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Am I fat/overweight?
I'm a teenager and I'm about..meh..4"11 to 5"0 tall. I weigh (my weight changes often) to 102-106 pounds.
I feel fat =( honestly.
Am I fat or overweight or anything?

You seem about average size to me... the most important thing is whether you are healthy or not... do you eat right? are you getting enough activity? you know... and worrying about your weight at such an early age isn't important... being healthy is... your body goes through a lot of changes before you are an adult, and well when you are an adult it changes then too... i wouldn't worry about it.

Def not. Im 4'10" and weigh 102-105 and Im not, but def feel like it as well. (myspace.com/jessicathedancer to see what I look like)

For your age thats a good weight although, you could lose som pounds if you felt heavy =:)

MW&M (Hook 'em Horns!)
NO you are NOT fat. in fact you might be under weight. normal weight for 5ft. is 108-120.

u are just fine

senica h
no because well your more underweight depending on your age.i am a teen like you but you see i weight about 150 so don't worry till you weigh more than me because i weigh more than normal.

absolutely not. stop with the negative thinking. have a positive attitude for goodness' sake.

u know ur not fat, so dont waste our time please.

You're fine.

It's all in your head.

You don't sound fat.........just healthy.

Zombie Xprt
no you aren't over weight, if you feel that way you may want to tone and tighten up a bit. try some mild excersizing every so often

omfg are you kidding
no your not fat
go on to exrt.net/com and they have all this stuff that helps you figure if your at a healthy weight

No you are not fat. Try getting lots of exercise and your body will tone up and you will feel much better and more confident, but at your height you are not fat.

that sounds like an ok height to be at your age.

That's impossible to tell with those statistics. All that weight can be muscle and bones. If you want to find out take a body fat percentage test.

NO!! you are a healthy weight! i used a calculator ( i guessed your 15 ) and what people say is healthy is about 95 pounds, so i mean 10 pounds more than a model, not bad at all, i bet you look great, so don't look down on yourself!

u arent unless ur doctor says u r.

wen i was a teen, i had a high metabolism, so i often ate alot. one friend of mine would call me fat, but then sometimes she would call me stick, but overall, i was a stick

ur weight sounds about avg to me

no, that is a healthy weight, by the time you are a teenager you want to be atleast 100 pounds, if not then you did not hit puberty. If you feel fat then eat leaner and exercise, or talk to someone (parent, legal guardian, doctor) and ask if you are overweight. also, if you are muscular than you should know that muscles weigh more than fat....

not at all. i'm 4 9 and 104. u r about my size, and i'm not fat. dont worry about it

windsurf or die
Hell no! What's wrong with you. That weight is perfect. Maybe you should just do muscle toning.


use this calculator

Dance Nikki Danceā„¢

Heck NO!

Wong M
nah...you are fine!

No you are not overweight at all

nope not at all

I'm sure you're looking for an ego boost. Just in case you aren't though, you are not fat. You're not even chubby.

michele h

I am 4'10 124.....i am not fat...you sure aren't

nope perfect

no, but you are overly worried about it...ease up and relax, look at the girls around you, you are thinner than the majority of them.

Eat more peanut butter!

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