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New Husky Mum
Am I Considered Fat?
I am a middle schooler and I weigh 140, 5 foot 2. Barely any fat on my body and is heavy boned. I play sports all the time and is very muscular. I can lift up my mother! Am I fat?
Additional Details
"I'm very muscular". That is what I mean't.

well im 16 110 junior 5'5

sooo i guess your rreeely big bonded :o

sounds fat.

no since your very muscular like you said

No not at all! You're normal. Muscle weighs much more than fat so that's why your weight is higher. BMI and ideal weight doesn't factor in muscle mass. So don't worry, you're not fat hun!

that might be a few pounds over average but your prob not fat if your heavy boned or whatever

im a senior 5'1 113 lbs and theres a lit of girls skinner than me

Gonzalo T
If You Play Sports You're Not Fat!!! You're Like Others!!!

people with alot muscular being 140 in middle school you have to be strong is not bad if you are like that

no, muscle weighs more than fat

uhhhhhhh YEAH!

According to a BMI calculator, you're at risk of becoming overweight, but you say you are very muscular. The best thing to do is ask a doctor.

ryan k
well if your muscular and no fat on your body you can't be fat

USC #1
no not at all

Amanda Saporta
muscle weighs more than fat and if you have no fat on your body then you are just in good shape and being in good shape doesn't necessarily mean weighing one hundred pounds just having muscles. plus you're short. it's okay you're good.

put in the details and it wll tell you if you are normal, overweight, or underweight.

i personally think you are not fat at all.
but im 5'2. and i weigh 97 pounds.
i dont have fat either. so it really depends on you.

just letting you know: muscles and bones weigh a lot more than fat so i think your okay! :)

xooxoxo good luck

Well I think you answered your own question by saying you are very muscular and as everyone knows that muscle weighs more than fat. I say you are not fat, but just fit. I hope no one has been calling you fat. Fat tends to jiggle and wiggle. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

I don't think you sound fat! Muscle weighs more than fat, so you are good!

bob j

If you have a lot of muscle then no, you are not fat. Your b.m.i would suggest you are but this assumes you are all fat and doesn't take into account your physical build.

It is all about what you feel like - if you are happy with your body then you are lucky and one of few! Stay positive!

According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) standard, used by doctors you are just barely over the health weight range. Your body mass index is 25.6. The health range is 18.5 - 24.9. I don't think its much to be concerned about.

You can use the link below to do the calculation yourself.

What is your body fat percentage?

You might be muscular and large framed, but that doesn't mean you have 'barely any fat'.

Anyway, you should around 25% body fat to be healthy.

~♥~ ß∫â¢K Åmέ†h¥§t ~♫☼♥ ~
some people and websites will say yes, but for me, i'm 130 and 5 foot 2. but i'm built completely solid. it's all genes. don't worry about it and don't go anorexic, please, it never helps.

i was 142 lbs but i dieted and got down to 130. but i'll never be that skinny girl, because that's just not who i am and it would be almost impossible.

i'll tell you what i did to lose a little bit of weight: your stomach is the size of your fist (not big, huh?that should be the size of your meal. if you eat more, you'll gain weight and it's unhealthy. try eating less at your meals (but don't skip- that's bad and will put your body in starvation mode and you'll gain back everything you eat and more)

i keep tract of EVERYTHING i eat and drink in a notebook (along with physical activity) and this helps me to know what i need to work on. if i've been eating too much sweets in a week, i'll cut back. or if i need to eat more fruits and veggies and cut back on carbs, i'll do that. it helps, trust me.

Elle P
You cant tell if someone is considered "fat" (in modern day society) if you cant see them up close and if what you say is true ("barely and fat on my body") then you are definitely not "fat". Also fat is not a bad thing, there are purposes for fat, so don't be obsessed about your weight, just keep an eye on it.

♥♫ Huh ♫♥
muscle ways a lot, i can only tell if i see a pic. but my the sounds of it you seem healthy

If you are very muscular, no you aren't fat. There is a huge difference between weight from fat and weight from muscle. You are going to be a very healthy woman!

Muscle weighs more than fat! =]

of coarse not. your just a normal girl and most of that is muscle, it weighs more than fat you know ;]

i need a picture then i can judge

i don't think so, a lot of your weight is probably muscle. i'd try not to worry about it, but if you're really concerned you should get a doctor's opinion, but i'm sure you're fine.

Well most girls are skinny so at 5'2 you should be like 110 pounds. This coming from a guy perspective so don't go crazy and not eat ;. If your solid than your weight doesn't matter, unless your stronger than your boyfriend ;

I really doubt you are all that muscly as a middle school girl. 140 either way is a lot of weight for 5 foot 2. There is no such thing as "heavy boned". I've seen a ton of girls who play sports and still have fat. Playing sports doesn't make you muscular, training with resistance does. Lifting up your mother isn't exactly difficult, if a girl knew the proper form to do so, it is quite easy to lift a 100-150 lb mother.

You answered your own question "Barely any fat on my body and is heavy boned" I play sports all the time and am very muscular."

To be fat you have to have fat. You're extra weight comes from muscle which weighs more than fat.

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