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 What are the normal blood sugar readings as many are different?
Hi all,

I am from the UK and basically some people have told me under 5 mmol (90mg/dl) but not under 4 mmol (72 mg/dl) is this right if your non diabetic? While others say 4 -7 mmol (4 = ...

 Can dehydration raise your blood sugar level?

 Is this possible???
On my father's side of the family almost EVERYONE has diabetes (both type A and B, plus they are all overweight Itaians lol), and on my mothers side they are all underweight super tall french ...

 What can you tell me about Diabetes?
I'm a 23 year old female..that's just been diagnosed with diabetes. I have a strong family history of it and i don't know what type i have yet.
Additional Details
Thank ...

 I have Type 1 Diabetes and I just found out a few days ago. Are there any free foods,foods i can eat anytime?
I have some pamphlets and things that the doctors gave me and they told me there are free foods, such as lettuce, but didn't tell me any other than that. I have a very high blood sugar level at ...

 Will i lose any weight if i stop eating for days at time?

 My father has diabetic .he drank beer and his sugar gone up to 16 .do u guys think beer has sugar ?it has malt
and also plss answer my sugar is 6 .is it normal?...

 I am diabetic?
i am on insulin 2x a day and i am having a hard time checking my blood sugar levels does any one have any good ideas.......

 Is it healthier to use SWEETENER instead of SUGAR?
If if is, then I'll switch in the future....

 Does anybody know how a diabetics blood sugar can rise to 1200 in a matter of a few hours?

Additional Details
this wasn't me. My friend died last week and her blood sugar was 1200 and I want to know how it happened. She didn't eat all of those things in a couple ...

 I have a corn on my little toe what can i use as i am a diabetic?
i have a corn on my little toe what can i use as i am a ...

 What made you believe or wonder if you had diabetes?
what symptoms led you to be diagnosed....

 Type 2 diabetic?
My ? is how long before your blood sugar goes down- I have been taking METFORMIN now for 16 days. 2weeks 1 time a day and now I am taking it 2 x day.I started at 248 now it is 155. What is normal?I ...

 I had a blood test which showed my blood sugar level at 6.1 when they tested for diabetes.?
Now my doctor is sending me for a second test. I am scared because diabetes runs on both sides of my family and my big toes have neen tinlgy and numb lateley, as well, my feet and legs have been ...

 I am a diabetic pesitent.what food i eat?

 Could diabetes be causing me complications though I 've never been diagnosed with the disease?
Okay, so for a year or two now I've had a fear that I have diabetes. My mom says that it's not possible, and besides I don't have health insurance so she won't take me to go get ...

 What sugar substitute can be used safely by diabetics without spiking my glucose monitor? is there anything?
out there for my bland oatmeal with soymilk?????? is sweetener a thing of the past now??? thanks!...

 I am 32 years old and i ahve uncontrolled DM and recently ihave numbness in my hand so please advise me what?

 What's the safe result when yo utest your bood for diabetes/ glucose?
I think i have diabetes and i have the blood tester thing at home. I got the result 65, is that normal or what?...

 What should I say to my mom to make her wake up?
My mother was diagnosed with diabete many years ago and has been insulin dependent for a while, as well. She still goes out to eat at buffets and eats all kinds of garbage she shouldn't be ...

Why is it so hard to find bacon with no sugar?
I don't eat sugar and have tried finding bacon without it. Most of the ones I have looked at have sugar in some form whether is maple syrup, brown sugar or just plain old white. Does anyone know of a good bacon without the sugar?

it's used as a flavoring. visit a store that caters to special diets like Wild Oats or Trader Joe's.

Hill Country Fair from H-E-B

there will be so little sugar in there it wont matter.you could always exercise a little to compensate for eating it or adjust your insulin.what amount is in there?

Sugar is part of the curing process that makes bacon-bacon !
Count the carbs, not the sugar.
I just bought some bacon and there are no carbs in it at all.
The package states that it is NOT a significant source of sugar.

Walden Farm
www.eatsugarfree.com - Walden Farms. Zero carbs, zero fat, zero sugar but with lots of...

♥Shortstuff ♥
Read the label on the back of "turkey" bacon & see if it contains sugar. I can't remember if it does or not.

I don't really know, but we always buy the bacon that is low sodium as my husband has Congestive Heart Failure as well as diabetes. Would like to know about the no-sugar bacon as well. This is a great question, thanks for asking. Maybe I'll find some answers here myself...God bless you. ♥

Count the carbs not the sugar. Bacon would be a fat/protein. I'm sure there are some w/o sugar out there. Don't worry so much about the sugar content. THe carb content takes that into consideration. good luck

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