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Am i too Tall for my age!?
I'm 12 and 5"7! Because I'm tall i think I'm fat but only weight 103 pounds. I'm self conscious. I can never find jeans that fit me and i look odd when i wear tennie shoes or any tallish shoes so i wear flats almost every day. When i talk to people I look down to them. Almost every boy i start to get a crush on i give up because "What guy would like a girl taller than him"!

I sound depressed don't I?

Is therre any way to make me feel more good about myself?

Give me some advice please. :(

I was kinda tall too. I'm 5 foot 8 and I love it. Not too short, nor too tall. You could be a model someday too. Most models are pretty tall. No, your not fat. Most boys at that age are short, they'll get tall someday. Embrace being tall, its a great thing!

Plea for Peace!
Girls grow sooner than boys. In middle school all the girls towered over me (I'm a guy).

In high school things change, guys shoot up and all of a sudden girls are shorter. 5' 7" really isn't tall... and if you end up 6 feet or so, that can be attractive to some guys. A lot of models are 5' 10"+

And trust me, at 103 lbs you are anything but fat.

Mrs. (Joe) Jonas
ok grl im 12 and im 5'3 only 1 of my boyfriends has ever been taller than me a matter of fact yesterday i broke up with my boyfriend who is 4'7 ok hang in there just cuz you're tall doesnt mean your fat! I am curvey and skinny trust me there is this guy who is a freak he is 12 and 6'4!!!!!!!!!!!

Hai I'm Alice :]
No you're not, you just had your growth spurt before others. They'll all catch up to you. Just wait. And you will gain weight trust me you are going through puberty...I thought I was fat when I was 12 but then I gained 20 pounds and that's where I am now (Jeez I wish I was 12 again) plus everything will all fill out and it'll be easier to find clothes, so don't worry you'll see

ofmg 5"7' you abomination. What are you stupid? if you can grow that tall then how can you be too tall for your age?

dont worry !
once you hit middle school or high school
there will be plenty of tall men
and also, you could be a model :D

Be happy that you're tall. Most girls would love to be tall and slim like you are. Be confident...trust me, being tall can be used as a power status especially at that age, other girls will start looking up to you...but make sure you own it- stand up straight dount slouch and be comfortable in your body. You have nothing to worry about.

Think in a different way. I m 15 n my height is 5'5" n no girl in my locality exceeds my height. My sis is 18 but her height is 5". Feel good about ur height as its a God's gift n u hav 2 liv wit it. Make urself feel special as for boys God must hav chosen the best for u. Why look at them at this small age? Hav blind faith on ur bright luck ahead.

well alot of people are around 5 foot 4
and a healthy weight is 120lb-140lb for 5 foot
you add 10 lb every inch so figure it out, by the way
your underwieght EAT SOMETING!

you're only 12. people will grow into you lol. my "girlfriend" was 5'7 and she's not that tall. well to me. im 6 ft and ive been tall my whole life. im 15. just take it as a gift. a model shorter than 5'7 won't make it lol. and atleast people look up to you. you might even get a little taller and thats ok. theres nothing wrong with being tall. walk tall and pround thats what i do.

Your tall, but nothing extreme. You probably just got your height early, and will stop very soon. I was 5'7'' in the 5th grade and did not grow an inch since. People grow at all different times and speeds.

I'm 12, a girl, and 6 feet.
Don't worry about guys being smaller than you! They haven't hit the growth spirt yet. It'll go away soon.

Cut your tags out of your pants. Then, you don't wear a size, you wear a brand.

Buffalo Bill
Don't worry. GIrls go through there growth sprouts much earlier before boys do. Girls usually hit their spouts at about 11 and boys dont until about 14. As you grow older you will see that many of the boys that you like will grow to be much taller and than you will feel small.

You just started growing faster. Since your a girl you can stop growing by age of 16 or so.
I have a classmate who was the smallest guy in class.In about 3 years he was one of the tallest.
Your perfectly fine :D!!!
And about the fact that guys don't like taller girls , ITS BULL S$%^T!!! I mean when i see a woman go pass me with tall beautiful legs thats just a girl you can die for!! So dont worry in any situation youll be fine !

Sierra B
Girls grow faster than boys. Don't worry they'll catch up. Boys are stupid anyway. Hehe. I'm kidding, but don't worry about dating at such a young age, you have your whole life to worry about that! You aren't fat, you are actually on the low end for weight. Look for jeans that actually say long on them. Old Navy makes good jeans. I am so jealous of you, I wish I was taller. I'm 5'2"! Gosh. I bet all the girls are jealous of you too. You could probably be a model if you are already that tall! Or an amazing athlete. You are beautiful in your own way. Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. That's what makes us unique. Imagine how boring it would be if we were all the same!

Lizz <3
dont worry about your appearance you will see that one day you will find boys who care about your feelings more than about your appearance i think your height is beautiful and soon you will find people who care about you and wont take you for your appearance. Dont worry you are beautiful =)

kid listen to me
when i was ur age (lol which was 3 yrs ago) i was 6' ok (except im a dude)
if u thought u were tall and had problems think again
about the weight thing it's unhealthy to be very skinny and very tall my advise is to put on a little muscle
besides i know girls that are 6' 2" and have dates ok

think of it like this. if u dont grow nemore and you get older youll be fine? ahaha hoped i helped..

Be happy your tall!
You are pretty tall for your age but trust me it will be okay.
In the next 3 years or so all the guys will catch up and they will all be lining up to date you, not another stump of a girl.
And gosh i hope you arent fat
Because I am shorter and weigh a lot more then that!
Great, now I feel self conscious! lols

Red Ace
Sounds like good height, that means that you can loom over short people if they are trying to act tough to you! If you give up on a crush because you say that then you won't get anywhere, if you really have a crush on him, you won't care about height!

Here is some advise...

Quite feeling sorry for yourself.

Being tall isn't a bad thing.

By the way 'too' tall to me a your age would be somewhere around 6'5".

No, your a girl so you go through puberty before all the guys. your not to tall. when i was 12 I was about 4'10'' or so and was picked on by girls who were your height. Also your not fat at all.

u have to chill.
first of all there is nothing wrong with being tall.
think of the pros not the cons
you will NEVER be too short to go on roller coasters..
if a younger child is touching your stuff..u can always wave it in the air and they will never be able to reach it.
don't be self conscious...if you feel awkward ...the whole world will think u look awkward...stand up tall and confidently and the world will wanna be like you..wear whatever you like!
about the guy stuff..don't worry!!!
you'll see that in high school...all of em will shoot up..and soon you'll feel short! also...who cares if you are taller than your crush..its nothing THAT awkward!
Good Luck! you're fine! don't worry..Think of yourself as a future model!

Guuuuurl, I was that tall when I was 12. Everybody thought I was 14.

I looked a tad awkward too. I was always "tall girl". It never bothered me, but I was in the same predicament.

I'm 16 now and still on the tall side. I'm 5'9" more or less. I'm no longer THE tall girl, because I'm in high school. I'm taller than a lot of people, but not everyone.

With time, my tallness has become a blessing. I used to feel awkward with my petite friends, but now I love my tall curves. It will be okay.

Oh, and I'm 155/160 pounds. Sounds heavy? Nope, I'm in better shape than most kids at my school, and being tall makes it all the better.

Now I'm just babbling. To summaries, you might look out of place now, but once you get older everybody blends in. Your tallness will be a beauty blessing someday.

Jim B
dont worry! all models are 5"8 and taller that means you can be a model if you want to be!!!1

lol, i felt that way when i was younger too. :D i was taller than everybody, but now i'm shorter than everybody. XD

i think you're at a good weight for your age.
& you can always go for being a model? idk. xD

Hey, I'm 5"10.
And I'm only 16,
I was probably the same height as your age.
So don't worry, height isn't anything.

And taller people are generally thinner.

Actually you are just the right length for most jeans. You shouldn't be having problems finding them, it is not like you are 6 feet tall.

I know how you feel. I am very tall for my age. I am around your age. I am 5''6. I feel self conscious sonetimes too. I just try to stay positive. And boys should really just like you for who you are. Ive been through the same thing. So, dont feel like your the onley one going through it. And the shoe thing i wear flats a lot too. But i wear heels when i want to because i dont really care what other people think.

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