been stripped of these vital nutrients. The oils (fat) in grain are very good for your body, which needs these oils and fats to function correctly. The white counterparts are said by some to be poisons to the body. Thus brown rice is very healthful for your body.

it has less sugar & calories

BUT white rice does taste better! lol

I lost 60 pounds in 11 months and all i did was eat 2 bowls of WHITE rice mixed with cream of mushroom/chicken/celery 98% fat free a day(also ate a assortment of fruits & veggies)

The healthiness of a food is not SOLEY based on the number of carbs, fat, and calories it contains.

A small square of Snickers contains less calories and fat than, say, a salmon steak, but the salmon steak is healthier.

An important component of food is the amount and types of nutrients it contains.

Brown rice is healthier than white rice because white rice has had the husk, bran, and germ removed, thereby removing much of the fiber, minerals, and vitamins, making white rice a largely empty food.

Eat enough of anything it will make you fat. However brown rice is healthier than white because it goes to your blood sugar at a more controlled rate, has more vitamin content, and it has more fiber. Usually though, folks are really focused on its glycemic index, or the rate that it turns to sugar in your blood. White rice, sugar, things of that sort go to glucose very fast, which causes and insulin response, which tends to increase body fat production.

Mr. Vincent Van Jessup
Carbs have 4.5 calories per gram, and fat has 9 calories per gram. It's a media lie and an old wives tale that "starches" make you gain weight. The opposite is true -- fats make you pack it on like Trump.

I'm Just A Girl
brown rice has less carbs then white rice.

Nancy Kay
1) rice does not contain fat
2) brown rice is less processed and although it does contain carbs, it is higher in fiber, therefore lower in "net carbs", and is broken down more slowly in the body, causing less spike in insulin levels than say, for instance, a white rice

The only way to get fat from eating brown rice would be eating in surplus. Brown rice is healthier for many reasons compared to white rice. Mainly this is due to its processing differences. White rice is basically milled brown rice. It takes the outer layers off and polishes it and most processing adds in vitamins that were originally in the brown rice, making it enriched. Brown rice and white rice are actually very similar in their carbohydrate, fat, and protein amounts, but with brown rice you also receive dietary fiber and its health benefits for better digestion and lowering cholesterol. All in all, brown rice is a healthier choice and moderation is important in your diet.

Jeremy J
Eating any kinda rice in obsession can make you fat, but brown grain rice is better for you!

mrs sexy pants
it is healthier when compared to white rice, but like anything, too much of it can make you gain weight. eating too much fruit makes you gain weight!

8 * Second * Ride
Depends on how much you eat.

Eating to much of ANYTHING is unhealthy.

YES! If the item that makes it brown is gravy. Very little brown rice is actually what it is marketed as. It's marketed as Wild Rice as it is actually white cultivated rice treated with a coloring agent such as molasses or food coloring. REAL wild rice is much more nutritious and beneficial to the body and actually tastes a lot better. Unfortunately, it is much cheaper to produce cultivated rice and sell it at a great profit as 'brown' rice.

That Guy
Eating too much of anything can make one fat...(except celery I have heard)

Eating too much of anything (including brown rice) can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Old Fat Bald Guy
You can eat chocolate cake and not get fat if you only eat a little bit at a time.

Brown rice is good... eat it in normal moderation.

Eating enough of anything will make a person fat.

Go Bears!
Carbs aren't always a bad thing... Only to the adkins people.

OCC cartmen
Eating excess of any food can make a person fat. I'd advise eating it, but try to keep a count of what you usually eat per day and how many calories. Your metabolism will speed up if you eat lots one day and it will slow down if you eat very little the next day. Depending on what speed your metabolism is at (or what your diet is like the past few days/weeks) your weight should stay the same if it adds up. Don't worry about it, have maybe 1 or 2 servings, don't overdo it is what i'm trying to say. =]

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