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Why do people who inject insulin in their body have to watch the amount of carbohydrate in their diet?
Explain why. Also includes people who are mildly diabetic.

Sugar is the "fuel" for your body's cells.

Insulin is the personal taxi to bring sugar to the door of the cell to be let in so that the cell will have energy to do what it does. Your pancreas is like "home base" to the taxi, and insulin is secreted by the pancreas based on what your blood sugar is.

Diabetes, for this example, is when those pacreas cells do not send out those "taxis" anymore. There is another type of diabetes in which the cell doesn't recognize that the insulin brought the sugar to it, so your cells aren't sensitive to it anymore (yet it knows it's still "hungry").

They watch the sugar (carbohydrate) because they don't want their blood sugar levels to go through the roof, which causes havoc on the health of your body, which are too numerous for me to list, and they don't want their blood sugar to sink low enough to be incompatible with life.

The better your monitor your sugar, the longer your body will be healthy. If blood sugar goes unchecked, you can dance with death in the short term, and chip away your body's health in the long run if you survive.

I take care of diabetics who do not take care of themselves. I've seen people wasting away on a hospital bed with crusty skin with no ability to urinate because their kidneys are literally destroyed. They have to be dialysed to take out the junk and waste products that normally the kidneys filter out. Many have diabetic neuropathy, which means people have to take special care of their feet because they will not be able to feel wounds or injuries that will later become infected.

Blood sugar, when it's too high or low for extended periods of time, will influence the pH of your body (metabolic processes occur within a certain pH), the choice of your body to break down it's own tissue (because the cells are starving for sugar and the insulin cannot "bring it to the door of the cell" to be let in), swelling and extensive fluid loss, and more.

Soooo.... because of all this, people have to monitor the amount of sugar in their diet, which comes from carbohydrates.

Because carbs turn to sugar and their bodies can't process it normally.

mainly to make sure that they eat enough, to avoid going hypo....that is blood sugar/carb level falling too low

insulin drags down sugar levels and the rate of this depends on the type of insulin used

a lot of people with diabetes on insulin go to work, drive cars etc, and so having hypos unpredictably would put them and others at risk

of course the other side of the coin is to try and keep the overall blood sugar/carb level as close to normal as possible without getting frequent hypos, to avoid getting the possible complications from chronic high blood sugar

because carbs are the thing that make sugar get released gradually.

Kathryn P
carbohydrates turn into sugars in your body.

Since I take medications as well as insulin, I have to keep an eye on my sugar levels as well as my carbs. The insulin and medication can make my sugars go low (hypoglycemic) and that is not good. On the other hand if I eat something a little high in carbs, I may give myself a little more insulin to try to counteract the sugars.

Insulin is the hormone the body uses to control blood sugar. If you're diabetic, that means your body doesn't produce enough insulin or your body has developed a resistance to insulin. The problem with many carbs is they send your blood sugar through the roof, and that's a bad thing if your body doesn't produce the insulin to keep it under control or if your body doesn't respond to it. High blood sugar can cause all kinds of health problems at the very least, and it can kill you at the very worst.

Lisa }|{
because if you do not suffer from diabetes your pancreas will produce insulin, in proportion to the amount of carbohydrates you eat.
If your pancreas does not work, you'll have to inject insuline in proportion to carbs, you have to be a substitute for your pancreas, somehow
For example: I know I have to inject 1 insulin unit for every 7gr of carbohydrates.

if you are type 1 it is not as big of a deal to limit your carb intake, you just have to make sure you compensate for it with insulin. however, you should watch what you eat just like anyone else should in order to stay healthy. people don't understand that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are treated differently. type 2 doesn't take insulin generally so they have to control their diabetes with diet and exercise. for people who have type 1 it can be much easier to control especially if you're on the pump. as long as you test your blood sugar and take insulin for the carbs you eat, you will be doing the same thing a person without diabetes does...except their body does it automatically.

i also just want to thank sue for saying being mildly diabetic is like being mildly pregnant...that is so true! you are, or you aren't...there is no in between no matter what anyone says....anyone who's diabetic should know this.

Insulin is fattening if taken in excess!!
Carbohydrates are fattening if taken in excess!!
The amount of insulin should just cover the amount of carbohydrates eaten!!

If more insulin than carb, you go low and that is no fun at all!
If more carb than insulin is taken, you go high and get really ugly again!!

Mildly diabetic is exactly like being mildly pregnant!!! Either you are or you aren't!!!

It doesn't matter if you inject insulin or not. Even if you are just on oral meds......if you are diabetic you must watch the carbs you eat. There are good carbs and bad carbs. Carbs turn to sugar and cause blood sugar to rise.

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