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 What are websites for people newly diagnosed with diabetes?
I am looking for info on foods, medicines, and daily care.
Additional Details
I'm 20. I was just diagnosed yesterday....

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My mom doctor put her on an all liquid diet all day today for a procedure tomorrow. She can only have clear liquids, what is there for her.

She is also a dibetic so i need something with a ...

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 How do you plan a diabetic diet for a 13 yr. old who will not eat veg.and friut?
he has been diagnised pre diabetic and he weighs 155 he is 5/5 he is suppose to be taking meds. but refuses that also. please ; any advice would be grateful....

 Does anyone have any diet advice for a newly diagnosed diabetic?

Why won't blood sugar level go down???
My mom is being treated for diabetes. She is treated through oral medication by her doctor. She has tried excercising and eating right, but her sugar level still shows that it is consistently elevated lately. She thinks there is something going on in her body that is preventing her sugar level from going down.

What kinds of things could be going on? She doesn't have a sinus infection or anything obvious. I'm asking what are the not-so-obvious things that maybe she hasn't thought of.

Diet Guidelines

She might want to check with her doctor about taking all natural Glucose Regulation Complex. It offers a set of nutrients that provide natural support for efficient glucose metabolism. Alpha lipoic acid, for example, helps make your cells more responsive to insulin so they get the energy they need. Vanadium works with chromium, magnesium, and zinc to help balance your blood sugar, preventing energy ups and downs.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions.

Some people will run high naturaly,so long as it's not over 20 and she isnt poorly she should be ok.Is she beeing honest about her diet and exercise? A paramedic x

May be she should start insulin injections. A doctor would know best. However you can find some good information and home remedies at this website http://ailments.in/diabetes.html

Guy R
Don't take any advice from any of these yahoo experts, they do not know the specifics of your situation. I wouldn't even trust a regular MD, see an endocrinologist, they specialize in diabetic care.

When you say eating right are you saying she is staying away from sugars? What some people do not realize is that carbohydrates(bread,pasta,rice) and other foods are high in carbs. These are worse for you than sugars and should be curtailed.

Dorothy and Toto
Hi, TPhi-- According to recent studies conducted by the Pritikin Longevity Center, diabetes starts from too much fat in the diet and insufficient exercise, not malfunction of the pancreas as previously thought. The pancreas continues to produce insulin when you have diabetes but the body becomes insulin resistant. Research has shown that over 90% of diabetes cases can be CURED with diet and exercise. That means that you don't have to have limbs removed due to diabetes-induced gangrene. You don't have to go blind or suffer cardiovascular abnormalities because of diabetes. You can actually REVERSE these conditions with diet (nutrition, not weight loss) and exercise, and the removal of parasites and candida.

Watch the 8-minute non-profit video http://www.rawfor30days.com/view.html , about diabetes diet.

Has she had her C-peptide checked? this lab test tells the doctor if her pancreas is making any insulin at all. Most oral meds helps your body use the insulin the pancreas still produces. If she isn't getting adequate control she may want to speak to her doctor about adding a basal insulin such as Lantus. Normal blood sugar ranges from 80-120mg/dL and according to some sources normal is between 70-110mg/dL, but as long as she's in the 70-120 range she'll be ok.
One of the worst things a diabetic can eat is baked potatoes; they are loaded with carbohydrates and cause blood sugar to sky-rocket. Medications such as prednisone(a corticosteroid) used to treat inflammation will cause an increase in blood sugar.

Rock Quarry
Tell your mom to eat only these foods.Beef(not hamburgs or hot dogs) Roasts,Chicken,Bacon(not sugar or maple cured)Cheese, Eggs, Turkey(small portion of dressing) Sweet Potato,Green Salads,Whole GRAIN Bread,1 slice per meal with butter,NOT margarine.Rolled Oats,The kind you cook from scratch.Supplement this with a good multivitamin containing"C" and chromium.If she is on blood pressure medication,check with her pharmacist before taking the multivitamin.Some vitamins contain Potassium which could pose a problem if she is taking a diaretic.He/she will suggest a vitamin supplement without potassium .Water,Tea, Decaf coffee,beer(no lite beer).No coolers,no wine.Cream is OK.Lactose free milk.This is enough to get her started.She can have these foods in any combination whenever she wants.smaller meals 5 or6 times a day is best to start, then graduate to regular meal times.Drink 1/2 the beer 2-3 minutes before meal and the rest with the meal.Do not eat anything except the items listed here for one week and see if it works for you.E-mail me,i would like to know how she does.Check blood sugar for number improvement.

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