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is that fat? please tell the truth,...

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 It's embarrassing... ?
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And whenever I do that, my stomach growls really loudly to signal to me that it's empty and that I&...

 How much does it look like I weigh?
I dont care about how much I actually weigh, I just want to know how much I look? You can tell me in pounds or kilograms or just make a comment... I dont really care too much.


 Exactly WHY is soda bad for you?
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 Is she fat?
she is 4'8 84 punds 5th grade 10 years ...

 Is it because I am fat?

Am i fat cause I'm 14 and i weigh 85 pounds.... please help!!?

omg your soooo skinnnyy...you nneed to put on a few pounds

you are soooo skinny!!!
u might even want to get some meat on those bones!
don't think that your fat, because you totally aren't!!!

are you kidding? there is no way in the world you are fat and dont ever think that...the average weight for girls 12-14 is like 115 or more idk but im 15 years old and i recently went up to 110 pounds and im underweight so trust me you are not fat!!!!!!
and if you really think you are please keep eating and dont become anorexic im sure youre very pretty so dont have such low self esteem ok!!!!!!!!!

Paige L
Pfft, I'm younger than you, 96 pounds, and my family constantly bugs me about being super skinny. Unless you're like 4'9" you're really skinny!!

Charlie W

its complicated
. ask google. they will tell you the absolute truth type in like bmi test i think? or something like weight height...am i fat? or something like that

Joe S
Absolutly not! Your way skinny. Unless your really short or something... Don't worry. I weigh 112 and I'm 13

karl g
Perfect Anything over 120 is overweight to me

Christine N
depends how tall you are
but even though
Its the oppsite hehe
try this

WOW! no! If you are at an average height, you are underweight and should weigh at least around 110!

Alvin B
You need to eat.

Are you like 4 feet tall?

Matt H
no....that makes you anorexic

Evil Angel
your a fat cow!

no your annorexic. i'm 12 and i weigh 83 pounds and am very skinny! get help!!!

u sound like u think u are fat.that makes u fat. lose the pounds by running a marathon. gluck

stop bragging cuz actually ur under weight smart one

FAT u aint no where near fat honey child ARE U FOR REAL 85 is under weight i weidht 120

1337 h4x0r
holy ****!! your skinny!

girls in my class are like 95-100 pounds!

(i am 13)

unless you are 3 feet tall you are skinny!

are you ok upstairs?
because umm...
that's a little too skinny.

Taylor! =]
omg yes i bet you look like a beached whale!

SHAR") [really wants him]
seriously, are you trying to get attention!

Well you are not fat.

wtf is your problem your anorexic see a doctor

I'm healthy, 14 and 135 pounds. What do you think now?

Unless you are under 5' tall, I would say you are grossly underweight. You are not fat.

please stop okay, serisouly YOUR NOT FAT,& if your just looking for compliments go somewhere else, and if your being serisous GET HELP.

85 lbs.
im 14 and i wiegh like 125.
so shut up!

u mad skinny damn lolsz

If you think you are fat, than you need HELP!!!!!!!!

I bet you just want people to tell you how skinny you are.

the new ipod: the iPHUCK
omg your so skinny i wouldnt date you because you need to GAIN wait

how tall are u?/
unless you're a midget thats scary skinny...

You are fine..how tall are you...you what??/ that does not even matter......my friend is 4foot 9 and is 87 pounds......and she is healthy...she is a runner and a basketball player and a softball player and a swimmer she is as healthy as a teen can probably be....I am however fatter(lol....) I am 5'5 and 90 pounds...but I am considered normal....lol You are fine...and on the skinny side...just be happy about how fortunate you are.....you are probably just small-boned and your frame is petite....that is what I wish I had!!!!!!!!!! I am SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!

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