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Am I fat for 5'6" 120lbs?
I'm 20, 5'6", 120lbs, size 8 pants, my waist is 28.5 and hips are 34inches. My bf% is 21%. Most of my fat lies in my legs and thighs area but they dont look fat unless i sit down. I want to get down to a size 4 or 6. Is that possible and am I overweight? How long does it typically take to get rid of fat in the stomach (& love handles) and tone up the arms and legs??? What exercise should I do?

[shaynaaa] ™
yah. im 5 foot 7 and 90 pounds.

According to the official medical chart if you weigh between 118 pounds and 143 pounds, you are in the normal range. So, you are on the low end of normal going into too skinny.

shutup honey i pray for that ******

if you have love handles you ARE fat

food is fuel

Check here:

Are you kidding?? you are super skinny! Just work on toning up. Try some light weights.

Not even close to being fat. 300 sit ups a day.

Very Happy
No ...taht is a very good weight for you.....any thinner you might not look right....then again how do you carry that weight....do you have a nice size butt and respectable breast or is it all in you stomach.....

No your not at all fat your at a good weight

You are healthy not anywhere near fat.

no, but if you feel insecure go to the gym and lift some weights.

I friggin hope not cos thats exactly my height and weight and i consider myself in FINE shape girlfriend! :p

It would take too long to give you a training program here... Search the internet for a simple toning program with cardiovascular exercises to do too. If you follow it regularly you will see changes in weeks. You probably just need to improve your muscle tone and posture.

girl, don't worry, you are not fat.
i am overweight, i admit it. i feel like crap, cause i try to lose weight, but no one cares. no guys like me, well, 3 or 4, but im 15, 183 lbs, and Fat Fat Fat!

Pilates and yoga are the way to go if you want to tone. Don't go for losing anymore weight because muscle weighs more than fat. The NUMBER on the scale will be misleading. I just go by how my clothes fit and how I feel. Pilates and yoga are great for you. You don't NEED to be a size 6, you're fine at an 8. But the pilates might get you in a 6. Jusy be healthy. Get off the scale. Good luck:)

a lot of people think they are fat when they are not. i used to think i was fat when i was 12 stone and i am 5'9'' so if you think you need to lose do some gentle exercise i go for a bike ride when i need to go somewhere.

C'mon ur are very good for ur age and height u aint fat raise ur spirit

DO simple things, sit ups. Take the stairs at school/work. park further away from the entrance. These aren't huge things but it's the little things that pay off in the end. they will work your muscles little by little, they will help you tone

i think you are perfect but show me a picture of u that will help me confirm my belief ;)

You're really skinny. Just try to excercise and run a lot.

You're not fat, period.

If you want to diminish the size of your stomach, pull in your stomach muscles hard (by themselves, NOT with your hands" and hold them like that until they relax by themselves. Do this exercise a number of times each day.

IF your stomach muscles get sore after a few days, you are doing it CORRECTLY. The soreness will go away after a few days. Do this exercise sitting, standing, or laying down.

the SECRET is in the tension. Muscles get stronger, hold your abdominal walls tighter, and you AUTOMATICALLY lose weight and stomach DIMENSION too.

Oh my God. Yet another case of someone who is at their perfect weight thinking they are fat. This is what the media does to people.

no dont even worry about that!

definitely not. definitely. also to get rid of the extras you need to do sit ups.

No your not fat, try swimming, if you want to get in better shape. you might gain some though becuz muscles are heavier than fat

First of all, you're not fat!!!! I'm 4'11 and weigh about 120 and I don't look fat. Granted I am pretty muscular, which is something you need to consider. Muscle weighs about 5X more than fat, so throw your scale away because how much you weigh has nothing to do with weather you are over fat or not. A typical body fat percentage for women is around 23% due to our breasts and female reproductive system. However, if you want to lose inches in your waist and tone up your muscles, I suggest a good cardio aerobics routine 3 to 5 times weekly for at least 20 min plus warm up and cool down. The only way to burn fat is cario where your heart rate is elevated for a good period of time. You can do crunches all you want, but if you don't burn the fat, you will just have muscle under a fat layer and look bulkier. I suggest joining a sport like a women's indoor soccer league. It is fun, and not so competitive that you feel as though you have to be a star. And, all the running will give you cardio and take off inches, without you feeling like you're killing yourself. Remember, weight lost over night is gained the same way. But remember, as you work out and build muscle, you may even gain some weight, but you'll lose fat and inches, and look thinner. However, your measurements sound totally healthy and you sound like you're very beautiful.

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