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cena sucks and angles overated
5'1 feet 100 pounds?
is this helthy weight i was just wondering
Additional Details
im male, i exersise 3 times a week

my sister is 5'1 and she's 109 pounds. she claims she is fat. i agree.

karen i

For a girl, yes, but you're not a girl.

i think your skinny if your a girl if you a dude gain some more muscle

Normal weight

bite me ^w^
now you make me feel anorexic! im 102 and 5'6"!!!!!! :'( no not really, im just willowy, but yeah thats a healthy weight!

Yeah, that weight is just fine by the numbers.

However it all depends on body type. Whats healthy is healthy, some people carry more weight in bones or muscles... some dont.

If you (or whoever) feel healthy, then you are healthy. If ya feel crappy, tired and sickly.. thats your first clue.


This chart says it's healthy

Yeah man you're ok. I was under 100 pounds until my freshman year of high school. During that one year I grew about a foot and put on 30 pounds. All muscle. I 'm now 6'1" and weigh 180 pounds. Get outdoors as much as possible. Hike, swim, bike and run. Stay away from cigarettes. They really will stunt your growth.

Yeah, it's healthy. Closer to the lighter side, but it's not bad. I'm 5'0" and 110.

yes it is

of course that's healthy.

no believe it or not..but then again we dont know your age or that so it could be healthy if you are young and still growing.

my mom is on weight watchers and i was curious so we looked up how much im supposed to weigh. i'm 5'0" and 102 and it says that for people my height and age i need to be between 102-109 to be healthy.

its not too unhealthy. i would say you are on the skinny side, but you are shorter so you wouldn't look that skinny

Krystil L

fine maybe a little under, this is what i heard

5' - 100
every inch taller- add 10

Theresa C
for a person thats 5'01"
small frame
101-109 lbs
medium frame
106-118 lbs
large frame
114-130 lbs

yes...if your a women. Its a few pounds light if your a man. The rule of thumb is 100 pounds for five feet if your a women, 105 if your a man---plus 5 pounds for each inch after that....so its pretty close to target.

jonny boy
Ya that's good


Yep, that sets you at a BMI of 18.9. The healthy/ recommended bmi is between 18.5 and 24.9.

depends on a lot of factors.
-are you male or female?
-do you eat a balanced diet?
-do you exercise regularly?

Everyone's different, but that weight seems to be in the safe zone.

Oh goodness that is actually a really healthy weight no joke.
5,1 and 100 pounds is like perfect weight.

*+*Laura J*+*
i weigh that much and im 5'2


im 5'4 and i m 144 pounds

ps i have big bones im not fat

About the same as my 11 year old son. He's very healthy.

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