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lil b
Am i overweight?
i am almost 13 and i am about 5'4'' and i weight like 150. Don't be nice just yes or no. if yes (most likely) could you give me some things i could do to lose some?? I am also in basketball if that helps. Thanks for your answer.

yes you are, i am 13 and i weight 105 pounds and people call me fat. the best way to lose some pounds is to eat healthy.
then exercise

<3 CmeChrissy <3
umm...i would have to say yes
try to do 100 crunches a day and you will surly lose pounds
:] good luck!
<3 CmeChrissy

i got something for you. do you eat a lot of junk food and if you do stop with that work out every day or exercise and stay in basketball your not overweight dont worry


** but it depends on whether is muscle or fat. go to www.sparkpeople.com if you want to moniter food/weight/exercise (i play soccer, tennis, and softball, and i use it to help for work out ideas)

Bearbones the Ursine Terror QMM
i'm 23, 5'2", and 143 pounds, and my doc says i am a normal weight. so i wouldn't say that you are, especially if you are into sports. muscles weigh more than fat. you're good :)

well if you do basket ball, the weight could be due to muscle mass, which weighs more than fat...also you are quite tall for your age, they say for every inch in height counts for 5 pounds of weight...so it could be down to how tall you are....it doesnt matter though as long as you are happy with your shape...

i think your fine. you are still growing, and you also have muscle weight, which is heavier than fat.

Ok ur a little over normal. u need to go on a healthy diet.Now cut down on:
Ice cream

instead try:
100 calorie packs lol.

watch what u eat and get exersice.

Aaron W
you sound like you're a tiny bit above average. No biggy


King Diamond

Cute as a... HIPPO!
yes.u should be about 120.I suggest you exrise 3-5 times a week. Also instead of eating chips afterschool eat veggies.That helps ALOT!!!Also since ur still young just wait a bit. I use to be over weight by 15 pounds.I grew and now I'm underweight by 30pounds!

I ask myself that all the time. >:/
Haha, but if you want a, well, not totally accurate, but close enough, 'estimate' to if you are, check out:

And fill out the chart near the bottom.


Basketball is a great way to lose weight though as you do a lot of running (I play myself). If you are determined to lose weight and your are commited to training, you'll lose weight quickly.

Hope this helps

your bmi is 25.7, meaning you are just slightly overweight.

however if you have to ask this question on the internet, youre probably not happy with your weight. its great that you play basketball, keep it up. im sure if you altered your diet a bit you could easily get down to the weight that you feel is right for you.

hmm well just try and get down to like 135 and ull be fine it goes quick trust me

Are you a boy or a girl, if your a boy, try lifting weights, or running, and If you a girl, try running or jogging.

never quit
Sweetheart...continue with your sport, try to eat a healthy diet, and I'm sure you will grow into a lovely young woman...and..feel comfortable with your shape, don't listen to your peers or the magazines

melissa m
You are alittle chunky, but don't feel bad. My niece is 14, and she is 4'11 and is 180, that's over weight. The rest of her and my family is not. But at your age it is very easy to lose a few pounds. You cannot eat fastfood on a regular basis. Maybe once a month. You have to eat fruits and veggies. Try this. It's not too bad, I know what's it's like to be young. Eat cereal for breakfast, any kind. Have a sandwich for lunch, not a meatball either, eat turkey or chicken. No chips, instead try some kind of lowfat crackers. If you want to snack before dinner, eat fruit, any you like. For dinner, eat before 7:00. Eat some kind of lean meat, lay off the beef! very important. If your mom cooks alot of red meat, ask her to cook chicken or fish. Do what normal teens do. play ball, walk. I use to go to the park at your age and walk around, that way you could even see who's around. If your parents have a treadmill, walk 20 min. a day.That is the best thing to recommend, is to walk always. The funny thing is I'm 5'4'' and 150. But I've had five kids, so you are just a little big, not much about 20 lbs. But don't let it bother you! good luck. Basketball is very good! I also use to go to the park to shoot around, that burns alot!


David C
Right now, being about 150 is pretty close to the target weight for your height. When you are 5'4, you should be around 142lbs to be normal. But doesn't count the fact if you are big boned. You are a growing boy and you are probably at the phase where you are losing some baby fat.

Make sure you eat a nice healthy breakfast every morning, eat lunch to keep your metabolism going and eat an early dinner and keep up with basketball. You are a growing boy so make sure you do lot of active sports. Don't do weight lifting because it could stun your growth. Stay away from Junk food as much as you can...even if your friends go there...

overall, you are on track.....plus, listening to your parents is always a good thing too..it won't help you lose weight but make you a better person.


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